Friday, 11 August 2017

Bunker War 3- Armies on Display

There were some great armies on display at the Bunker Wars tournament. Here are a selection of some of the forces present.

Here are my own Deathwatch. Justin (the owner of Battle Bunker) posted a photo on facebook saying that this was his favourite army on the day, which was pretty awesome (didn't win any prizes though!). 

The winner was this awesome Guard army featuring some really nice camouflage on the force.


  1. To be honest, that guard army does look superb... a well deserved winner.

    Out of interest, any idea why his army included searchlights and a Trojan?

    1. Not sure, maybe a forgeworld thing? Hoping to feature the Guard army on one of my Army Showcases, so perhaps I can ask then.

    2. Found out now... the defence searchlights pick a unit, doing so let's one friendly unit (so anything guard) have +1 to hit against it. Three of those, two super heavies, that sounds like pimms o'clock...

      as for the Trojan or it could be an atlas, I don't recall exactly what they both look like... well the Trojan let's a single regiment vehicle within 6" reroll hits when shooting. the atlas can repair a single vehicle within 3" (not itself) regains D3 wounds. So that's quite a potent force he's got there...

    3. correction, three super heavies. one each. Jesus a searchlight and a Trojan on that Vulcan mega bolter would be INSANE...

    4. That's a Trojan. The Atlas is based on a Leman Russ hull.