Monday, 17 September 2018

Hobby Update 17/09/18- More Sector Imperialis Ruins completed

Today's hobby update features some more Sector Imperialis ruins that I have made for a cityfight table. 

I have returned! My holiday in sunny Sicily is now over. I have returned very tanned, so much so that I almost look like a normal person now. 

I dove back into the hobby work quickly and managed to get a couple more ruins painted up. This is to add to the two recent buildings that I completed a few weeks ago.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Imperial Knight Valiant Competition Winner

Today, I did the draw for the winner of the Imperial Knight Valiant. 

I had a great 86 people enter the competition, the list of entrants is below:

1. Rory Priest
2. NafNaf
3. WestRider
4. Dave Mary
5. Petar Knevovic
6. Siph_Horridus
7. Joe M
8. Harry Scar
9. Markus Weber
10. Ammar Amjad Khan
11. Will Galloway
12. David MacLellan
13. Simon Campbell
14. James Chalmers
15. Rory Priest
16. Tom Kendrick
17. Kirsten Williams
18. Nathaniel Gibbs
19. Daniel Markfoged Frederikson
20. Joe Ward
21. Nick Thrower
22. Graham Sanders
23. Miles Gabby
24. Jessica Smart
25. Graham Guthrie
26. Marc Van Holst
27. Mick Miller
28. Iapedus Maximus
29. Alex Brown
30. Petar Knevovic
31. Rob Lane
32. Scott Resnick
33. Jessie Howling Wolf Simon
34. Alexander Greenwood
35. Tim Reuter
36. Philip Hargrave
37. Bryn Hill
38. Ed O’Malley
39. Dan Wellington
40. Tabletop Apocalypse
41. Lollo Dix
42. Tarin Almstedt
43. Victor Castillo Jr
44. Corey Croot
45. Joshua Lothar Keggereis
46. Austen M Hansen
47. Ian Connolly
48. Bui Chinh
49. Do Huu Bao Trung
50. HellHenni
51. Aurekta
52. Chinh Bui
53. Padman
54. SDFNet 40k
55. MrBadAndy86
56. Threat Level One
57. Steve Sdfnetfortyk
58. Marti Baker
59. Steven John Pennock
60. Dave Weston
61. Andrew Pelletier
62. Ryan Oestreich
63. Christopher Carmona
64. Skye Illyria Ryan
65. Ian Johnson
66. Spencer Miller
67. Andy Frost
68. Brain Rober
69. Bryan Groves
70. Neil Farley
71. Felix Uelsmann
72. Jonathon Woods
73. Ben David
74. Ed O’Malley
75. Simon Campbell
76. Matthew Coll
77. Ben Wolstenholme
78. Leo Midwinter
79. David Murray
80. Jon Arthur
81. Stu Wolf
82. Daniel Cave
83. Andrew MacTavish
84. Dustin Jones
85. Markus Weber
86. Absurd Sisyphus

The draw video is here:

Congratulations to David MacLellan, who won the Imperial Knight. This awesome Dominus Class will be winging its way to you in the near future. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Hobby Update 06/09/18- Sector Imperialis Terrain Completed

Today's hobby update features a couple of the terrain pieces that I have been working on recently for a new Sector Imperialis board. 

These were assembled using the Games Workshop Sector Imperialis terrain kits that I had lying around and based on MDF. 

With the models based, I then glued sand to the base. I then coated the base with a mix of water, PVA and a little washing up liquid. This was on old tip that I got from an issue of White Dwarf. The washing up liquid helps the PVA to soak into the sand layer and gives it a good seal. 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Battle Report 165- Deathwatch/Astra Militarum vs Aeldari

This week's battle report sees my Deathwatch and Astra Militarum force take on Doug's Aeldari in an Eternal War mission. 

This game was actually fought a couple of months ago when I was preparing for the Warhammer World GT. It sort of got lost in the shuffle between writing up the tournament battle reports and finishing the army for the event. 

We were playing the Retrieval Eternal War mission. This is the standard game with 4 objectives that are scored at the end of the game. 

My army consisted of: 
Battalion Detachment (Deathwatch)
Watch Master- Tome of Ectoclades, Guardian Spear
Watch Captain- Jump Pack, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer
10 Veterans- 10 Storm Bolters, 2 Storm Shields, Chainswords
10 Intercessors Bolt Rifles, Bolt Pistols
5 Veterans- 2 Frag Cannons, 3 Bolters, 3 Chainswords
Rhino- 2 Storm Bolters
5 Veterans- 2 Frag Cannons, 3 Bolters, 3 Chainswords
Razorback- Twin Lascannon, Storm Bolter
4 Bikers and Vanguard Veteran- Twin Bolters, Chainswords, Storm Shield

Battalion Detachment (Astra Militarum, Cadian)
Company Commander- Laspistol, Chainsword, Kurov's Aquila, Grand Strategist Warlord Trait
Company Commander- Laspistol, Chainsword
Primaris Psyker- Force Stave, Psychic Barrier, Nightshroud
Infantry Squad- Lasguns, Lascannon
Infantry Squad- Lasguns, Lascannon
Infantry Squad- Lasguns, Lascannon
20 Conscripts
Wyvern- Quad Mortar Launcher, Heavy Bolter

This was a work in progress army before I changed it up for the tournament. As you can see, the core of the army was pretty much the same. The Deathwatch provide the mobile force and hard hitters, while the Guard provide a good firebase. I added the Wyvern to target units that were out of line of sight of most of my forces. 
I went for a couple of units with Frag Cannons in transports. These were to get close to the enemy army and cause some devastation with their firepower. 

Monday, 3 September 2018

Holiday Time!

I'm off! I'll be away on holiday for a couple of weeks. There will still be great content coming up on the blog while I am away, but I may be a bit sporadic in replying to comments in this time. 
I'll be posting the winner of the Imperial Knight Valiant competition when I return, so be sure to enter if you have not yet. 

Enjoy your time without me! 

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Hobby Season 2018/2019- Hobby Goals for the Coming Year

Another hobby season is upon us! I had quite a productive year in 2017/2018 and hope to capitalise on this in the coming year to increase my hobby output for the coming year. 

I'll split up my goals into some broad categories to plan for the year ahead. 

  • Purchase a battle mat or two
  • Finish my cityfight terrain
It's about time I got myself a proper gaming mat. I'm planning to purchase a couple of these to match my army bases. One will be a city mat, the other will be a brown earth mat to match most of my armies. 

I recently began work on finally getting my cityfight ruins built and based. I'm going to try and get these painted up to give myself a nice cityfight board to fight over. I'll also try and add some scatter terrain to the kit to create some more cover on the battlefield and break up the structures. 

Genestealer Cults
  • Primus
  • Magus
  • Sentinel Crew
  • Neophyte Hybrids
  • Guard Allies
  • Purestrain Genestealers
I have a number of units to finish up for my Cult. I've got a Magus and Primus that need to be finished off. I've also got the last couple of Sentinel crew to paint up to complete this, which I can paint along with a squad of Neophyte Hybrids. Finally, I have a unit of 16 Purestrain Genestealers I have assembled and just need to paint. 

I also plan to add to the force with some Guard allies painted up in a similar scheme. I've got a ton of spare Guardsmen I can assemble and paint, as well as a Leman Russ Punisher that could be added to the cause. 

These will probably be first up on the list to try and complete, hopefully for an upcoming codex release. I may even pick up the Tooth and Claw boxed set to add to my army. 

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Video Battle Report 2- Orks vs Sisters of Battle/Inquisition

Today, I have my second video battle report. In this game, my Orks take on Angus' Sisters of Battle in a 2000 pts maelstrom of war mission. 

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the last video, I've hopefully incorporated most of the suggestions to try and improve the video. Some of the changes are:
  • Less shakycam!- I got a stand to support the camera, which has hopefully improved the standard of the video. This makes panning the table easier and should help prevent motion sickness from viewing the battle report. 
  • More overview- I've tried to give more of the battlefield a view with wider shots and some panning shots during the game. 
  • Longer maps- I've made the maps last a big longer on the screen to allow you to take in the details. These have also been made full screen to allow more of the details to be picked up. 
  • Background music- I've added some background music throughout the turns to reduce some of the noise interference from moving the camera. Let me know if this is too loud or too quiet. 
  • Army list- I've added a title screen for each army with a list of the units. This allows you to get an overview of the force before it is described for each army. 
  • More tactical overview- The video is a bit longer than the last one. It is still under two hours, I was aiming for closer to an hour to be honest. However, this one features a lot more tactical analysis of the game, rather than just seeing every dice roll. Angus and I discuss any major tactical decisions or choices as they come up to go through our thought processes as the game progresses. We also have a 10 minute wrap up at the end of the game about the choices made during the game and how each side could have been improved. 
As always, I hope you enjoy the report. If you have any more feedback, please don't hesitate to comment below and help me improve as I do more reports.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Battle Report 164- 2000 pts Genestealer Cults vs Adeptus Mechanicus/Space Wolves

This week's battle report sees my Genestealer Cults take on the Adeptus Mechanicus and Space Wolves in a maelstrom of war mission. We were playing the Kill Confirmed mission, which is the one with three cards per turn and kill points in addition. 

My army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment
Patriarch- Monstrous Rending Claws, Mass Hypnosis(Pt)
Primus- Needle Pistol, Bonesword (P1)
10 Acolyte Hybrids- 2 Heavy Rock Saws (A1)
10 Acolyte Hybrids- 2 Heavy Rock Cutters (A2)
10 Acolyte Hybrids- 2 Heavy Rock Drills (A3)
6 Acolyte Hybrids (A4)
15 Purestrain Genestealers (G)
5 Aberrants- Power Hammers (Ab)

Battalion Detachment
Primus- Needle Pistol, Bonesword (P2)
Magus- Force Stave, Might From Beyond (M1)
10 Neophyte Hybrids- Autoguns, Heavy Stubber (N1)
10 Neophyte Hybrids- Autoguns, Mining Laser (N2)
5 Acolyte Hybrids (A5)
Leman Russ- Battle Cannon, 3 Heavy Bolters (LR)
Goliath Truck- Twin Autocannon, Heavy Stubber (GT)

Outrider Detachment
Magus- Force Stave, Mind Control (M2)
Scout Sentinel- Heavy Flamer (S1)
Scout Sentinel- Missile Launcher (S2)
Scout Sentinel- Autocannon (S3)

I took a good mix of units in my army. The Patriarch was selected to lead the army, as a strong fighter and good support. I took two Primus units to lead in my heavy hitters, the Genestealers and Aberrants. These should hopefully allow the two units to charge from reserve. 

I took the Leman Russ and Neophytes to hold my backline, while the Sentinels could scout ahead to harass the enemy army or block enemy deep strikers. I took a strong force of Acolyte Hybrids. The two small units could be used to block out my backfield and give me enough power level to put my strong units in reserve. 

Monday, 27 August 2018

Hobby Update 27/08/18- Sector Imperialis Terrain

Today's hobby update features some terrain work that I have been planning to do for a while. Over the holiday weekend, I have been putting together some cityfight buildings that I have been meaning to build up for a while. 

I won a Sector Imperialis kit ages ago at a tournament, so have finally put some more of these together. I was inspired by some of the buildings when watching a battle report online, so mimicked some of the buildings shown in the report. 

I based them on 6 mm MDF, that I cut to shape and sanded to fit to the buildings I built. I then added some slate and rubble to liven up the bases a bit. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

2017/2018 Hobby Season Review

Another hobby season has come to an end, let's take a look back and see how I got on. You can find my original post on the hobby goals for the upcoming year in the link

I didn't have too many hobby goals set, as I was in the process of moving yet again and didn't want to commit to too much. 

1. Find a New Gaming Club- Completed!
Last year in September, I had just moved to Oxford, so was in need of a new gaming club. Fortunately, I was able to find a couple in a reasonable distance. 

I am currently attending the Spiky Club in Reading and the Oxford Gaming Club, in Oxford, perhaps unsurprisingly. These are two great gaming clubs that provide me with a wide range of opponents for my battle reports and to hone my gaming skills.