Wednesday 8 February 2017

Warhammer Newcastle Birthday Painting Competition

This past weekend was the Warhammer Newcastle store's birthday. As part of the celebrations, they were holding a painting competition. I decided to enter some of my Deathwatch, not under any illusions that they would win, but to showcase my recent painting efforts. There was some really nice entries on display, the photos of which are below.

The staff of the store voted for their choice, the winner being the awesome 30K World Eaters. 

And the winner was this fantastic Vampire model. This was painted by Gareth, who is one of the regulars at the Newcastle Warlords club that I attend. Gareth has some fantastic armies and has painted the Vampire up as part of the club's new Tale of Gamers event for Age of Sigmar. I am hoping to convince him to let me showcase some of his great armies on the blog in the future. To see more of his work, check him out on twitter (@PaintedByG).


  1. Some lovely entries there for sure. That vamp looks great.

    1. Yeah, his whole army is going to look amazing when he is finished.

  2. Some stiff competition there, but Mannfred and his skeleton horse lion look particularly nice.