Tuesday 21 February 2017

Monster March!- Path of an Outcast Hobby Challenge

Today, I wanted to highlight another awesome hobby challenge that I will be taking part in next month- Monster March!

I had a lot of fun taking part in Squaduary (run by Rory over at Stepping Between Games), painting up my Veterans squad and seeing all the other hobby content by the many participants. 

Monster March is a hobby challenge to get a monster model painted up over March. The event is being run by Swordmaster over at Path of an Outcast. These monthly challenges are a great way to dust off your unpainted pile collection and show some love to a model that has been waiting a while to get painted. 

I decided to sign up with my Terrorgheist for my Vampire Counts army. This model was purchased back in March 2015, so has been two years with only being assembled! With my plans to get back into Age of Sigmar, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to finally finish it. 

So, head over to Swordmaster's introduction post and sign up if you are interested in taking part. It doesn't have to be limited to Age of Sigmar. There are various different game systems you could pledge a model for, even the 40k universe has a range of great monsters that could take part. 

Please be sure to check out all the Monster March posts next month. These events are great for building the blogging community and finding and following new blogs. Also, be sure to check out and follow Path of an Outcast. This is a brilliant blog that focuses on Kings of War, with some great battle reports, and Swordmaster has recently started posting some fantastic hobby posts. 


  1. I think after running Squaduary I will need a month off ;)

  2. Thanks a lot for all the kind words and enormous help in spreading the word! I think such pledges are a great way to keep the motivation level high but also to meet new people to share hobby with!

    I can already tell you that among the people who have already agreed to take part there is a very nice cross-section through models/systems/games. It will be a very nice variety and I am already looking forward to seeing all the pictures!


    1. I'm looking forward to it! Gives me a nice excuse to finally get it painted. I'm hoping to carry on with the rest of my Vampire Counts and get them finished this time round.

  3. Thanks for posting about this, Michael. I had heard it might be coming, and I was dreaming up my own event titled #MechMarch, but I guess this one beat me to it :D

    Time to work on the Patriarch and maybe a certain giant Tyranid beastie...

    1. Glad to have someone else on board! You could always go for #MechMay?