Wednesday 1 February 2017

Squaduary- Deathwatch Veterans plan

Squaduary is a month long painting challenge, initiated by Rory from Stepping Between Games. The challenge is to paint a squad of Infantry for your army, with some guidelines to help you get them completed on time. Other bloggers will be contributing to the event and sharing the photos of their progress and the progress of others over the course of the month to encourage one another along.

As I had a squad to complete for my Deathwatch army and am always keen to engage with other bloggers, I decided to throw my hat into the ring.

My plan is to complete a squad of 10 Veterans in the month, a task that should be easily achievable given my recent run of painting form (I may even throw in their transport vehicle too if I have time).

The first week is focused on assembly of the models. I plan to have 10 Veterans; two with Shotguns, two with Combi-meltas, one with a Meltagun and 5 with Bolters. I have decided that my army need a bit more anti-tank punch, so have decided to add some Melta fury to the army.

Not content there, I am planning to convert one of the Shotgun marines to carry a Storm Shield. Since the Shotgun is modelled to be held in both hands, this will require a wee bit of work to get the look I am looking for (I have been inspired by the 30K breacher squads that wield their Bolters and a Shield at the same time).

Assembling 10 models with some minor conversions in a week is a pretty straightforward ask, so hopefully I'll have some time at the weekend to get it all done.

Tune in on the 7th for photos of my progress, and be sure to check out and support all those taking part in the event.


  1. Awesome Mike! Looking forward to your squad and the conversions

  2. Great to hear chief and glad you are joining in.
    I have always loved the idea of marines with shotguns so this will be cool to see.

  3. Nice! I'm gonna have to give this a go as well, see if it can get me motivated as well as Dreadtober.

  4. Hello fellow Squaduary pal. I look forward to seeing your progress.