Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Better Know a Blogger: Part 54- Redtoof's Mostly 40k Blog

Today's Better Know a Blogger features Dan from Redtoof's Mostly 40k Blog

Dan started his blog earlier this year, and I have been a continuous reader and follower since I discovered it on the 40,000 blogs Facebook page.

On Redtoof's Mostly 40k blog, you can find a great selection of content, including battle reports, hobby updates and codex reviews. He's also been featuring on a number of video battle reports recently, including a great game with his Tyranids against Winters SEO.

A great recent article was on tournament preparation, featuring some great advice on what to do when you are getting ready for a tournament, delivered in a humourous way.

Apologies to Dan for the late posting of this. I've had it sitting for a few weeks and just haven't had the time to put it together.

Here are Dan's answers to my questions:

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?
I started getting into gaming at some point during primary school in the 90s and I was about 10 when a model shop arrived in my small hometown in Devon that stocked Citadel Miniatures. I instantly thought I wanted some of that and started collecting minis, mostly based on what looked cool. A little while later 3rd edition 40k came out and I got into playing the game ‘properly’, and I haven’t really stopped since.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Warhammer 40k Battle Report 167- Dark Angels/Deathwatch vs Thousand Sons

This week's Warhammer 40k battle report is another warfare tournament practice game, featuring my Dark Angels and Deathwatch army taking on Ben's Thousand Sons army. 

This game featured a custom mission for warfare called The Ritual. This mission features two objectives, with one on the central line, 18" away from each flank. You score two points for each objective you hold at the end of your turn. In addition, if you have a character within 3" of the objective, you can spend up to two command points to score that many bonus victory points, so lots of opportunity to rack up bonus points. 

In addition, each player gets one command point back at the start of each player turn, but you cannot regenerate command points in this game. Deployment is also a bit of a change. Both players secretly bet a number of command points for gaining first turn. The winner loses the command points, but sets up first and gets the first turn (their opponent cannot seize the initiative). Quite an unusual scenario to play. 

My army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment (Dark Angels)
Azrael (Az)
Primaris Lieutenant- Master-crafted Auto Bolt Rifle, Eye of the Unseen (Relic) (L)
Primaris Ancient- Bolt Rifle (An)
5 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles (I)
5 Scouts- Bolters (S1)
5 Scouts- Heavy Bolter, Bolters (S2)
5 Devastators- Heavy Bolter, Armorium Cherub (D)
10 Hellblasters- Plasma Incinerators (H)
Darkshroud- Heavy Bolter (DS)

Battalion Detachment (Deathwatch)
Watch Master- Guardian Spear (W)
Watch Captain- Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Bolt Pistol (WC)
10 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles, Bolt Pistols (DI)
10 Veterans- 10 Storm Bolters, 2 Storm Shields, 8 Chainswords (DV1)
6 Veterans- 2 Missile Launchers, 4 Stalker Bolters (DV2)

Auxiliary Detachment
Culexus Assassin (CA)

This is my trial tournament army going forward. It contains a strong firebase and some great reserves in the Deathwatch. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

8th Edition Warhammer 40k Ork Codex Review: Part 4- HQ Units

The next part of my Ork Codex review will take a look at the HQ units in the codex. 

HQ Units
The Warboss is one of the main HQ units in the codex, and the one that I imagine most players will select to lead their army. 

He is a bit of a combat monster, with WS2+, S6 and 4 attacks. He comes with a Power Klaw, allowing him to hit on a 3+, at S12, AP-3 and D3 damage per wound. He has T5 and 6 wounds, as well as a 4+ armour save. He is fairly durable in combat, but suffers from lack of a good armour save and little way to get an invulnerable save (barring the Bad Moons warlord trait). 

He hits hard in combat, but can fall quite easily to an enemy unit that has high strength, high damage attacks. 

He provides some very strong buffs to the army. He allows Infantry units within 6" to advance and charge. This is a very powerful ability for the Orks, who mostly want to be in combat. This can help you get into combat a turn or two early, which makes a big difference against the enemy firepower. 

He also provides some morale benefits, allowing you to pass a morale test for D3 mortal wounds for nearby units. May not be of much use to Orks, with their Mob Rule, but could come up useful every once in a while. 

For only 85 pts, the Warboss is a bargain, and a great HQ unit to lead your army. 

Ghazghkull Thraka
The Big Boss of the Orks is back to lead the great Waaagh! against the rest of the universe. 

He ups the durability of a regular warboss, going up to T6, 8 wounds, a 2+ armour save and 4+ invulnerable save. This makes him very strong to enemy attacks. He also remains at movement 5, unlike other Mega armour models that generally move at 4". 

He gets 6 attacks in combat, hitting on a 2+ with his power klaw, so a nice bonus for doing more damage in combat. 

He also gets the same abilities as the Warboss, allowing you to advance and charge, as well as giving morale boosts to nearby units. 

He is pretty expensive at 235 pts, so not sure if he is worth it. You can get a bunch of characters much cheaper to buff your army more. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

8th Edition 40k Ork Codex Review: Part 3- Relics and Psychic Powers

Part 3 of my 8th Edition Ork Codex review will take a look at the Relics and Psychic Powers available to the army. 

Shiny Gubbinz (Relics)
The Orks have access to a number of useful Relics to add to the characters in the force to help them demolish the enemy even further. 

Da Dead Shiny Shoota
A Kustom Shoota that is 18", Assault 12, S4, AP-1 and 1 damage. 

This gets an extra 8 shots and AP-1 over a regular Kustom Shoota. This is actually pretty good, and you should be able to get a decent number of hits if hitting on a 5+ (along with the extra shots). This is a solid choice, but I don't know how often you will see it, as there are simply better Relics available. 

Headwoppa's Killchoppa
A big Choppa that is +2S, AP-2 and 2 damage. In addition, to wound rolls of 6+ inflicts 2 mortal wounds instead of normal damage. 

Again, a very solid relic to take. The chance of doing multiple mortal wounds on a 6+ is a great bonus. This is strong when added to the Monster Hunters stratagem, allowing you to do 2 mortal wounds on a 5+. 

Supa-Cybork Body
Gives the bearer a 5+ Feel no Pain type save against wounds. Cannot make a Doc's Tools roll for this model if you do so. 

This is a great upgrade for your warlord, as most Ork characters struggle to get an invulnerable save. Gives them a chance of staying alive for longer. I think this is a useful Relic to take in the army. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Hobby Update 07/11/18- 40k Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrids

Today's Warhammer 40k hobby update features some reinforcements for my Genestealer Cults army. 

I wanted to add some Heavy Weapons Teams to my army for the Neophyte Hybrids squad. I wanted a couple of Mortar teams and a Lascannon team. The Mortars would allow me to hide the Neophyte squad and still have some firepower to contribute. The Lascannon is also useful for some strong anti-tank firepower for the army. 

I also added a couple of Flamers to the Neophyte squad. I figured these could go in the Shotgun squad to allow me to get close to the enemy army and roast them. 

I painted up the Heavy Weapons in a yellow scheme to match my Scout Sentinels. I figured that the stolen "Guard" equipment would have a similar colour scheme. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

8th Edition 40k Ork Codex Review: Part 2- Stratagems

Welcome to part 2 of my 8th edition 40k Ork codex review. This part will take a look at the stratagems available to the army. 

The Orks get access to a great number of useful stratagems in the new codex. Some of these are generic stratagems available to other armies, while they also get some unique ones to help too.

Mob Up (1CP)- Used at the end of the movement phase. Two infantry units with the same datasheet within 2" of each other may join up if one has less than 10 models and one has more than 10 models.

This was the stratagem introduced in Chapter Approved last year. It is quite situational, but useful for denying your opponent kill points if the mission has them and you can meet the criteria. It is also a way to perhaps increase squad sizes of certain units to gain more benefit from stratagems. For example, you could mob up a couple of units of Lootas and get both units affected by the same stratagem.

Medi-Squig (1CP)- At the end of the movement phase, select a Character within 3" of a Painboy. The model regains D3 lost wounds

This is a solid stratagem to help keep your characters alive for longer. Used in conjunction with the Painboy's abilities, you can potentially heal 2D3 wounds on a single character in one turn. A good roll will put most characters back to full strength. Very useful.

Snagga Grapple (1CP)- Use on a Deffkilla Wartrike that Falls Back. Select a unit within 1" before they fall back. On a 2+, they suffer D3 mortal wounds.

The Deffkilla Wartrike is a vehicle that has some great close range firepower and combat ability, so getting into combat is a good deal for it. The ability to fall back and deal mortal wounds is pretty strong. This gets better when combined with the Blood Axes Kultur, allowing it to still shoot or assault.

Monday, 5 November 2018

8th Edition Ork Codex Review: Part 1- Special Rules, Clan Kulturs and Warlord Traits

Welcome to the first part of my 8th edition 40k Ork Codex review. This will take a look at the special rules, Clan Kulturs and Warlord Traits. 

I have been eager to see what the new codex has to offer for the Orks. They were a pretty strong index army, even as other codexes came out, so was keen to see how they would boost the army in the new book. 

Special Rules
Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!
Each time you roll an unmodified 6 to hit with a ranged weapon, the hit roll succeeds, regardless of modifiers. In addition, you get to make an additional hit roll with the same weapon (which cannot generate further hits). 

This new special rule was previewed a while back. Overall, I like it. With Orks, it was very easy for some armies to stack up the modifiers to hit against them, making it literally impossible for your ranged weapons to even hit certain units. This ensures that you will also be able to count on your firepower to some degree in the army, rather than making it a waste of points. The bonus shots for rolling a 6 to hit are also a great bonus, both for large volume units such as Shoota Boyz, where you might get lots of hits, or for smaller units, like Tankbustas or Lootas, where every extra shot and hit with their powerful weapons are a great boost. 

'Ere We Go
You can re-roll charge rolls for this unit, and can choose whether to re-roll any or all of the dice. 

This got even better from the index version and is a huge boost for the combat effectiveness of the Orks. Getting to re-roll one or both dice is a big boost to the army. Imagine the situation where you need a 7" charge and roll a 5 and a 1. Under the new system, you can choose to re-roll the 1, giving you great odds of making the charge. Under the old system, you had to re-roll both, giving you roughly the same odds of making the charge or forcing you to use a command point re-roll on the 1 to give you better odds of making the charge. 

The other big bonus is that it allows you to re-roll charge rolls, not only "failed" charge rolls. For example, say you were multi-charging two units that were 3" away and 7" away. If you were to roll a 4" charge, you could contact the first unit, but not the second. You could not re-roll for free as you have not failed a charge. In the new rules, you have the option to re-roll one of the dice to allow you to have the chance of catching both units without the risk of failing the charge overall in many cases. This is also great for giving you the option to roll further on charge and opens up more tactical options, such as consolidating into other enemy units to tie them up in combat or getting further to surround a unit and stop them from falling back in the following turn. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

St Andrews Wargaming- Blog Update

Hi everyone, today I have an update on what is happening with me and the blog in the coming weeks. 

I just wanted to put some thoughts down on what has been happening and what is coming up for St Andrews Wargaming. 

First up, written battle reports have been a bit sparse recently. Don't worry, this is not a waning interest from me on the side of written reports. My games for the battle reports get played at the Spiky Club in Reading on a Friday night. This means that from time to time I don't get a game each week if I am away for the weekend or have plans on the Friday (a rarity, I assure you!). The last few weeks have been a bit sparse through illness and visits home, etc. I'm also going to be busy and away at tournaments for the next few weeks, so reports may be a little light for the coming weeks. 

Don't worry though, I'll be attending the Warfare tournament in Reading and another tournament up in Stockport in November. This means I'll have 10 tournament battle reports to write up come the end of November and December, so plenty of great content to come there. 

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Warhammer 40k Video Battle Report- Genestealer Cult vs Ynarri

A new video battle report is now up on Youtube. In this maelstrom of war game, my Genestealer Cults take on Doug's Ynnari/Drukhari force.

This was a really tough and fun game, it was nice to get the Cult back on the table in the post FAQ world! 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Better Know A Blogger: Part 53- Another Wargaming Blog

This week's Better Know a Blogger features Merijn from Another Wargaming Blog

I first came across Merijn's blog a few months ago, drawn in by some of the awesome terrain work that he showcases on the blog. It was his Veerhuis construction and WIP shots that drew me in. I love a good piece of scratch built terrain, and this looked to be an awesome project that was shaping up. 

Looking at the finished photos, I think you'll agree that he has done a fantastic job, creating a piece that would fit into any fantast-type or medieval game. 

Not only will you find fantastic terrain, you will also find some fantastic painted models, most recently focusing on Age of Sigmar Orcs
Merijn, in all his glory!

You will also find some really cool comic book style battle reports from his narrative campaign. I love a good battle report, and it is nice to see a different style of reporting to my own. These are really easy to digest and a quick and fun read. 

Here are Merijn's answers to my questions:

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off? 
I started way back in 1985 when I was 10 years old. My older brother convinced me to drop some pocket money in a shared buy of a new-fangled game called ‘Oog des Meesters’ (translated from Dutch: ‘Eye of the Master’). It was a roleplaying game which required us to gather more friends to actually play. We did. I never stopped roleplaying after that. The Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd edition launch two years later started my wargaming hobby. 

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Warhammer 40k Battle Report 167- Dark Angels/Deathwatch vs Space Wolves

This week's Warhammer 40k battle report sees my combined force of Dark Angels and Deathwatch take on Chris' Space Wolves in a special maelstrom of war mission.

This game was a practice for an upcoming tournament. In November, I will be attending Warfare in Reading. This features 5 games of custom missions, which I want to try out before the event. The mission we were playing was called All Out War.

In this game, players draw three cards per turn, up to a maximum of 6 cards. At the end of each turn, you must discard your maelstrom cards until you have only 3 in your hand. The twist is that each maelstrom objective you discard, your opponent scores the points. For example, if you discard Defend Objective 3, your opponent scores 2 points for it. This makes trying to score cards each turn important, as anything you don't achieve could potentially help your opponent to win. I was intrigued to see how this mission played out, as it suits the way that I normally play maelstrom missions.

My army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment (Dark Angels)
Azrael (Az)
Primaris Lieutenant- Master-crafted Auto Bolt Rifle, Eye of the Unseen (Relic) (L)
Primaris Ancient- Bolt Rifle (An)
5 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles (I)
5 Scouts- Bolters (S1)
5 Scouts- Heavy Bolter, Bolters (S2)
5 Devastators- Heavy Bolter, Armorium Cherub (D)
10 Hellblasters- Plasma Incinerators (H)
Darkshroud- Heavy Bolter (DS)

Battalion Detachment (Deathwatch)
Watch Master- Guardian Spear (W)
Watch Captain- Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Bolt Pistol (WC)
10 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles, Bolt Pistols (DI)
10 Veterans- 10 Storm Bolters, 2 Storm Shields, 8 Chainswords (DV1)
6 Veterans- 2 Missile Launchers, 4 Stalker Bolters (DV2)

Auxiliary Detachment
Culexus Assassin (CA)

I had previously talked about my thoughts behind the army when I was building the list. This basically boils down to having the Dark Angels as a solid firebase, while the Deathwatch can act as a mobile reserves force for board control and targeting the enemy army. 

Another feature of the Warfare missions pack is a limit on 10 command points. This means that with my three Deathwatch units using the Teleportarium stratagem, I will only start the game on 7 command points. I'm normally used to a lot more to play with! (Note- the Auxiliary detachment doesn't count, as I can use "excess" command points to pay for this, I can only start the game with 10 CP). 

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Hobby Update 23/10/18- Genestealer Cult Magus and Primus

Another Warhammer 40k hobby update for you today, this time another Magus and Primus for my Genestealer Cult army. 

I painted these two up with blue robes and a coat, rather than the orange as is usual in the army. This is to allow me to distinguish them from the others in my army.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Hobby Update 22/10/18- Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrids

Today, I have another Warhammer 40k hobby update, this time featuring some more Neophyte Hybrids for my Genestealer Cult army. 

I decided to add a squad armed with Shotguns to give me some close range shooting punch. This could be a useful unit to ambush and get close to the enemy army to get the increased strength shots at close range. 

Friday, 19 October 2018

Hobby Update 19/10/18- 40k Genestealer Cult Scout Sentinels

Today's Warhammer 40k hobby update features my three completed Scout Sentinels for my Genestealer Cult army. 

These Sentinels were converted to be crewed by some Neophyte Hybrids, so that their armour would match those of the rest of the army. I also magnetised the weapons, so that I could switch out their armament to suit the rest of my army. 

I had completed the bulk of the models previously, just needing to paint up the crew to finish off the models. 
I shamelessly copied the scheme from Dave at Confessions of a 40k Addict. He painted up his Sentinels in a yellow scheme. I liked it so much, that I copied it for my own. It reminds me of the power lifters in Aliens, so I like the way the scheme goes with the army. 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Better Know A Blogger: Part 52- Languor Management

Better Know a Blogger is back, and kicking it off this week is Iapedus Maximus from Languor Management

Languor Management has a strong focus on Iapedus' T'au army, with frequent painting posts, and tournament reviews to sink your teeth into. You can also find a whole host of ebay rescue stories and unboxings of the latest goodies from GW.

A recent post that caught my eye was his aim to go a whole year without buying any new miniatures. Madness, I hear you cry, but I wish Iapedus every joy with his foolish endeavour!

Be sure to check out and follow his blog, it is one of my regular reads and a great blog that I keep coming back to. I really enjoy the tournament reports, its a great insight into playing a different army competitively and seeing the experience of other people at events.

Here are Iapedus' answers to my questions:

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?
I must have been about 10, and was visiting some friends of my mothers who's kids just happened to have got a copy of Heroquest for their birthday. Up until that point I didn’t really enjoy going around their house to visit, but from the moment I saw all those little figures and doors being setup and was handed my little scrap of paper to note down what happened to my character, I was hooked. From then on I always looked forward to going round, sometimes even convincing my mother to let me stay on and walk the mile home through the fields and lanes just so I could finish the quest we were on. It was great. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Thinking Tournament Lists for Warhammer 40k- Dark Angels/Deathwatch

I have a couple of tournaments coming up in the next month, as well as a few planned for next year. This weekend, I began putting together a potential list to try and for the upcoming events. ]

Most recently, I have been using the Dark Angels and Deathwatch as separate army forces. 

The Dark Angels army performed well, but did suffer a few drawbacks in the force. The army had no reserves, meaning they were susceptible to the enemy firepower, as everything was on the board. The mobility in the army was provided by the Black Knights and Ravenwing Bikers, who suffered a bit in the army. They have some good firepower, but really lack the durability to stand up to the enemy firepower. 

The Deathwatch hit hard, with the special issue ammunition and stratagems doing well to give them some strong firepower and some limited mobility. 

I thought that it might be worthwhile to combine the two armies to get the best of both worlds. The Dark Angels to supply a solid firebase and some strong Plasma firepower, while the Deathwatch would give me some reserves to threaten enemy units, as well as giving me a degree of mobility with their deployment options. 

So here is my first proposed army. 

Battalion Detachment (Dark Angels)
Primaris Lieutenant- Master-crafted Auto Bolt Rifle
Primaris Ancient- Bolt Rifle
5 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles
5 Scouts- Bolters
5 Scouts- Heavy Bolter, Bolters
5 Devastators- Heavy Bolter, Armorium Cherub
10 Hellblasters- Plasma Incinerators
Darkshroud- Heavy Bolter

Battalion Detachment (Deathwatch)
Watch Master- Guardian Spear
Watch Captain- Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Bolt Pistol
10 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles, Bolt Pistols
10 Veterans- 10 Storm Bolters, 2 Storm Shields, 8 Chainswords
6 Veterans- 2 Missile Launchers, 4 Stalker Bolters

Auxiliary Detachment
Culexus Assassin

13 Command Points

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Hobby Update 16/10/18- Genestealer Cults Neophyte Hybrids, Magus, Primus WIP

Today's warhammer 40k hobby update features some more units for my expanding Genestealer Cults army. I am currently working on adding another Neophyte Hybrids squad armed with Shotguns, a Magus and a Primus. 

I decided to paint the Magus and Primus in blue robes. My other models have orange robes, so this will help distinguish them on the tabletop. These are at the wash stage, ready for the final highlights to finish them off. 

Remember, for more hobby updates and blog info, join the St Andrews Wargaming Facebook page

Monday, 15 October 2018

Hobby Update 15/10/18- Genestealer Cult Purestrain Genestealers

Today's Warhammer 40k hobby update features some more units for my Genestealer Cult army. This weekend, I was able to get more hobby work done on my Genestealer Cults army. 

I painted up another 16 Purestrain Genestealers to add to the 16 already in the army. These were put on 32 mm bases, as opposed to the 25 mm ones they were supplied with. I think they just look better on the bigger bases. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

St Andrews Wargaming on Warhammer Community!

I've just had an article go up on the Warhammer Community page! 

I was contacted a few months ago to see if I would be interested to write an article for the Warhammer Community page. After thinking about it for a nanosecond, of course I accepted. I wrote up the article you an now read on the page about one of my favourite ways to play the game, maelstrom of war. 

I honestly never thought it was going to be posted, it had been so long. But with a long release schedule, it finally went up today. To say I am happy about this is an extreme understatement! 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Battle Report 166- Dark Angels vs Space Wolves

This week's battle report sees two ancient adversaries take to the battlefield, as my Dark Angels take on Ben's Space Wolves in a 2000 pts maelstrom of war game. 

This game was played just after the new FAQ dropped, so we didn't use the new rules as we hadn't had a chance to go through them in detail. We played the Race to Victory maelstrom mission. This is where the game ends when the first player reaches 10 cards scored. 

My army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment
Primaris Master- Power Sword, Master-crafted Auto Bolt Rifle, Brilliant Strategist (M)
Ravenwing Talonmaster- Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, Heavenfall Blade (T)
10 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles (I)
5 Scouts- Bolters, Sergeant has Chainsword (S1)
5 Scouts- Bolters, Heavy Bolter, Sergeant has Chainsword (S2)
5 Devastators- Heavy Bolter, Armorium Cherub (D)
Ravenwing Landspeeder- Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon (L1)
Ravenwing Landspeeder- Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon (L2)

Outrider Detachment
Sammael (S)
8 Black Knights- Plasma Talons, Corvus Hammers (BK)
Ravenwing Ancient (An)
Ravenwing Apothecary (Ap)
Darkshroud- Heavy Bolter (DS)
5 Ravenwing Bikers- Twin Bolters, 2 Meltaguns (RB)

A bit of a different force for me to try out with my Dark Angels. I decided not to take Azrael and the Hellblasters (my favourite 80s prog rock band), they are pretty much an auto-include, but I wanted to try out something different.
I thought I would go with a heavy Ravenwing contingent, backed up by some Scouts and Primaris Marines. I made the Primaris Master my warlord, he would go to the back and buff the nearby squads, while trying to keep safe from the enemy army. I took a big unit of Intercessors. The -1 AP on their weapons should help against other power armour. Big squads don't worry the Dark Angels, as they can't lose more than one to a failed morale test. I also added a couple of units of Scouts and a unit of Devastators for the Hellfire Shells stratagem.

For the Ravenwing contingent, the force was led by Sammael and a Talonmaster. Sammael is great for buffing the nearby Ravenwing units, as well as being pretty good in combat, which should be handy against the Space Wolves.

I haven't really used the Talonmaster much, so wanted to see how he would perform in the list. His Twin Heavy Bolter and Twin Assault Cannon should be of use, I also gave him the Heavenfall Blade to help him out in combat too.

I decided to take a big unit of Black Knights, backed up by a Ravenwing Apothecary and Ravenwing Ancient. I was hoping the Plasma could take care of any Space Wolves, while using the Apothecary and Ancient to buff the unit in combat and keep them alive for longer.

I wanted to try out some Landspeeders too. I had heard some good things about them, so wanted to see if their mobility and firepower was worth taking in my army.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Army Showcase- Ricki's Blades of Caliban

Today I have another Army Showcase for you, with Ricki's Blades of Caliban Dark Angels force. 

I spotted this army on one of the 40k facebook groups and was blown away by how impressive it is. I quickly contacted Ricki to see if I could feature it and ask some questions about how the army came together. This initial force is part of an escalation league he is taking part in, and I cannot wait to see how the army progresses in the coming months. 

Here are Ricki's answers to my questions:

1. Why did you start the army?
For the past few years I have been primarily an Age of Sigmar player, having stopped playing Warhammer 40,000 midway through 7th edition as I sought the more narrative and open structure of Age of Sigmar to indulge my own personal obsession with conversion-based, narrative armies rather than the more competitive matched play scene perpetuated by Warhammer 40,000 in my area (entirely anecdotal of course). With my brother getting back into the Warhammer universe and picking up 40,000, and a friend nearby looking to start gaming for the very first time who also preferred the lore behind 40k, it seemed like a natural start point for me to rejoin the far future and put my Age of Sigmar projects temporarily on hold.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

2018 Big FAQ 2 Review video

Hi everyone, I've put together a review video of the Big FAQ 2 that was released on Friday. This features some expanded thoughts of my written review article that I posted yesterday. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Big FAQ Sept 2018 Review

The September big FAQ dropped yesterday to the joy and lament of 40k players everywhere. Like many others all over the internet, I'm going to do an analysis of the changes to the game, and what it might mean for my own armies. 

Battle Brothers, Psychic Focus and the Character targeting rules are now official and no longer beta. I think most players could see this coming, so no big surprise there. 

Even with the change to Battle Brothers, Imperial armies are still incredibly strong, able to gain access to cheap brigades and battalions to rack up the command points. This still makes them incredibly strong in the current game. 

No real change for me here, as I don't really play Smite-heavy armies or run many mixed forces in my games. 

Tactical Reserves
The biggest change here is that no units may arrive from reserve on turn 1. This is quite a big change for many armies in the game. 

One thing that immediately sprung to mind was no more "hiding" Dark Reapers or Ravagers in reserve to stop them being shot at in turn 1. Your Aeldari opponent will now have to start them on the table from turn 1 (and potentially vulnerable), or wait to turn 2 to use them. With a fast moving army, you can potentially block off a lot of area of the board and restrict the reserves arrival of more powerful enemy units, even if you didn't get the first turn now.

The change also restricts you to half the number of units and up to half the points total in reserve now. I think the change from power level to points level was expected, and I'm surprised they didn't do it from the start. I may be wrong, but I don't think many players used power level regularly in games, so points make more sense. In addition, points are now being updated in Chapter Approved, whereas power levels seem to be staying as they are, so this makes it easier to adjust the army to cope with changes to the game.

My White Scars and Deathwatch may be affected by this change. I would sometimes bring my reserve units down on turn 1, depending on how aggressively my opponent was playing. It didn't happen too often, but it was a useful tactical choice to have. However, I used it so rarely that I don't think it will really have an effect on how I use these armies.

This change to the rule will probably hit my Genestealer Cults the hardest until the new codex comes out. No longer being able to arrive from reserve and assault on turn 1 is a big deal for the Genestealer Cults. This was one of the few things the Cult had going for them in terms of special rules. While this will probably be sorted in the codex, it will be a long few months of using the Cult in the mean time. They simply don't have a lot of durably infantry units that can start on the board and potentially survive 2 turns of the enemy shooting.

The Cult are one of the few armies that needs most of its strength in reserve to get into combat. Their transports are expensive and not too durable, and their infantry are basically Guardsmen when it comes to enemy guns and will melt away long before they get into combat.

The change from power level to points shouldn't have too much of an influence. In my recent video battle report, my units in reserve totalled around 950 pts, so I wouldn't have been able to put much more in reserve anyway.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Space Wolves Codex Review: Part 2- Warlord Traits, Relics and Psychic Powers

Part 2 of my Space Wolves codex review will take a look at the Warlord traits, Relics and Psychic Powers in the new codex. 

Warlord Traits
The Space Wolves warlord traits are different from most other warlord traits in the codexes. The ability is always active on the warlord. However, by completing special conditions, the warlord trait turns into a 6" bubble, granting the effect to all nearby Space Wolves units. This gives you the ability to provide further additional buffs from your warlord to boost nearby units. 

Saga of the Warrior Born
You can always choose to fight first in the Fight phase. If an enemy unit charged or has a similar ability, alternate which units can fight, staring with the player whose turn it is. To activate the Saga, your warlord must kill an enemy Character. 

This provides a powerful ability for your warlord, giving you a free interrupt essentially in a protracted combat. It is pretty easy to activate, given that most Space Wolves characters are likely to be buffed up for combat. It should also be reasonably easy to activate against most opponents if they have weaker buff characters that can be targeted. 
Once the saga is activated, this gives your nearby units a huge boost in protracted combats, essentially allowing you to strike before most enemy units and do a lot of damage before they can be chosen. 

Saga of the Wolfin
Add 1 to the attacks characteristic of units in the Fight phase if they charged, were charged or performed a heroic intervention in the same turn. To activate the saga, your warlord must kill 5 models in the Fight phase (keep a rolling total). 

Again, a nice boost for your warlord, who is likely to be armed for combat. The combination of +1 attacks and +1 to hit on charging or being charged is a great bonus, turning your warlord into a potent combat machine. When this activates, you are going to get a lot of bonus attacks for nearby units. Strong units such as Thunderwolf Cavalry and Wulfen are going to chew through enemy units with this activated. Should be pretty easy for your warlord to achieve after a couple of Fight phases against most enemy units. 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Space Wolves Codex Review: Part 1- Stratagems

Welcome to the first part of my Space Wolves codex review, looking at the new stratagems available to the army. 

For this codex, I am not planning to do a full codex review. I will simply be looking at the generic army special rules, such as stratagems, psychic powers, warlord traits, etc in the book. 

The Space Wolves have a whole host of new stratagems to boost their effectiveness on the tabletop, as well as some of the common Space Marine ones that other Chapters have access to. 
I'm only going to look at some of the Space Wolves specific stratagem, as I have covered most of the basic Marines stratagems in my Space Marine Codex review. 

Overwhelming Impetuosity (1CP)
Use at the start of the Fight phase on a Blood Claws unit that successfully charged this turn and is within 1" of an enemy unit with a higher power rating. You can re-roll all failed hits for the Blood Claws unit that targets that unit.

A decent stratagem for only 1CP. You get full re-rolls to hit against one specific enemy unit. With the +1 to hit from the Space Wolves' Chapter Tactic, this should give you a lot of hits in combat. You can only use it against enemy units with a higher power rating, so may be too powerful for the Blood Claws or difficult to get one if you have a big unit. It also might be difficult to remember which enemy units have a higher power level.

Cloaked by the Storm (3CP)
Use in the psychic phase. Select a Rune Priest that successfully manifest a psychic power. All units within 6" are at -1 to hit when targeted by enemy units with ranged weapons.

This is an expensive stratagem at 3CP, but could be very powerful in the right circumstances. Normally these types of stratagems cost 2CP and only affect a single unit. However, with a 6" bubble on the Rune Priest, this has the potential to affect several enemy units for a single turn and well be worth the 3CP cost to use it. It does rely on you successfully manifesting a psychic power, but you can wait to see if successful before using it, so as not to waste the command points.
This would suit a rune priest supporting a gun line to help keep them safer from enemy firepower and the range should allow him to protect a large number of units. At 3CP, you won't be able to use this for very long before running out of command points.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Video Battle Report- Genestealer Cults vs Night Lords

Today, I have another video battle report for you to enjoy. In this game, my Genestealer Cults army takes on Mike's force of Night Lords Chaos Space Marine army. 

This game was played at the weekend on my new cityfight mat and terrain. We were playing the maelstrom of war mission, Targets of Opportunity in a fun and casual game. 

I'm still trying to improve the video battle reports, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Hobby Update 21/09/18- Sector Imperialis ruins

Another hobby update this week, with the final set of ruins for my new cityfight board. For the final three pieces, I have a ruined tower, a large manufactorum building and a city fountain.