Saturday 29 May 2021

9th Edition 40k Battle Report 214- Dark Angels Ravenwing vs Raven Guard

I'm back! So nice to be rolling dice again. Today's battle report sees my Dark Angels Ravenwing take on Ben's Raven Guard in a 9th edition battle report. We were playing the Grand Tournament Mission, Rise of the Machine Spirit. 

My army consisted of:
Outrider Detachment
Primaris Chaplain on Bike- Master Orator, Warlord, Canticle of Hate, Recitation of Focus
5 Bikers- TL Bolters, 2 Plasma Guns, Power Sword
5 Bikers- TL Bolters, Meltagun, Power Sword
Landspeeder Typhoon- Multi-melta, Typhoon Missile Launcher
Attack Bike- Multi-melta
Darkshroud- Heavy Bolter
Ravenwing Apothecary- Selfless Healer, Chief Apothecary
Ravenwing Champion
5 Black Knights- Corvus Hammers

Outrider Detachment
Talonmaster- Arbiter's Gaze, TL Heavy Bolters, TL Assault Cannon
3 Bikers- Plasma Gun, TL Bolters
3 Bikers- TL Bolters, Meltagun
3 Bikers- TL Bolters, Grav Gun, Power Fist
Landspeeder- Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon
Landspeeder- Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon

With the new codex released, I had the chance to field my all-Ravenwing army once more. 

The force was led by a Primaris Chaplain on Bike. I upgraded him to Master Orator and gave him the litanies to get bonus moves to charges, and +1 to hit in shooting. I backed him up with Sammael, who provides powerful re-rolls for the army, as well as being pretty solid in combat. My third HQ unit was the awesome Talonmaster. He has the Arbiter's Gaze, allowing him to always hit on a 2+, even in overwatch. This provides some very powerful firepower for the army, as well as the Lieutenant buffs to the nearby units. 

The bulk of the army is Ravenwing Bikers, with five units of varying size, loaded up with special weapons. In the Outrider detachments, they gain objective secured, making them great for grabbing objectives. I also took a unit of Black Knights, to provide potent firepower and some strong combat ability when armed with the Corvus Hammers. I also added an Attack Bike with Multi-melta for some anti-tank firepower. 

I took a Ravenwing Apothecary, as he is an obvious choice. He provides great buffs for the army, bringing back dead bikers. The Ravenwing Champion also gave me some more combat options for taking on enemy units. 

The final parts of the force were the speeders. I took a Darkshroud for protecting my Biker units, with its -1 to hit bubble. I took a Typhoon with some potent anti-tank firepower, as well as two Landspeeders with Heavy Bolters and Assault Cannon. These should provide some fast and mobile anti-infantry firepower to the force. 

The Ravenwing should be a strong force. Mobile and with a lot of good firepower. Their special rules means they get an invulnerable save from shooting attacks on the move, as well as being able to use their firepower while in the Devastator Doctrine. 

Friday 21 May 2021

Hobby Update 21/05/21- TT Combat Brownstone

Hello strangers! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but that is mostly due to a lack of gaming. As we begin to move out of lockdown and I can get playing again, I've been doing some work on a new game. 

I picked up the Batman Miniatures game recently. I've always been a big fan of Batman, so wanted to buy the game and try something a little different. As a result of this, I'm going to need some new terrain to go with the game, as my regular 40k stuff wouldn't really suit it too well. 

I picked up a Brownstone building from TT Combat off of ebay. I wanted to paint this up in a pseudo-realistic fashion, so viewed a number of online tutorials for painting brickwork on model railways. I found this tutorial, and it was the kind of technique that I wanted. 

However, I did differ slightly from the tutorial. To do the mortar work, they used joint compound. I tried this and it didn't really work too well for me. I had issues removing it from the brickwork without all the paint coming off too. In the end, I went with standard filler, which come off much easier, though I did colour it with a little grey acrylic paint.