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Mystic Games RTT: Game 1- World Eaters vs Orks

I recently attended a 34-player RTT, held by Mystic Games in Witney. Game 1 saw my World Eaters take on Scott's Dread Mob Orks. The mission was Take and Hold, with Hammer and Anvil deployment and hidden supplies (extra objective). 

This tournament took place after the recent balance update, so those rules were in effect. However, the event was still using the Leviathan missions, as it was held very close to the release of the new missions cards and they couldn't guarantee that everyone could get a set in time.  

My army consisted of:
Lord Invocatus
Master of Execution (Berserker Glaive)
10 Berzerkers
5 Berzerkers
10 Jackals
10 Jackals
2 Spawn
3 Eightbound
6 Exalted Eightbound
3 Exalted Eightbound

I had made a couple of changes since the last tournament list thanks to the points drops in the recent dataslate. I was able to drop a unit of Eightbound, which gave me enough points to take Kharn and a second Rhino for the 5-man squad. 

I like the Berzerkers, but the 5-man didn't really do a lot in my previous games. They don't have the damage output on their own, but are good for holding objectives. Adding Kharn would seriously boost their damage output, and the extra Rhino would be good for keeping them safe and getting them around the battlefield. 

Scott's army consisted of:
Big Mek- Press it Fasta!
Big Mek in Mega Armour- Smoky Gubbinz
10 Boyz- Nob with Power Klaw
10 Gretchin and Runtherd
10 Gretchin and Runtherd
10 Burna Boyz
Deff Dread- 4 Dread Klaws
Gorkanaut- Deffstorm Mega-shoota, Klaw of Gord, 2 Rokkits, Scorcha, 2 Twin Big Shootas
Gorkanaut- Deffstorm Mega-shoota, Klaw of Gord, 2 Rokkits, Scorcha, 2 Twin Big Shootas
10 Lootas
5 Meganobz
5 Stormboyz

The army had a couple of really big units to deal with in the Gorkanauts, as well as tough units like the Meganobz and Lootas. The Burna Boyz could also really mess up my charges with overwatch. I haven't played Orks since the codex came out, so was interested to see how they would fare against the World Eaters. 

We deployed as shown below:

I put Angron in the centre, ready to go after the tough vehicles in the Ork list. I put the Rhino with Kharn, Spawn and Eightbound towards the bottom ruins, with the rest of the forces on the other flank. The Jackals held my home objective and moved up on the line to advance. 

Scott put one Gorkanaut on each flank and spread his forces across his deployment zone, with a Trukk on each side.

Scott won the roll off for first turn. I scout moved the Jackals up to the ruins in front of them. 

In his first turn, Scott drew Overwhelming Force and Deploy Teleport Homers. Oof! A bad draw for turn 1. I chose Advance and Charge and FNP on my blessings rolls. 

The Orks moved up across the board, the Deff Dread moving to grab a central objective. With no line of sight on any of the World Eaters, a rather quick Ork turn ended. Scott chose to keep hold of his two secondary cards. 

In my first turn, I drew Deploy Teleport Homers and Behind Enemy Lines. I decided not to try and play for the secondaries, instead looking to limit the movement of the Orks. 

On the bottom of the field, the Spawn moved up on the objective, supported by the Rhino, while the Eightbound and Lord Invocatus advanced towards the Trukk holding the Burna Boyz. 

The Jackals and Rhino on the top of the field advanced towards the Trukk holding the Meganobz. My plan was to wrap it and stop them from getting into play for another turn or two. Shooting from the Rhino killed three of the Stormboyz. 

In the charge phase, the Jackals and Rhino charged one Trukk, while the Eightbound charged the Lootas and Trukk. The Lord Invocatus charged the front of the Trukk. 

The Jackals and Rhino did little damage, losing one of the Jackals in reply. The Eightbound killed the Lootas, while the Lord Invocatus took the other Trukk down to 2 wounds. The Eightbound consolidated into the Stormboyz, who failed to harm them. 

I discarded Behind Enemy Lines, but decided to hold onto Teleport Homers. The Exalted could come in from deep strike and do that next turn. 

Orks- 10
World Eaters- 10 

In the second turn, I chose FNP and Fight on Death for my blessings. Scott still had Overwhelming Force and Behind Enemy Lines. He scored 10 on the primary. 

The Gorkanaut moved up on the central objective, while the Deff Dread moved up on the Jackals. The other Gorkanaut moved towards the bottom Trukk, supported by the Boyz. 

In the shooting phase, the Gorkanaut fired at the Spawn, only managing a couple of wounds. The Trukk fired at the Jackals, killing one. 

In the charge phase, the Gorkanaut failed a charge on the spawn. The Deff Dread charged the Jackals, killing five of them. The Eightbound were able to destroy the Trukk, killing four of the Burna Boyz as they disembarked. I used the stratagem to roll a blessing, choosing advance and charge. 

At the end of his turn, Scott scored no secondary points and discarded Overwhelming Force. 

In my turn, I had Deploy Teleport Homers and drew Storm Hostile objective. I scored 10 on the primary. 

Angron led the charge into the centre, leading the Exalted Eightbound and Jackals towards the Gorkanaut. The other unit of Jackals fell back onto the objective. On the other flank, the Eightbound advanced towards the Orks' home objective. The Gretchin used the strat to do a few mortal wounds on them and moved away. 
I deep struck the Exalted into the enemy deployment zone to do Teleport Homers as well. 

The Rhino fired at the Burna Boyz, killing two. In the charge phase, Angron and the Exalted charged the Morkanaut, while the Lord Invocatus charged the Burna Boyz. Both units were easily slain in combat. 

I scored 10 on my secondaries at the end of the turn. 

Orks- 20
World Eaters- 30 

Scott scored no points on the primary mission. I got FNP and Fight on Death for my blessings. Scott also called the Waagh! 

The remaining Gorkanaut moved up on the Spawn. The Deff Dread and Killa Kans moved up on Angron, supported by the Meganobz. The Boyz and Warboss moved up on the Eightbound on the Orks' home objective. 

Shooting put a few wounds on one Spawn, but the Boyz failed to harm the Eightbound. 

In the charge phase, Angron and the Exalted were swarmed, while the Gorkanaut went into the Spawn and the Boyz charged the Eightbound. 

The Meganobz attacked Angron. I used the -1 damage strat to help his survivability, and he took only 3 wounds. The Killa Kans were able to take out one Exalted, while the Boyz killed the Eightbound on the objective. The Gorkanaut killed the Spawn on the other objective. 

The Fight on Death allowed the Eightbound to kill 6 of the Boyz. Angron was only able to kill one of the Meganobz with his sweep profile. Lord Invocatus was able to take out the Mek on the bottom of the battlefield. The Exalted were able to destroy the Killa Kans. 

At the end of the turn, he discarded both secondary objectives. 

In my turn, I drew Area Denial and Assassinate. I scored 15 on the primary. 

The 3-man Exalted and Lord Invocatus moved up on the Boyz on the Orks' home objective, while Kharn led the Berzerkers against the Mek with the surviving Gorkanaut. The Master of Execution led the Berzerkers towards the Meganobz. The Jackals moved up to screen the Gorkanaut. 

The World Eaters charged in to the Ork squads. The Master of Executions was able to kill the Big Mek and a couple of Meganobz. Kharn was able to kill the Mek, while the Exalted killed the Boyz and Warboss. 
The Meganobz attacked Angron, doing another 6 wounds, while he killed the Meganobz in reply. The Exalted were able to kill off the Mek in the centre. 

At the end of the turn, I scored Assassinate and Area Denial. 

Orks- 20
World Eaters- 55

In his fourth turn, Scott drew Tempting Target and Cleanse. The Deff Dread fell back from the combat in the centre. 

The Gorkanaut fired at the Jackals, killing 5 of them. He then charged them and finished off the squad. 

At the end of his turn, Scott scored no points and discarded Cleanse. 

In my turn, I drew Extend Battle Lines and Bring it Down. The 3-man Exalted moved up on the Gretchin, who used the strat to move away again. Angron and the Exalted moved up on the Gorkanaut, while the Master of Execution led the Berzerkers against the Dread. 

I charged in, killing the Gorkanaut and Deff Dread, scoring Extend and Bring it Down. 

Orks- 20
World Eaters- 80

The game was pretty much over at this point. Scott scored no more points, and I maxed the primary, getting Engage and Tempting target in the final turn. 

Orks- 25
World Eaters- 100

A win for the World Eaters. 

A tough one for Scott, a really bad match up for the Orks. 

Scott was relatively new to the game, so had a tough time against the fast combat army of the World Eaters. Moving the army up in turn 1 meant I could pin the units in the Trukks and stop them from getting involved in the game till later. 

In addition, I was able to take out a lot of the firepower with killing the Lootas and Burna Boyz. Scott took the fun units he wanted to play and actually managed a win in the event, so fair play to him. 

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