Thursday 24 September 2020

9th Edition 40k Battle Report 213- 2000 pts White Scars vs Orks

Welcome to my first battle report of 9th edition 40k! With everything that has been going on with lockdown and the pandemic, this was the first opportunity I had to play the new edition of the game. In this report, my White Scars Primaris army was taking on Sandy's Orks.  

In this game, we were playing Resupply. This mission has three central objectives and one in each player's deployment zone. In battle round four, one central objective is removed, while another is removed in battle round 5. 

My army consisted of:

Battalion Detachment (White Scars)

  • Kor'sarro Khan
  • Primaris Chaplain- Chogorian Storm
  • 5 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles
  • 5 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles
  • 5 Infiltrators- Bolt Carbines
  • 5 Infiltrators- Bolt Carbines
  • 5 Assault Intercessors- Heavy Bolt Pistols, Astartes Chainswords, Plasma Pistol
  • 5 Assault Intercessors- Heavy Bolt Pistols, Astartes Chainswords
  • 3 Eliminators- Bolt Sniper Rifles
  • 3 Inceptors- 2 Assault Bolters
  • 3 Inceptors- 2 Assault Bolters
  • 3 Eradicators- Meltarifles
  • 3 Outriders
  • 3 Outriders
  • Incvictus Warsuit- Incindiary Cannon, Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, 2 Heavy Stubbers
  • Impulsor- 2 Storm Bolters, Ironhail Stubber, Shield Dome
  • Impulsor- 2 Storm Bolters, Ironhail Stubber, Shield Dome
With this army, I wanted to go for an all Primaris force. I added a number of elements from the Indomitus boxed set to my existing collection to bulk out the force. 
The army was led by Kor'sarro Khan, who provides some nice buffs to the army in assault. He was backed up by a unit of Assault Intercessors in an Impulsor. A second Impulsor would carry the Assault Intercessors and Primaris Chaplain. I gave him the relic Crozius and the Chogorian Storm warlord trait for extra attacks on the charge. 
I added two units of Intercessors and Infiltrators as troops choices to provide some firepower and objective grabbing ability. 

I then added a number of faster elements, including the Outrider squads and Warsuit, to threaten the Orks early and add some firepower. Two units of Inceptors would provide more anti-infantry firepower, while the Eradicators should deal with any vehicles I came up against. 

Friday 11 September 2020

Hobby Update 11/09/20- White Scars Eradicator Squad

 Today's hobby update features an Eradicator squad for my White Scars Primaris force. 

These guys provide some potent anti-tank firepower to the army, with their special rules enabling them to fire twice at the same target. With a 24" assault Melta weapon, they can put a lot of hurt on enemy tanks and monsters with their potent firepower. 

The right hand shoulder pad symbol was actually from the Ultramarines transfer set. I cut this out and painted it red (from white). Once dried, I was able to use the transfer as normal. I had tried doing free hand before, but had little success. I think this one turned out much better. 

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Hobby Update 09/09/20- White Scars Indomitus Outrider Squads

 Today's Hobby Update features a couple of Outrider units for my White Scars army. 

It'll be nice to get some Bikers back on the table with my White Scars, as they have been a bit lacklustre in 8th edition. I'm looking forward to getting these on the table, as they have some potent firepower and combat ability, as well as being pretty tough. 

I'll need to remember the Skilled Rider stratagem to give one unit an invulnerable save, to help protect them for a bit longer. 

I realised after photographing the units that I hadn't done the eyes lenses on the helmeted Marines. I went back to fix this, but couldn't be bothered setting up the lightbox to take the photos again!

Monday 7 September 2020

Hobby Update 07/09/20- White Scars Kor'sarro Khan

 Today's Hobby Update features Primaris Kor'sarro Khan for my White Scars army. 

Khan got the Primaris treatment recently to boost his stats in the new codex. With the release of the Assault Intercessors, I thought that Khan would be a nice addition to the force to lead the new units in battle. He gets an aura of +1 to wound on the charge, meaning I will be wounding most infantry models on a 3+ with the Intercessors. Khan is also pretty decent in combat with his power weapon, going up to S6, so he will be wounding a bunch of units on a 2+ on the charge thanks to his ability. 

His warlord trait is not the best, but is not terrible. He gets +1 attack for each enemy character slain by him. With weaker characters, he can actually go up to a number of attacks, so is great for hunting characters. 

Friday 4 September 2020

Hobby Update 04/09/20- White Scars Assault Intercessor Squad

 Today's hobby update features a new squad of Assault Intercessors for my White Scars army. 

These models are from the Indomitus boxed set (that I eventually got my hands on). This squad should really boost the combat potential of my White Scars forces, especially when the assault doctrine hits. The squad will get 4 attacks each on the charge, with AP-2 in the assault doctrine and doing 2 damage. That should prove to be a potent Marine killer when they go up to 2 wounds each.