Sunday 12 November 2017

Hobby Sunday 12/11/17- Goliath Rockgrinder and Neophyte Hybrids

This week's Hobby Sunday I will be showcasing my completed Goliath Rockgrinder and some Neophyte Hybrids that I have been working on the last couple of weeks. 

I completed the crew of the Goliath this week, so the Rockgrinder is now finished. Here are some shots of the crew and completed vehicle. 

The crew of the Rockgrinder have been magnetised, so that they can be removed. I also completed some Neophyte Hybrids, figuring I would paint some up while I was doing the crew in the same colours. 

I have also made magnetised bases for the crew of the Goliath Truck, so that they can be removed and used in game. This also allows me to substitute the crew with my magnetised Mining weapons Neophyte Hybrids. I can also magnetise some other squad members to show who is embarked in the vehicle.

With the vehicle complete, I am planning to start work on some Purestrain Genestealers, along with some Abberrants to add to the army. 


  1. Great stuff, love the Rockgrinder.

  2. Nice work. It hits that balance of clearly being something that's been used for heavy work without going too far into weathering or dark colour schemes. Excellent idea on magnetizing the crew and some other Neophytes to show which Unit is in there, too. I'm gonna have to borrow that one from you when I get around to working on mine.

    1. Thanks, WestRider. I like to keep my vehicles (and models) nice and pristine! Not a big fan of weathering on my own stuff, to be honest.

      It was really easy to do the magnetisation. I took some photos and am planning to put together a guide if it is of any interest (though you'd probably be just fine without it).

  3. Nice work. Still loving the magnetized models. Cool idea there.