Monday, 7 September 2020

Hobby Update 07/09/20- White Scars Kor'sarro Khan

 Today's Hobby Update features Primaris Kor'sarro Khan for my White Scars army. 

Khan got the Primaris treatment recently to boost his stats in the new codex. With the release of the Assault Intercessors, I thought that Khan would be a nice addition to the force to lead the new units in battle. He gets an aura of +1 to wound on the charge, meaning I will be wounding most infantry models on a 3+ with the Intercessors. Khan is also pretty decent in combat with his power weapon, going up to S6, so he will be wounding a bunch of units on a 2+ on the charge thanks to his ability. 

His warlord trait is not the best, but is not terrible. He gets +1 attack for each enemy character slain by him. With weaker characters, he can actually go up to a number of attacks, so is great for hunting characters.