Monday 9 April 2018

How to Magnetise the Goliath Truck/Goliath Rockgrinder

I magnetised my Goliath Truck and Goliath Rockgrinder crew, as well as the weapons options on the Rockgrinder for my Genestealers Cult army. This is a guide to how I carried this out.

For this, you will need:
  • 2 mm Magnets
  • 2 mm Pin vice
  • Paint (any bright colour is fine)
  • Spare sprue
Goliath Truck
It actually helps if you don't follow the assembly instructions fully on the Goliath Truck. It is easier to magnetise certain parts of the Truck before assembling the full chassis. 

Assemble the Heavy Stubber gunner (Part 2a in the instruction manual). Drill a 2 mm hole in one of the legs with your pin vice. 

Glue a magnet in place. When dry, put a second magnet on top and put a spot of paint on it. Fit the gunner in place on the bay on part 17. This will leave a spot of paint where the corresponding magnet should go. You will want to glue on parts 10 and 111 (the hatch cover and gun rail) to part 17 so that you can accurately place the magnet. 

Part 17.
Drill the hole in compartment 17, all the way through. In the above photo, I had assembled the Truck before drilling compartment 17. It is much easier to do it before you fully assemble the chassis, so I was able to rectify this when building the Rockgrinder. 

With the whole drilled, glue a bit of spare sprue over the hole as shown below. This acts as a support for the second magnet. Glue the magnet into place. Make sure that it is glued so that it works with the magnet on the gunner's leg. 

You can now do the same with the crew of the Truck. I found it easiest to fit the magnet to the crew-member first, then position them where I wanted them on the truck body. You can then mark off the area where the magnet should go and drill the hole in the vehicle.

As above, you can affix a small piece of sprue to keep the magnet in place when you glue it and provide support.
With part number 9, it is easier once more to fit the magnet before assembly.

With all the crew magnets in place you can paint up the main hull of the vehicle. Just remember to cover the magnets while you are undercoating the model to avoid getting paint on them. I use blutac to cover them and keep the paint off.

You can do the Rockgrinder in the same fashion, magnetising the gunners and crew in any fashion that you want on the model.

Magnetising the Goliath Rockgrinder Weapons
The Genestealer Cult Goliath Rockgrinder comes with a number of useful weapon options. This will show you how to magnetise the gun to use all the options on your model.

Start with the main gun mount, parts 46 and 49. I glued some sprue offcuts to the gun mount when the weapons would fit, as shown below.

When in place and fully dried, you should shave the sprue down with your hobby knife so that it is flush and the two parts fit together.

As you can see, you don't need to worry about being too neat, as long as the magnet will stay in place, you will be fine. Alternatively, you can fill the gap with green stuff or modelling clay.

You can now do the same with the three weapons that come with the kit.

You can now fit magnets to the gun mount and gun parts as you would have done above with the crew. This allows you to change the gun used on the vehicle as you try out different options in your list.

I hope you have found this guide useful for magnestising your Goliath Truck and Rockgrinder. 


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Dave! Will you be adding a Truck or Rockgrinder to your own growing Cult?

  2. About the only thing I would add when magnetising... get a couple magnets, and mount them facing each other in a couple of blobs of green stuff, that are marked positive and negative. Once dry, I use these magnetic green blobs as mounting tools, knowing I put all my positives on the vehicle chassis and negatives on anything I wish to attach to it. That way, when I do a squadron of sentinels, I don't have to worry about certain weapons being for certain sentinels, I will know any from the dozen or so magnetised options will work for any of the three sentinels.

    1. Yeah, I've heard that tip a few times. I really need to sort one out for myself.

    2. I switched to this method to save time, but what I used to do was take a whole set whenever I got a new batch of magnets, use previous ones as a guide, and paint the same side of all of them with a little bit of red. They always go into the base model showing red, and into the option showing silver.

  3. Great tutorial.

    Man, I love me some magnets. I can't understand the people who don't want to take the extra time to do it, give themselves options, and ultimately save money.

    1. Cheers Thor. Yeah, the different weapon options are great for edition changes and for trying new things.
      In all honesty, the reason why I magnetised this was to do the crew. I was concerned about them snapping off or breaking from the Truck during transport to and from games. This way, if they fall off, they can be easily put back on!

  4. I usually find it easier to use greenstuff than sprue offcuts for backing the magnets, and I don't bother masking them when I paint (the ones I use are strong enough to hold through a base, so a coat or two of paint isn't going to matter), but yeah, this is a good guide for someone getting started with magnetization.

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