Monday, 29 May 2017

Warhammer Fest- Golden Demon Photos

I was attending Warhammer Fest down in Coventry at the weekend. There were some great displays at the event, including the Golden Demon painting competition. I will have a few photo posts and battle reports from the event to post, starting today with some of the Golden Demon entrants.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Age of Sigmar Battle Overview- Death vs Destruction

This week, I will be sharing a battle overview of a game of Age of Sigmar at Newcastle Warlords. 

I recently decided to give Age of Sigmar another go. I've been hearing good things about the game since the release of the General's Handbook. Newcastle Warlords are running an Age of Sigmar escalation league, so it is becoming very popular at the club. 

This will not be a full battle report. I was too busy trying to remember the rules and looking up my unit rules to take such detailed notes. This will be more of an overview of the game. 

My 1500 pts Death army consisted of:
10 Black Knights
40 Zombies
30 Skeletons- Hand weapons and Crypt Shields
20 Skeletons- Spears and Shields
Corpse Cart
Mortis Engine
3 Crypt Horrors

A fairly generic army based on my Vampire Counts army. I really don't know what is good in Age of Sigmar in a Death army. Hordes of Skeletons and Zombies get some really nice buffs in large numbers (bonus to hit and wound or extra attacks), so I took a few units of them. The Necromancer is a good character, able to pass wounds onto nearby units on a 4+. This makes it easier to keep him alive for longer. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

8th Edition 40k Reveals- Week 3 Thoughts

Another week, another host of 8th edition 40k reveals from Games Workshop. Below you will find a summary of some of the information revealed in the past week, and some of my thoughts on what it could mean for the game. I'm not going to go through every release, as I simply don't have too much to say on many of them.

I was excited to see what we would finally get to use those Command Points on, and I wasn't disappointed.

A re-roll of any single dice may not seem like a great bonus, but this could be vital in many situations. How many games have you fluffed a low charge roll or failed to penetrate with that Meltagun? This could be a potentially game winning ability a lot of the times.

Counter-Offensive is also intriguing. Given that charging units will strike first, this could be used to seriously disrupt your opponent's plans if you get to strike with a unit first, hopefully taking out a vicious enemy unit before they get a chance to attack.

Insane Bravery is also a great bonus to use. Weaker units such as Guardsmen or Orks will greatly benefit from this I imagine, as a single turn of significant casualties could decimate the rest of the unit. Allowing you to ignore the effects of Morale could be a great boost and swing the battle in your favour.

I also like that we will apparently be getting army-specific Stratagems and mission-specific stratagems in the game.  

Monday, 22 May 2017

Better Know A Blogger: Part 38- Wargames Wasteland

This week's Better Know a Blogger features Dean Kelly from Wargames Wasteland.

I think that I first came across Dean's blog on Google+, where he is a regular poster and contributor.

What first caught my eye was his awesome work on his Epic 40,000 Space Marine army. I've never played Epic, but have always loved the look of the game since I first started reading White Dwarf many, many years ago.
His blog features a whole host of awesome hobby content to check out too. Most recently, he has been working on a great converted Nurgle Knight and dipping his toe into 30k with a Death Guard model

Here are Dean's answers to my questions:

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?
I was about 17 and into roleplaying. A guy moved into the area and joined the group and brought with him a copy of the AD&D battlesystem rules and an Atari ST with the "Universal Military Simulator" game. I was hooked and shortly afterwards got into Warhammer Fantasy Battlesbridge 2nd edition. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Better Know A Blogger: Part 37- Castigator's Chaos

This week's Better Know A Blogger features Gary (AKA Castigator) from Castigator's Chaos

What first attracted me to Gary's blog was his awesome tournament overviews/battle reports. These feature some very quick battle reports of his games, pictures of his fantastic army and thoughts on how he performed in his games.

You should also check out the blog for pictures of his awesome Slannesh-themed Chaos Space Marine army. This is a fantastic force that is really shown off in all his photos.

As if that wasn't enough, there are also a number of other writers who contribute to the blog on a regular basis. This means there is a lot of variety of subject matter and writing styles on the blog, enough to keep you interested and coming back for more.

Here are Castigator's answers to my questions:

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?
From a very early age I was always into board games, I used to drive my parents mad wanting to play the latest board game that I’d received for Christmas or my Birthday. As I got older, I would scavenge bits from these old games and design my own. My games would be terribly complicated affairs that nobody but me knew the rules to. I grew up on TV shows like Sapphire and Steel and the Tomorrow People, interspersed with a mix of 2000AD and Marvel comics (yes, they still called them comics back then) so they were invariably fantasy and Science Fiction based games I designed. 

Fast forward several years later and I happened to be passing this new shop that had opened up in Leeds called Games Workshop. Despite the protestations from my then girlfriend, I went in and discovered that the games I had being trying to design as a kid already existed. That would have been early ’87, a few months later Rogue Trader was released and my real gaming obsession started in earnest. 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hobby Sunday 14/05/17- Vampire Counts Bases

This week, I have been finishing off the bases for some of the units in my Vampire Counts. 

First up, we have the Terrorgheist. I had planned to get this finished in March as part of Monster March, but my boarding injury put paid to that! However, it is now complete. I hope to get some games of Age of Sigmar in with this, to see how impressive he is on the table. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

8th Edition 40k Reveals- Week 2 Thoughts

Another week gone, another host of 8th edition hints and reveals released by the Warhammer Community page. This post will take a look at some of the information that has been released and my thoughts on them.

The last post covered aspects of unit and weapon profiles, movement phase, psychic phase, shooting phase and charge phase.

Fight Phase
The biggest news from the fight phase is that charging units strike first. This is a big change from the current edition, where you can spend several turns charging across the board to be slaughtered before you get a chance to strike.
My Orks are particularly interested in this new development, and will hopefully become a force to be reckoned with in the new edition of the game. I will be interested to see if this rule applies to weapons that traditionally struck last, such as Power Fists.

Interestingly, in the fight phase you get to move 3" to try and engage more enemy units in combat. This seems like a way to get into multiple combats without having to suffer the overwatch fire of the enemy units. This will make careful positioning of defensive troops and attacking units quite important in the new game.

Much as was expected with the loss of the initiative value, combats will be performed by choosing alternate units to attack, much like Age of Sigmar. This adds further tactical depth to the fight phase, as players will have important decisions to make; Do you choose a weaker unit that is likely to be wiped out to attack first, hopefully taking down a few of their opponents or go for a strike with your units against an Imperial Knight to try and take it out before it crushes you? I will also be interested to see if things like Thunder Hammers and Power Fists get to strike first on the charge, will strike in normal order or will have to go last in each fight phase? I'm hoping that they get the chance to strike first, as that could potentially make Terminators awesome once more. Hitting on a 2+ in some combats is also a nice bonus for certain units in the game.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

It Ain't Easy Being Green- The Evolution of Orks in 40k

Welcome to the latest in my series of articles looking at the evolution of different aspects of 40k. This time I will be looking at the evolution of the Orks from the 2nd edition codex to the current state of the army as 7th edition comes to an end. I am not planning to cover every aspect of the codex and army, but will look at general trends in how the greenskins have evolved over the course of the 6 editions to become what they are today.

The Orks have come pretty far in the many years they have been in 40k, developing their own flavour and playstyle over the course of many editions. Orks are generally regarded as one of the most "fun" armies available to play. Much of this comes from the randomness inherent in their rules over the years as well as being one of 40k's best armies when it comes to kit-bashing and conversion work, especially on their vehicles. Unlike the standardised tanks of the Space Marines and Imperial Guard, no two Ork vehicles in an army need ever look the same.

I first started with the Orks with the release of GorkaMorka (more on this to come), building up my mob and fighting with my friend's mob for many glorious battles. This gave me my first taste of kit-bashing when I decided to convert one of my wartrakks with parts from a toy car in order to give the vehicle an increased transport capacity (in GorkaMorka, how many Orks could ride in a vehicle was determined by how many Ork models would actually physically fit on the model). My first forays into using Orks in 40k came midway through 3rd edition when the same friend decided to sell off his starting Ork army and I bought it. This gave me a warboss, two large mobs of unpainted boys and a few vehicles with which to start my warband. I have been playing Orks ever since then. They have remained one of my favourite armies, and though they have fallen on hard times in more recent editions, I still have a special place for them in my 40k collection.

While researching this article, I came across another nice article on the development of the Orks from Rogue Trader to 3rd edition. This is well worth a read for anyone looking for information on the earlier years of the Orks.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Better Know A Blogger: Part 36- Mastodonica

This week's Better Know A Blogger features Cylde from Mastodonica

Cylde got in touch with me about taking part in Better Know a Blogger, and I am glad that he did! Mastodonica is a blog written in Spanish, so I generally wouldn't have bothered attempting to read it otherwise. That would have meant missing out on some awesome painting skills from Cylde. Translating the page into English actually does a pretty decent job, allowing me to follow along with most of the articles. 

Cylde also took part in Squaduary and Monster March, producing some epic models to add to the challenge. 

Most recently, he has been highlighting his work on Adeptus April, another month-long hobby challenge to get a squad of Marines painted up. 

Here are Cylde's answers to my questions:

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?
It’s a long time since that moment, but I was nineteen or twenty, don’t remember that exactly, maybe it was 1979 or 1980. My friends and I started playing RPG’s at university, after that Magic the Gathering and board games and seeking for magazines of adventures I found one with a little toy. That was Spanish White Dwarf nº 18 (1995). Then I started with high elves and later with space marines. When I left university I changed my city due to my job, and when I returned four years later, my group was broken, I got married and children came. But I never gave up painting. Now I found other people who play 40k, and we have a wonderful group of friends. And my armies are still growing.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Hobby Sunday 07/05/17- Terrorgheist and Ghouls

Hobby Sunday returns with some continuing work some of my Vampire Counts army. 

First up, I was able to flock the base of my Terrorgheist. Once dry, this will be given a drybrush of Bubonic Brown and Bleached Bone, followed by some static grass. This will bring it in to line with the rest of my army. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Second Birthday Giveaway- Winners

Last month, I was running a giveaway to celebrate St Andrews Wargaming turning 2 years old. I got a fantastic 57 entrants for the competition and a bunch of new followers (who will hopefully be sticking around). 

Last night, I did the draw for the prizes. First place went to Tom Byrne. Tom snuck in at the last minute to win the grand prize (he was the last to enter the competition 31 minutes before closing and somehow managed to get the win). The start of a Genestealer Cults army will be on its way to you soon. Hopefully they continue to be a fun and flavourful army in 8th edition. Incidentally, Tom's favourite special rule was Atonement Through Honour, a recent addition for the Deathwatch. 

Second place went to Chris Rhode. Chris is a regular commenter on the blog and has even written a guest post. He gets the choice of either the 2nd edition card terrain Power Plant or Imperial Firebase. If you could let me know which one you fancy, I can get it shipped to you. Chris' favourite rule was Rampage. Great for helping you chew through a bunch of enemy models holding up your unit. 

Third place went to Iapedus Maximus. He will be receiving whichever terrain kit Chris does not choose. His favourite special rule was Flaming Projectiles, helping the Legion of the Damned punish the enemies of mankind since M.39.

Thanks to all who took part and those that continue to follow and support the blog. 

Monday, 1 May 2017

40k 8th Edition Reveals- Thoughts so far

The information has been coming thick and fast from GW over on their community page. Each day, new details about 8th edition are being released and feverishly discussed online. In this post, I will do a quick round up of what we have found out so far and give you some of my thoughts on the information. 

Unit Profiles
The Community Page gave a sneak preview of some of the unit profiles that will feature in the new edition of the game. 

As was previously revealed, individual movement values make a return to 40k. I actually quite liked the old system of standard movement for units in 40k. You knew each infantry unit could move 6", a bike or assault unit moved 12", etc. Perhaps it didn't fit the background that a Guardsman was as fast as a Space Marine, which was as fast as a Tyranid, but it was a nice, simple system. I can see the appeal of giving different units different movement values, but I think it will be a bit annoying trying to remember the different movement values of all the units that you may be facing. I am glad that they appear to be keeping 6" as the standard movement for units, as I would have hated going back to the 4" standard movement of 2nd edition.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

8th Edition Updates

A very quick post today. As you are probably aware, GW are going to be posting regular updates and giving hints about 8th edition of the coming weeks. 

Rather than post each day about each new update, I am planning to gather the updates into a weekly post in order to comment on them all at once. This will give me some time to put my thoughts together and provide some more substantial content. 

In addition, I am hoping to be back to regular hobby and battle report postings in the next few weeks as my arm starts to heal properly! 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Initial Thoughts on 8th Edition Rumours

Clear some room on that Bandwagon and get me my Soapbox! As many of you will be aware, a new edition of 40k is looming closely on the horizon. Many writers and bloggers out there are sharing their opinion on the rumours that have been published so far, so I thought I would share my own thoughts on what is coming for 8th edition.

7th Edition and Me
I actually really enjoyed 40k in 7th edition. 

Don't get me wrong, 40k certainly had its problems in 7th edition with rampant overpowered formations, psychic nastiness and invisible deathstars. I don't know whether it was simply the club environments that I played in during 7th, but I rarely came into contact with too much of the "nastiness" the last edition of the game (or Innes, as he was affectionately known 😏). As such, most of my games of 40k in the recent years have been highly enjoyable and have created many interesting battle reports and articles for the blog. 

The latest edition of the game also introduced one of my favourite ways to play it- the Maelstrom of War missions. Maelstrom games really were my favourite way to play 40k for the past few years. It really shook up what had become stale Eternal war missions where the aim of the game seemed to be simply annihilating your opponent so that they could not contest end of game objectives. I hope that the new edition of the game has a similar mission type. 

Over the course of 7th edition, I started three new armies (White Scars, Deathwatch and Genestealer Cults), so I must have been enjoying it in some regards. I know many players and bloggers have soured on 7th edition and I can completely see why, but I have continued to enjoy the game a lot over the past few years. I think it has helped that I have multiple different armies. My Orks really suffered in 7th edition, but I always had my Guard, Dark Angels or White Scars to fall back on. For those players that only had one army, especially if it was amongst what is considered the lower-tier, I can see how un-fun 40k could become if you were getting stomped by much stronger armies on a weekly basis at the local gaming club. 

Equally, I am not one to be dragged kicking and screaming into each new edition. I eager anticipate each new edition of the game and am always interested to see what is likely to change. My evolution of 40k series has helped me to see how the game has developed over the years.  Based on the rumours seen so far, 8th edition appears to be a sizeable shake up of the game, more akin to the change from 2nd edition to 3rd edition, than 3rd-7th have been. 

This is an exciting time to be a 40k player. Third edition is what go me in to 40k. The dramatic changing of the overblown ruleset to something much simpler was a breath of fresh air and led to a lot of excitement in the local community. Sound familiar?

I am even more hopeful for 8th edition now that I know the team over at Frontline Gaming have been heavily involved in playtesting. Reece, Frankie and the gang really do care a lot about the game and are keen to see it grow even stronger in the future. 

Second Birthday Giveaway- List of Entrants

As many of you may be aware, I am currently running a giveaway for my second birthday on the blog. You can win a FREE starter Genestealer Cults army (you only need to pay postage). In case you missed it earlier in the week, I will also be giving away two of the old 40k card terrain as well.

The response has been great for the giveaway. Below is a list of current entrants for the competition. If you think you have entered the contest and don't see your name below, please let me know so that I can fix it.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Better Know a Blogger: Part 35- 262nd Death Korps of Kreig

This week's Better Know a Blogger features Dave Mary from 262nd Death Korps of Kreig

I think that I first came across Dave's blog during the recent Squaduary hobby challenge. Dave had also committed to paint up a squad of Deathwatch Veterans, so it was immediately one to watch! He did a fantastic job putting together his squad, with great weekly update posts to show off a brilliant final squad

I think this is what brought my own Blog to Dave's attention. He has been a regular commenter since on my Deathwatch battle reports and hobby progress. 

Dave also took part in the Dreadtober challenge last year, where he completed a Deathwatch Dreadnought to add to his burgeoning force. 

More recently, he has been working on a stack of terrain and some fantastic objective markers for his games, as well as making a start on some Custodes

On the recent Old Stuff Day post, I showcased some of my existing 2nd edition card terrain that I have collected over the years. In the post, I lamented the elusive Imperial Bastion that had so far escaped my grasp. Shortly afterwards, Dave got in touch and offered to send me the Bastions and a bunch of other card terrain as well! His amazing generosity was very much appreciated!

Here are Dave's answers to my questions. 

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?

I can only speculate as to my true age at the time, but I recall my entry into gaming when my Dad brought home a D&D Basic boxed set (the edition with dice, not the original chit/counter set). I must have been in Junior High at the time in the early 80’s. It was D&D that introduced me to figure painting and I still have my collection of metal figures from those days. The game really needed the visuals, in my mind at the time. This led well beyond modelling to a full-fledged LARPing career, but that is perhaps a story for another time. Once I had massed a collection of fantasy figures, I wanted more rules for gaming with me. This led to Warhammer (I played Dwarves and last dabbled in Undead), BattleTech and ultimately to Warhammer 40K. While I enjoyed the early days of Warhammer, I found the number of models and mass unit movement tedious compared to the small unit tactics and smaller model count in 40K. I didn’t what to paint and game the lives of 40 spearmen; I wanted to paint and live the heroics of fighting champions!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Card Terrain Complete!

It is done! After many, many years, my collection now appears to be complete!

A couple of years ago, I showcased my old second edition card terrain that I have been collecting. In the original article, I had just obtained a couple more of the kits (that are still waiting painting and assembly!), and was only missing the old card Bastion. Now, I have the kit and my collection is complete.

Monday, 17 April 2017

St Andrews Wargaming- Two Years On

Last week, the blog turned two years old. Once again, a big thanks to everyone who takes the time to read, comment and contribute to make St Andrews Wargaming what it had become. I thought I would once again take a look at some of the interesting figures from the blog over the past year and give some of my own thoughts on how it is going. 

For those that are interested, you can check out the interesting figures from last year, along with my thoughts on blogging for my first year. 

Blog Figures
We will start off with viewing figures, because as I have said previously, I am a vain, vain man. Sorry if this seems a big egotistical for anyone, I just thought it might be of interest for those that read the blog or for those just starting with their own hobby blogs.

At the time of writing, the blog is about to hit 412,000 views. After my first year, I was sitting at around 120,000 views, so getting almost 300,000 views in a single year is mind blowing to me. 
I think a lot of this has been down to the sheer number of 40k releases that have occurred in the past year and my reviews of those releases. Codex and supplement reviews remain amongst the most popular articles on the blog and among the most popular Google searches that bring in traffic. 

A break down of the figures each month are shown below:

Looking at the graph, October 2016, December 2016 and January 2017 were amongst the most popular months for the blog. 
October saw my reviews for the new Genestealer Cults codex go up on the blog. This was a hugely popular release and saw a lot of traffic come in as people were keen to read more about this highly unusual army. December was the most popular month by far, bringing in almost 38,000 views. This is surprising, as it did not feature any codex reviews. It did feature a lot of Deathwatch hobby postings and battle reports. As a relatively new army, I guess a lot of people were looking for Deathwatch stuff. January also saw more Deathwatch posts, as well as the Fall of Cadia review. 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Two Years Old!

St Andrews Wargaming turns 2 years old today!

It is hard to believe that this all started only 2 years ago, as so much seems to have happened since then.
A big thanks to all the readers, commenters and contributors who help to make the blog what it has become. Also, a big shout out to all the friends that I have made through the blog, who I never would have met otherwise! I look forward to seeing many of you across the table in the coming year.

I would particularly like to give a big thanks to Rob (30Kplus40K) and Nick (The Burning Eye) as fellow bloggers who have been big supporters from very early on and continue to push me to make the blog even better, as well as providing inspiration with their own awesome blogs.

The next post will take a look at some of the figures and things I have found interesting over the past year. Also, don't forget about my Birthday giveaway, where you can win a Genestealer Cults army.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Better Know a Blogger: Part 34- Dark Future 30k

This week's Better Know a Blogger features Ed from Dark Future 30k.

I first came across Ed's blog when it was highlighted by Rob over at 30Kplus40K. When Rob is envious of someone else's painting, you definitely know it is worth checking it!

Even though Ed is only just getting started, there is plenty of great content already on the blog to check out.

I am a big fan of his terrain posts. So far, they have showcased some really awesome pieces that really suit the 30k theme and aesthetics.

Another great series of posts are his Throwback Thursday articles. These take a look at some classic 40k miniatures, and Ed describes what he likes about each one. Check out his posts on Ogryns, the Predator and classic Land Raider.

Here are Ed's answers to my questions. 

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?
I was ensnared by GW in the mid nineties. My dad used to build model planes with me, so I was familiar with drab military kits and the smell of Tamiya oil based paints. On one occasion we were in a model shop and I was struck by the bright colours and esoteric forms of GW’s miniatures. We snigger at the ‘red’ era now, but it really made their miniatures distinct and appealing at the time. I still flick through Codex Imperialis, Wargear and the Rulebook from the Second Edition boxed set - possibly the finest Christmas present a ten year old me could have hoped for! As for the gaming part, that’s a relatively new development. I was getting interested right at the end of 5th ed, playing a few games here and there, then Dark Vengeance launched 6th and I was away! 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Introducing the new Blog Archive

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a new tab at the top of the blog page; Blog Archive.

I have been thinking about this for a while and decided to get it compiled. This new section was inspired by the recent Old Stuff Day post. While I think that the blog is fairly well organised in terms of finding reviews and battle reports, etc., there are many articles that can slip through the cracks or are more difficult to find.

Due to this, I have created a page with a list of blog posts under a number of different categories, such as Hobby Posts, Editorials and blog achievements. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to find more random posts, or act as a nice resource for those browsing for something to read. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

White Scars Tactica: Part 1- Army Overview and HQ units

Welcome to the first part of a new series of posts on the blog, my very own Tactica articles. The first in the series will take a look at my main tournament army, the White Scars. 

This Tactica is designed to give you a look at how I construct and play my own White Scars tournament army, which units I favour and some of the tactics that I employ while using the army. This is not to say that this is the best style of White Scars army available, it is simply what I play and what I have had success with. If there are any tactics that I don't cover or something you think is missing, leave a comment and get the discussion started. 

Before we get into the bulk of the army, let me give you a quick overview. I have been playing the White Scars since the beginning of 2015, starting with the Chapter Tactics that were introduced in the 6th edition codex. I have taken them to 7 tournaments in that time, ranging from small events, to doubles tournaments, to larger national events. At tournaments, I tend to win about two thirds of my games (about the same as in casual play). As a result, I often place in the top third of the tournament listings, with my best finishing being second place at Stronghold V, a sixteen player 1250 pts tournament in Glasgow. I think I have a pretty decent tournament record, I have played and won some very tough matches, but have come up against better players who have stomped me at some events. 

My preferred tournament list has a strong focus on Bikes and MSU (Multiple Small Units). This makes it a great army for objective-based missions and maelstrom missions. My army can generally put out a lot of damage in the shooting phase, but can suffer in Kill Point-type missions as it tends to be made up of multiple, smaller, fragile units. 

This first article will take a look at the White Scars rules, my favoured builds for constructing the army and the HQ units that I favour in the force. Future articles will look at the other units in the army, some hints and tactics on using them, and a look at how to face different army builds in a tournament setting, and how to plan for different mission types. Some of this information may seem obvious to seasoned players, but it is useful just to put down all the info so that newer players can see where the army influences come from. 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Second Birthday Giveaway- Win a Genestealers Cult Force

NOTE: This competition is now closed!

St Andrews Wargaming will be turning two years old in a couple of weeks. After the success of my first Birthday Giveaway, where you could win a free Battle Demi-Company, I have decided to do a similar giveaway this year. 

After some recent purchases, I found myself with an excess of Genestealer Cults kits. As a result, I am giving you the chance to win a Genestealer Cults starter army of your very own. 

Included in the giveaway is:
  • Genestealer Cults Codex
  • Broodcoven (Patriarch, Magus and Primus from Deathwatch Overkill)
  • 4 Aberrants (from Deathwatch Overkill)
  • 16 Neophyte Hybrids (from Deathwatch Overkill)
  • A box of Acolyte Hybrids
  • Acolyte Iconward
Everything a growing cult needs to get started! All models are unassembled and unpainted, so are free for any scheme you wish to paint. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Pew Pew Pew- The Evolution of the Shooting Phase in 40k

Welcome to my ongoing series looking at the evolution of 40k. With 8th edition seemingly looming on the horizon, now looked like a good time to take a look at the evolution of the shooting phase. 

The shooting phase has always been a major component of 40k. It has seen some radical changes since the early days of second edition, with each new edition of the game seeming to increase the power of this particular phase. The most recent rumours released by Games Workshop seem to imply that some aspects of 2nd edition may be returning to the game, so it is interesting to me to look back and see where we have come from. 

Most players with agree that it is one of the most powerful phases in the game, with many games being decided in the shooting phase. 

2nd edition (1993-1998)- Modifying your Success 
The rules for the shooting phase in 2nd edition 40k are quite different to the current state of the game. All models were restricted to a front 90 degree firing arc, meaning that model placement and positioning was even more important in 2nd edition than in the current game. True Line of Sight was also used in this edition, with the effects of cover affecting the To Hit values for units. For example, soft cover (such as hedges, shrubs and most vegetation) incurred a -1 To Hit penalty, whereas hard cover (walls, buildings, craters, etc) incurred a -2 To Hit penalty. 

The actual system for determining whether a unit was hit has remained unchanged since this time. The ballistic skill value of a unit was used to determine the die roll required for the shot to be successful. For example, a Space Marine attempting to shoot an Ork behind soft cover would require a 4+ to hit (a ballistic skill of 4 requiring a 3+, with a -1 penalty for soft cover).

In 2nd edition, units had to shoot at the closest enemy unit. However, units could ignore enemy units in cover or units that were fleeing. In addition, units could choose to ignore or specifically target enemy vehicles. This meant that cheap screening units were of particular importance in 2nd edition, as these units could be used to shield more valuable units in your army from enemy fire power. Also, the target would have to be chosen without measuring the distance between the units. If the enemy unit was out of range, then the shorts were wasted. This meant that estimating the distance between your units was a very valuable skill to have in 2nd edition 40k, as poor guessing of distances resulted in more wasted shots in the shooting phase.