Better Know a Blogger

As many of you will know, we have a great community of 40k bloggers online, always keen to share their hobby tips, reviews on new units and books and painting progress to the masses. I know that I am indebted to many of the bloggers who gave me advice when I was starting out and who comment on this blog on a regular basis.
I wanted to get to know a bit more about some of these fellow writers and came up with the "Better Know a Blogger" series. In it, I ask a series of standard questions to find out how they got started in the hobby and what motivates them, as well as a few random, fun questions thrown in. If you have your own blog and would like to take part in the Better Know a Blogger series, email me at

Part 1- Rob Hill (From the Horus Heresy to Infinity and Beyond, now 30Kplus40K)
Part 2- Nick Thrower (The Burning Eye)
Part 3- Luke Fogg (Darksun Life)
Part 4- Alex Brown (From the Fang)
Part 5- Marc Van Holst (Old School Gaming)
Part 6- Dave Weston (Confessions of a 40k addict)
Part 7- Greg Hess (Greggles Tabletop, Feed Your Nerd)
Part 8- Trooper (Cadian Shock)
Part 9- Nathaniel/NafNaf (Objective Secured)
Part 10- Peter/WestRider (Cascadian Grimdark)
Part 11- Tony Stanley/Thor (Creative Twilight)
Part 12- Alex (The Roost of Turkadactyl/The Roost 40k)
Part 13- Joe Baird (Broken Paintbrush)
Part 14- Pawel/Swordmaster (Path of an Outcast)
Part 15- Rory Priest (Stepping Between Games)
Part 16- Michael Corr (St Andrews Wargaming)
Part 17- Will/Blazmo (Tabletop Apocalypse)
Part 18- Gary/Natfka (Faeit 212)
Part 19- Mike/Doc (Code 40k)
Part 20- Rudd/Greysplinter (The Twin-Linked Warlord)
Part 21- Steve Burden (256th Imperial Battle Group)
Part 22- Robert (Servants of Ruin)
Part 23- Ian/Ginge (Need More Tanks)
Part 24- Jimmy (Eye of Terror)
Part 25- D Power (I'm Alone with a Dream)
Part 26- Rictus (Recalcitrant Daze)
Part 27- Jonathan Lyness (Dragons Eye Miniatures)
Part 28- Ashley (Chickhammer)
Part 29- Jon Garrad (Kaptain Von)
Part 30- Ed (Berserkerblade)
Part 31- Dave/Nerodine (Quietly Raging)
Part 32- Adam Jones (Sprue Grey/Golden D6)
Part 33- Mr Pink (Modern Synthesist)
Part 34- Ed (Dark Future 30k)
Part 35- Dave Mary (262nd Death Korps of Kreig)
Part 36- Cylde (Mastodonica)
Part 37- Gary/Castigator (Castigator's Chaos)
Part 38- Dean Kelly (Wargames Wasteland)
Part 39- Stats (De Silentio Umbrae)
Part 40- Rob Hawkins (Rob Hawkins Hobby)
Part 41- John (Heresy and Heroes)
Part 42- Luke/Monkey Chucka (Chucking Monkeys)
Part 43- Dave (Errant Wolf)
Part 44- Todd Sherman (SincaiN40K)
Part 45- Steve (SDFnet 40k)
Part 46- Scott (the Brush Wizard)
Part 47- Colin (March of the Damned)
Part 48- Sophie (Hobbyist Girl)
Part 49- Chris (Binx's Hobby Blog)
Part 50- Jacob (Must Contain Minis)
Part 51- Jon (Aura of Dark Majesty)
Part 52- Iapedus Maximus (Languor Management)
Part 53- Merijn (Another Wargaming Blog)
Part 54- Dan (Redtoof's Mostly 40k blog)
Part 55- Stylus/Kraken (WoffBoot Chronicles)

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