Tuesday 24 January 2017

Hobby Update 24/01/17- Deathwatch Librarian

Today I have pictures of my latest completed model for my Deathwatch army, the Deathwatch Librarian from the Deathwatch Overkill boxed set. 

I really like the look of this model, as he is striding forward ready to face the enemy. I am planning on using him in my tournament list for the upcoming Birthday Bash 2.0. Usually, a lone Librarian does not do much in a list, but with Biomancy he can be quite effective for boosting my fragile Marine units. 

Hope you enjoy the WIP shots and the final completed pictures. 

With the Librarian done, all that is left to finish for my tournament army is the second Drop Pod. 


  1. Your certainly knocking them out at a rate of knots!

    1. Yep, getting through a bunch at the moment. Not too many left to go until the army is complete (for a given value of complete!).

  2. Looking good; I really like the grey shoulder pad and true metallics :-)