Monday 13 May 2024

Terrain Showcase- Gamemat Chemzone GW tournament terrain

Today, I have a recent commission piece to showcase. This was a board that I did to match the Chem zone mat. The ruins were some GW tournament style MDF ruins that I had found on ebay a while back, but had never used. The set was actually really good value, getting two tables worth of terrain for only £95. 

I started by assembling the ruins, but didn't glue them to the base. I added some cut cardboard shapes to the bases to mimic the style of the mat, as well as leaving some spaces for additional details like the mesh and service panels. 

Trying to colour match to the ruins was difficult. I didn't get it perfect, but managed to get a close-ish version. This was a dark grey undercoat, followed by a drybrush of metallic pearl deep brown paint, followed by a silver drybrush. It wasn't a complete match, but I was much happier with that than the first grey effort I did. 

Monday 6 May 2024

UKTC Oxford Super Major- Tournament overview Day 2

I recently attended the Oxford Super Major with my World Eaters army. My first day saw the World Eaters going 2-1, taken out by Necrons in the third game. 
My fourth game would see me going into the Aeldari, commanded by Seth. 

The list I took was:
Master of Execution- Berserkers Glaive
Lord Invocatus
10 Berzerkers
5 Berzerkers
5 Berzerkers
10 Jackals
10 Jackals
6 Exalted Eightbound
3 Exalted Eightbound
3 Eightbound
2 Chaos Spawn

Seth's army consisted the Avatar, Fuegan, a Farseer, Skyleaper character, two units of Rangers, two units of Shadow Spectres, a unit of Warp Spiders, a unit of Swooping Hawks, Fire Dragons, two D Cannons, a Falcon and two Fire Prisms. 
A lot of good firepower and some useful movement tricks with the units and stratagems. 

The mission was Scorched Earth with Crucible of Battle and an extra objective. I deployed using my usual set up. Angron went behind the large ruins on the bottom, with a unit of Jackals and the Eightbound. The other unit of Jackals and exalted set up to scout move up, with the Rhino in the middle ruins and a unit of Spawn and Berzerkers to go after the top objectives.