Wednesday 30 August 2017

Space Marine Codex Review: Part 8- Dedicated Transports

Next up for my Space Marine Codex review is the dedicated transports that are available for the army. Many of the transports have seen some great benefits thanks to the change to vehicle rules for 8th edition, while the Drop Pod has seen some decrease in utility from its previous incarnations. 

Dedicated Transports
The classic transport vehicle for the Space Marine army is back and is a fantastic way to keep your Marines safe in 8th edition.

The Rhino has benefited greatly from the update to 8th edition. Gaining T7, 10 wounds and a 3+ save has made it so much more durable than it ever was in previous editions of the game. It can now no longer be destroyed in a single shot (at least with most weapons), with even a Lascannon taking three successful wounds and average damage rolls to completely destroy it. In most of my games so far, the Rhino has been fantastic, ferrying my squads to where they need to be in relative safety.

The Smoke Launchers are another great bonus, with -1 to hit actually proving to be very effective at keeping it safer for a turn. The fact that you can advance and still use the smoke launchers means you can get to your opponent even faster.

Another benefit of the Rhino is the fact that vehicles can now charge into combat. This means you can use the tougher chassis of the Rhino to soak up potentially devastating overwatch fire before the squad it was transporting charges in. Getting to charge from a transport vehicle is another big boost for the utility of the Rhino, as you no longer have to spend a turn in the open before launching a charge.

The Rhino also gets to repair a wound on a roll of a 6 each turn, but statistically, you will be lucky to recover one wound per game. Still, it is a nice little bonus. Also, the Rhino can be risky when it is destroyed. It explodes on a roll of a 6, doing D3 mortal wounds to every unit within 6". This doesn't sound like much, but I've had plenty of exploding vehicles causing havoc to both players in my games, as an ill-timed explosion can devastate a battle line. Always something to bear in mind and maybe keep a Command Point spare to re-roll an explosion result.

Overall, the Rhino is greatly improved in 8th edition and will likely be a frequent sight in many Space Marine armies.

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Space Marine Codex Review: Part 7- Heavy Support

Part 7 of my Space Marine Codex review will take a look at the various options in the Heavy Support section of the book. Thanks to the changes to the vehicle rules have made many of these options much more favourable than they have been in previous editions.

Heavy Support Units
Devastator Squad
The classic Space Marine Heavy Support choice has seen some improvements in 8th edition thanks to their special rules and a general improvement in Heavy Weapons and shooting them.

The Devastator squad is pretty much unchanged for several editions; the squad consists of between 5-10 Marines, with up to four being able to take a Heavy Weapon. The Squad Sergeant has a Signum, allowing a single model in the unit to get +1 to hit when shooting. The Armorium Cherub also makes a return, allowing you to shoot with a single member of the squad once more in the shooting phase. This gives you up to 5 heavy weapons shots in a single turn, which can be pretty potent. You will probably use this on the Signum model, giving you five shots, three hitting on a 3+ and two hitting on a 2+ (in most cases).

What is different in 8th edition is that there are many viable choices for equipping your Devastator squad. Grav Cannons are no longer your only competitive option, in fact, they may now be one of the poorer options.
Missile Launchers and Lascannons are probably two of the most popular options, providing your army with some great high-strength, multi-damage shots for taking on vehicles and monstrous creatures. Equally though, Plasma Cannons can be devastating if you can overcharge their shots successfully (and have a nice source of re-rolls to hit nearby). Heavy Bolters can even supply a strong volume of fire, with some of the Stratagems allowing them to deal Mortal Wounds to enemy units.

One of the great changes for Devastators is that moving and firing Heavy Weapons is not as punishing as it once was. You can move and fire, only suffering a -1 to hit penalty, meaning that Devastators can play a more active role in the game if necessary. With a Captain or Chapter Master nearby, you can even be quite effective at firing while moving.

One of my current combinations is to put a lieutenant next to my Devastators to give them re-rolls of 1 to wound. This helps to mitigate poorer wound rolls with my Missile Launchers.

Devastator Squads are a powerful unit to add to your army in the new codex, able to perform a wide variety of battlefield roles. They also benefit from being more mobile in 8th edition, so don't always have to remain the static force they once were.

Monday 28 August 2017

Better Know A Blogger: Part 43- Errant Wolf

This week's Better Know A Blogger features Dave G from Errant Wolf

Errant Wolf is one of the most recent additions to my blog list and has been an entertaining read ever since.
I have been following with interest his recent posts about constructing a board and an army for the upcoming Armies on Parade. I've never entered one of these myself, but am interested to see how much work and planning goes into such an event, especially when you are starting from scratch. 

In addition to that you will find some great hobby photos of his brilliant Space Wolves army, as well as some great Shadow War battle reports and reviews on kits and other products. Dave also posts his own series of interviews, where he talks to some big names in the gaming community to find out about their hobby history.

Here are Dave's answers to my questions:

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?
Oh man, way too long ago, probably when I was about 12, but I really got into 40k, Space Hulk and Necromunda when I was about 14 in the early 1990’s. Space Hulk is my one true love and is a game I’ve played throughout my life. It’s easy to learn, hard to master and can be played with almost anyone.

Around the same age, I started collecting my first Space Wolves army, and again, I’ve never been able to escape the Wolves. I’ve tried plenty of other armies over the years but always come back to them. I’m on possibly my 5th incarnation now, which is a Horus Heresy army.

Sunday 27 August 2017

Hobby Sunday 27/08/17- Genestealer Cult Acolytes

I actually managed to get some hobby work done this week, in between writing up Space Marine Codex reviews and battle reports. If I actually had a life, I doubt I could get half the content on the blog that I do! 

This week, I managed to complete my second unit for the Genestealer Cult (only 20 more to go!), a unit of 6 Genestealer Acolyte Hybrids from the Deathwatch Overkill box. I started these models a while back, but finally got them finished this week. 

Here are some work in progress shots and the completed models. 

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Space Marine Codex Review: Part 6- Fast Attack

Part 6 of the review looks at the Fast Attack section. As a White Scars player, this is possibly one of my favourite sections of the Space Marine codex and one I will draw much of my army from in many of my army lists. 

Fast Attack
Bike Squad
One of the units that I used most often with my White Scars in 7th edition, this unit has undergone a few changes in the new Space Marine Codex.

The big changes for Bikes is that their move has increased to 14" and they now have 2 wounds each. While this improves their durability somewhat, it really doesn't make up for the loss of the Jink save that they had. However, few units have that kind of durability in 40k now, so it's a loss felt across the board.

The other change in Bikers is an increase in their firepower. The Twin Boltgun is now Rapid Fire 2, meaning four shots each at 12". This means a unit of 5 Bikers can put out 20 Bolter shots inside rapid fire range, which is pretty impressive. Even better, if you take two special weapons in the squad, you can still fire your Bolters and can even target a separate unit with the special weapons.

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Space Marine Codex Review: Part 5- Elites

Part 5 of my 8th edition Codex Space Marine review will take a look at the Elites section of the codex. The Elites choices for Space Marines seems to have undergone a big expansion since 7th edition. A lot of this has to do with choices such as the Apothecary and Champion moving from a Command Squad to their own distinct choices.

Chapter Ancient
The Chapter Ancient is a new addition to the army in 8th edition. He comes with what I would call the standard Space Marine Character stat line, with similar stats to the Lieutenant, Chaplain or Librarian. So on his own, he is a decent character, able to hold his own in combat (he comes with a Power Sword) against standard infantry and is fairly durable with 4 wounds and a 2+ armour save.

Where he comes into his own is in with the Astartes Banner. The Banner on the Chapter Ancient gives +1Ld to friendly Astartes units within 6". This is a pretty good bonus, meaning that most units will be Ld8 (or 9 if the Sergeant is still alive). Coupled to And They Shall Know No Fear, this helps prevent your units from losing members to morale tests, keeping them in the fight for longer. The big bonus from the banner comes in the form of "resurrecting models". Each time a model is removed within 6" of the Ancient, on a 4+ that model may make an attack with one of its weapons as if it were the shooting phase, or may make a single attack as if it were the fight phase.

This is obviously a very powerful ability if used correctly. I think the Chapter Ancient will be of more use to a gunline army, parked next to a unit of Devastators or Devastator Centurions. This will allow 50% of your casualties to still fire at the enemy army before they are removed. This can be very useful if you lose the first turn, allowing many of your models in a unit to fire at the enemy army even if they are being wiped out. On a Bolter, this may not be a big deal, but a Lascannon or Missile Launcher is a different matter. Note that the two effects are specified differently in the rule. All UNITS within 6" of the Ancient gain +1Ld, while the resurrection shot only affects all MODELS within 6". This means that you cannot spread out your units with only a single model in range to get the benefits to all members of the squad. If this was the case, the Banner would be ridiculously overpowered (more so than many feel it is already).

Unusually, the Banner specifies a single attack in close combat. This is surprising, given that there is no limit on how many shots the model can make with a single weapon in the shooting phase. For example, a Terminator with an Assault Cannon would get to make 6 shots with the weapon, but only a single attack with his Power Fist. To me, this makes the banner more effective for a gunline army, as you are likely to get more attacks in many cases.

If you are planning to use a Chapter Ancient in your army as the foundation for a gameplan, the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant is pretty much a compulsory inclusion in your army. This increases the chances of getting a resurrection shot from 50% to around 67%, giving you much better odds of getting the ability off on nearby models.

The Chapter Ancient seems like a solid inclusion in any Space Marine army. At 76 points, he is not too expensive an addition to the army, but you may wish to go for the cheaper version to get roughly the same effect.

Blog Milestones- 500 Edition

This week the blog has hit two major milestones that I wanted to highlight. 
Thanks to Dave at Confession of a 40k addict for his great images once more.

First up, my 500th post was up on the blog at the weekend. At around two and a half years old, I'm surprised I've had that much to talk about! 

Secondly, yesterday the blog hit over 500,000 views. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read the blog and comment on my articles. It really is the feedback and interaction with all the great bloggers and readers out there that keeps me coming back and posting on such a regular basis. 

On a side note, I would encourage you all to keep commenting on all the great 40k blogs that you read. A simple "Great work" or "nice post" makes all the difference, especially when you are just starting out in blogging. It is great encouragement to keep young blogs going. 

Don't worry, this slightly egotistical post is not all you are getting today, my Space Marine codex review will continue this afternoon with the review of the mammoth Elites section of the new book. 

Monday 21 August 2017

Better Know A Blogger: Part 42- Chucking Monkeys

This week's Better Know A Blogger features Luke (AKA Monkey Chuka) from Chucking Monkeys.

Monkey Chuka's blog was one of the first that I followed when I started reading 40k blogs. I was initially drawn in by the awesome look of his Tyranid army and found some really great hobby posts, littered with humourous and random commentary from Monkey Chuka himself. 

One of my favourite series of posts was his work on building a Tyrannocyte conversion. Luke set himself the immense task of converting a Tyrannoctye to feature a sleeping Carnifex inside it! From reading the posts, you can see it was a labour of love and hate in equal measure. Without a doubt though, the end results was absolutely fantastic and a real insight into his hobby skills. 

At some point last year, he stopped posting on a regular basis, leading me to stop following the blog for a while. Fortunately, the return of 8th edition 40k seems to have heralded the return of Chucking Monkeys and I was very happy to see new blog posts appearing on my blogroll, as well as comments appearing on my own and other great 40k blogs. 

His most recent work has been focusing on his amazing Red Scorpions Primaris Marines. This is gearing up to be a fantastic looking army, with ever new post leaving me drooling over the amazing paint jobs he has achieved on the units. 

Here are Monkey Chuka's answers to my questions:

1. What age did you get into gaming and what started it off?
Early teens. I was born in Salford, England, less than a mile away from Old Trafford where football is etched into your neurons at birth. Getting the bus into Manchester and spending the day at Games Workshop (back when they still sold TSR products) taught me that there was another way. I tried emigrating to the opposite face of the planet in order to escape the sports mad crowd but Kiwis are just as obsessed with rugby as Britons are with football. However, New Zealand is Middle-Earth and re-ignited my interest in hobbying, so there is that.

Sunday 20 August 2017

Space Marine Codex Review: Part 4- Troops

Part 4 of my Codex Space Marine Review will take a look at the Troops choices available. This will be a quick review, as there are only three choices. I was planning on grouping this with the Elites section, but that is actually a fairly substantial section of the codex, so I will focus on that in its own review.

Tactical Squad
The classic choice of the Space Marine army is once more in prime place in the Space Marine Codex.

The Tactical Squad hasn't really changed much in several editions of the game; the squad consists of between 5-10 models. In a squad of 5, one Marine can take a Special Weapon or one can take a Heavy Weapon. In a squad of 10, one can take a Special Weapon and one can take a Heavy Weapon. All pretty standard stuff so far.

Where the Tactical Squad has changed is in the actual 8th edition rules themselves. Now that a single squad is able to fire at multiple targets, you are no longer "wasting" the Bolter shots from the rest of the Tactical Squad if you take a single Heavy Weapon or Special Weapon. This upgrade can fire at one target, while the rest of the squad can utilise their Bolter shots to damage another target. Also, giving that the To Wound values have also changed in 8th edition, the humble Bolter can now wound vehicles on a 5+, meaning that a Tactical Squad is now more than capable of taking a few wounds off a vehicle with some lucky rolling, or even finishing off a vehicle that the Squad's Heavy/Special Weapon has seriously damaged.

Friday 18 August 2017

Space Marine Codex Review: Part 3- HQ Units

Part three of my review of the 8th edition Codex Space Marines will take a look at some of the HQ units that are available to armies of the Adeptus Astartes. I will not be covering every entry in the HQ slots that are available, mostly just the generic options, rather than every special character. 

HQ Units
The Space Marine Captain is the standard HQ choice and one which I think most players will go with when selecting the leader of their army. He is a solid character, able to perform well in the shooting and assault phase, depending on how you arm him, and provides some important benefits to nearby units. 

I'll start off with the benefits, as it is one of the reasons for taking the Captain in the first place. His "Rites of Battle" special rule allows you to re-roll 1's to hit for friendly Chapter units within 6" of the Captain. This may not seem like a lot, but can actually be a big benefit in games, allowing you to re-roll approximately half your misses in the shooting and assault phase. This really can make the difference in a balanced combat, or allow that Meltagun or Missile Launcher to actually hit the target. Also, the buff applies to Units within 6", not models, so with careful unit placement you can extend the range of this effect to encompass several units each turn. As mentioned in the Stratagems review, using the Chapter Master Stratagem upgrades the Captain to give full re-rolls within 6". Having used the Deathwatch Watch Master, who has a similar ability, I can tell you that it is incredibly useful and makes a big difference to the damage output of certain units. It is well worth the upgrade, if you have the Command Points to spare. Park the Captain next to a gunline and watch almost all your shots find their mark on the enemy army. This is especially effective if you are using other Stratagems to boost the damage output of your shooting units. 

Thursday 17 August 2017

Space Marine Codex Review: Part 2- Relics, Stratagems and Librarius Discipline

Part 2 of my review of the new 8th edition Space Marine Codex will look at the new Relics and Stratagems that are available for the forces of the Adeptus Astartes. 

Much as in previous editions, Space Marines have access to a number of interesting Relics for use in their army. Interestingly, these Relics don't cost any points values themselves, but you are generally limited to only one per army. The only associated points cost is that some of these Relics replace an item of wargear, which means you need to purchase that item of wargear for your character before you can replace it with a Relic, but most of these are not too expensive as to prohibit their inclusion. I think the limit of only one Relic per army (without the use of a Stratagem, which we will cover below) is a useful counterpoint to the lack of points costs associated with most of the Relics.

The Armour Indomitus- Get a 2+ armour save. In addition, once per game you can activate the armour to give you a 3+ invulnerable save till the end of the turn. A decent bonus, giving you one of the few ways to get a 2+ armour save on your character outside of Terminator armour. The bonus invulnerable is nice, giving you a 3++ for one turn without having to carry a Storm Shield. Nice, but I think it is outdone by the next Relic.

The Shield Eternal- The old favourite of 7th edition is back in a new form. This replaces your character's Storm Shield. They retain the 3+ invulnerable save, but more importantly, all damage against the character is halved, rounding up. This is now the 8th edition version of Eternal Warrior, I suppose. This is a really nice ability to have, meaning that your character is more likely to survive a  volley from a Lascannon or Missile Launcher. It also makes overcharging Plasma weapons less effective and gives them a better chance against multi-damage combat weapons. I think this is a really solid choice that should see a lot of use.

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Space Marine Codex Review: Part 1- Special Rules, Chapter Tactics, Warlord Traits

Welcome to the first part of my review for the new 8th edition Space Marine codex. This section will take a look at some of the special rules for the army, the Chapter Tactics and the new Warlord Traits in the codex. 

Special Rules
The codex contains the special rules for the forces of the Space Marines, one of which should make a big impact on the game going forward. 

And They Shall Know No Fear
The quintessential Space Marine rule has been updated for 8th edition. This rule allows you to re-roll all failed Morale tests.  
This is actually a pretty decent rule, allowing you to survive the worst effects of the morale phase for a number of your units. Previously, Space Marines were pretty much immune to the consequences of Morale in the game. They automatically rallied if they fell back and could not be wiped out in combat from a sweeping advance. 

Now, however, they are as affected as most other units in the game. The re-roll can be pretty useful to stop you from losing your expensive Marines to a poor morale roll. With a standard Leadership of 7, you need to lose at least 2 of your squad to fail a morale test. Having the re-roll improves your odds of not losing another squad member to an inopportune roll of a 6 on the test. With a Sergeant in the squad, their Leadership goes up to 8, further boosting the chances of passing the test. As most Marine squads seem to be run in unit sizes of 5, having the re-roll is great for keeping the last members of the unit alive, as you pretty much need to lose most of the unit to have bad odds of failing the Morale test. 

Defenders of Humanity
This is a great special rule and should have a big impact on missions in 8th edition going forward. This new rule is essentially Objective Secured from 7th edition. If your army is battle-forged, then all Troops units control an objective marker if they are in range, even if they are outnumbered by the enemy unit. If the other unit has a similar special rule, the unit with the most models in range of the objective then control it. 

Objective Secured was a key special rule for me in 7th edition, winning me plenty of games over the course of its use. Having a similar rule in 8th edition is going to be great, I think. I think this is a great addition to the army (and the game) and should help to balance out some of the more ridiculous armies that can be taken if GW are careful with which units such rules are applied (I don't think anyone want to see Conscripts or Brimstone Horrors gaining such a rule). I look forward to trying this out in my games and seeing if it is as effective as it has been in the past. 

Friday 11 August 2017

Bunker War 3- Armies on Display

There were some great armies on display at the Bunker Wars tournament. Here are a selection of some of the forces present.

Warhammer Community Army Showcase- Graham's Death Army

As some of you may remember, my first Army Showcase post featured Graham's awesome Slaves to Darkness army. 

As if exposure on St Andrews Wargaming was not enough, Graham also decided to slum it on the pages of Warhammer Community with a showcase of his amazing Age of Sigmar Death army

Congrats to Graham on a fantastic achievement. Now, I'm not saying that his army featured on the Warhammer Community page because he was showcased here first, but you cannot prove otherwise! If you would like your own army to be featured on Army Showcase, please get in touch at to arrange it. 

Thursday 10 August 2017

Bunker War 3: Game 3- Deathwatch vs Tyranids

The final game of the Bunker War 3 tournament would see my Deathwatch take on Phil's Tyranid force. I had only played Nids once in 8th edition so far, and it did not go well. Hopefully, this game would be a lot closer than that last one.

The mission for game 3 was the Scouring, with Dawn of War deployment. We were playing on an industrial table with some of the awesome new Armageddon scenery taking up a fair portion of the table.

My army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment
Watch Master (W)
Watch Captain- Jump Pack, Pair Lightning Claws (W)
Kill Team 1- 5 Veterans, Vanguard Veteran with Pair Lightning Claws, 3 Frag Cannons, Storm Shield. (KT1)
Kill Team 2- 5 Veterans, 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Stalker Boltguns (KT2)
Kill Team 3- 5 Veterans, 2 Infernus Heavy Bolters, 2 Stalker Boltguns (KT3)
Kill Team 4- 5 Veterans, Meltagun, 3 combi-Meltas (KT4)
Kill Team 5- 5 Veterans, 2 Frag Cannons (KT5)
Rhino (R)
Drop Pod- Storm Bolter (DP)
6 Vanguard Veterans- 2 Pairs Lightning Claws, Power Sword and Bolt Pistol, 3 with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords (VV1)
3 Deathwatch Bikers- Power Axe, Power Sword (DB1)
3 Deathwatch Bikers- two Power Swords (DB2)
Corvus Blackstar- Auspex Array, Hurricane Bolter, Twin Assault Cannons, 2 Blackstar Rocket Launchers (CB)
Vindicare Assassin (V)

6 Command Points

The Watch Master was my warlord and had the Tenacious Survivor warlord trait. 

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Bunker War 3: Game 2- Deathwatch vs Ultramarines

The second game of Bunker War 3 would be the No Mercy mission with Hammer and Anvil deployment. This could be a tricky one for me, as very little of my Deathwatch army frequently survives the game in 8th edition. This game would see me facing David and his Ultramarines. 

My army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment
Watch Master (W)
Watch Captain- Jump Pack, Pair Lightning Claws (W)
Kill Team 1- 5 Veterans, Vanguard Veteran with Pair Lightning Claws, 3 Frag Cannons, Storm Shield. (KT1)
Kill Team 2- 5 Veterans, 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Stalker Boltguns (KT2)
Kill Team 3- 5 Veterans, 2 Infernus Heavy Bolters, 2 Stalker Boltguns (KT3)
Kill Team 4- 5 Veterans, Meltagun, 3 combi-Meltas (KT4)
Kill Team 5- 5 Veterans, 2 Frag Cannons (KT5)
Rhino (R)
Drop Pod- Storm Bolter (DP)
6 Vanguard Veterans- 2 Pairs Lightning Claws, Power Sword and Bolt Pistol, 3 with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords (VV)
3 Deathwatch Bikers- Power Axe, Power Sword (DB1)
3 Deathwatch Bikers- two Power Swords (DB2)
Corvus Blackstar- Auspex Array, Hurricane Bolter, Twin Assault Cannons, 2 Blackstar Rocket Launchers (CB)
Vindicare Assassin (V)

6 Command Points

My warlord was the Watch Master with the Tenacious Survivor warlord trait.

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Bunker War 3: Game 1- Deathwatch vs Aeldari

Welcome to the first battle report from my recent trip to the Bunker War tournament, held at Battle Bunker in Sunderland. 

This tournament was a one-day, three-game event, featuring armies at 2000 pts. The games would be three random Eternal War determined on the day. Due to time constraints in playing with my other armies, I took my Deathwatch to the tournament, as they were the only army I had really had much experience with in 8th edition. 

My army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment
Watch Master (W)
Watch Captain- Jump Pack, Pair Lightning Claws (W)
Kill Team 1- 5 Veterans, Vanguard Veteran with Pair Lightning Claws, 3 Frag Cannons, Storm Shield. (KT1)
Kill Team 2- 5 Veterans, 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Stalker Boltguns (KT2)
Kill Team 3- 5 Veterans, 2 Infernus Heavy Bolters, 2 Stalker Boltguns (KT3)
Kill Team 4- 5 Veterans, Meltagun, 3 combi-Meltas (KT4)
Kill Team 5- 5 Veterans, 2 Frag Cannons (KT5)
Rhino (R)
Drop Pod- Storm Bolter (DP)
6 Vanguard Veterans- 2 Pairs Lightning Claws, Power Sword and Bolt Pistol, 3 with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords (VV1)
3 Deathwatch Bikers- Power Axe, Power Sword (DB1)
3 Deathwatch Bikers- two Power Swords (DB2)
Corvus Blackstar- Auspex Array, Hurricane Bolter, Twin Assault Cannons, 2 Blackstar Rocket Launchers (CB)
Vindicare Assassin (V)

6 Command Points

This army is based on a review of my previous tournament Deathwatch army. There were a few modifications based on the models that I had available. 
The Vanguard Veterans had lightning claws, power swords and chainswords. I had hoped to have them all armed with pairs of lightning claws, but didn't have the models available. Also, I planned to take two units with two Missile Launchers, but two of them hadn't arrived yet, so I substituted them for a couple of Infernus Heavy Bolters. 

Sunday 6 August 2017

Hobby Sunday 06/08/17- Deathwatch with Missile Launchers

This week's hobby Sunday features a few models that I had to get painted up for this weekend's North West Open tournament. I managed to get the models painted on Wednesday and Thursday night, the closest run I have ever had to completing models for a tournament.

I decided to purchase some Missile Launchers from ebay after my Deathwatch army showed a serious lack of anti-tank punch in the shooting phase. I put these models on some spare Deathwatch models that I had waiting to be built. I painted them up using my standard Deathwatch scheme.

Friday 4 August 2017

North West Open this weekend!

Tonight I will be heading over to Southport for the North West Open tournament, held at the awesome Wargames. This will be my first ITC tournament, so I am looking forward to trying out the changed mission styles in the tournament pack. 

If you are going to the event, be sure to pop over and say hello. Hopefully, my Deathwatch won't be embarrassing themselves on the tabletop too badly. Last time I went to Wargames, I ended up winning the tournament. Based on recent performance, I don't think that will be happening again! Maybe I can skew my win rate in favour of above 50% this weekend, stay tuned for the upcoming battle reports to see if this occurs. 

Thursday 3 August 2017

Army Showcase- Graham's Slaves to Darkness

Welcome to the first in what will hopefully be a new series on the blog, the Army Showcase. 

St Andrews Wargaming gives me the opportunity to show off my own hobby work to the blogging community, and there are many other great blogs out there to showcase their own hobby work and amazing armies. However, there are plenty of fantastic armies out there from hobbyists and players that do not have their own blogs, and I hope to help bring you some of these in the coming year. 

So before we get started with the first army showcase, I am putting the call out to all the readers out there. Do you have an army that you wish to showcase on the blog? It doesn't have to be a Golden Daemon winner, just a painted force that you are proud of and want to show to my regular readers. If you want a chance to showcase your own army, please get in touch ( All you need are some decent quality photos of your force (cameraphone is fine) and to answer a few short questions based on the army to get a flavour of why you chose the force. 

Today's inaugural army is Graham's Slaves to Darkness Chaos force. Graham's models have appeared on the blog before. I first met him at the Newcastle Warlords gaming club and was amazed by his Age of Sigmar armies that he uses. He does some amazing work, frequently wins painting competitions and has even had the opportunity to use his armies in live stream games on the Warhammer Community channel. You can find more of Graham's excellent work on his twitter page (@PaintedbyG) and his facebook page