Sunday 6 August 2017

Hobby Sunday 06/08/17- Deathwatch with Missile Launchers

This week's hobby Sunday features a few models that I had to get painted up for this weekend's North West Open tournament. I managed to get the models painted on Wednesday and Thursday night, the closest run I have ever had to completing models for a tournament.

I decided to purchase some Missile Launchers from ebay after my Deathwatch army showed a serious lack of anti-tank punch in the shooting phase. I put these models on some spare Deathwatch models that I had waiting to be built. I painted them up using my standard Deathwatch scheme.

Hopefully they will have performed well this weekend, taking out many enemy tanks and monstrous creatures with their missiles. 


  1. I've drawn up and started to put together a deathwatch force (man those guys are expensive!) I made sure I had plenty of missile launchers, partly because of reading your own frustrations in cracking armour.

    1. After my recent tournament experiences, invest in a lot! The frag cannon can also be effective at short range too.

    2. I had planned to include some frag cannons, but my army ran out of points too quick. I'm too used to orks. Even then, I had to revisit the list when I realised I'd missed out some wargear costs, ended up having to drop a couple of missilie launchers... but I do have 6 missiles in the army, along with 2 cyclone launchers, so hopefully be able to put some damage out there. We shall have to wait and see though, hopefully get a couple of games in soon, blog about it, then start tweaking. I do have some frag cannons built, just sat waiting on the sidelines for their moment to shine...

    3. Awesome, can't wait to see how you get on with them. I think you will want to add frag cannons after using them a few times. They are seriously the best weapons we have access to. Two or three will obliterate most units and can even take out some lighter vehicles in a single volley.