Tuesday 10 January 2017

Hobby Update 10/01/17- Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans and Veterans

This week, I have completed a unit of 6 Vanguard Veterans and some Heavy Flamer-totting Veterans for my Deathwatch army. 

The Vanguard Veterans come armed for combat. I have four with a pair of Lightning Claws and two with Heavy Thunder Hammers. This unit should pack a good punch in combat, the big problem is getting them there intact.

I also painted up some Deathwatch Veterans; two armed with Heavy Flamers and one with an Infernus Heavy Flamer (to now give me two in the army). These units will work well in a Drop Pod to flame some infantry as they arrive. 

When I have been building the Deathwatch, I have tried to give each Veteran a shoulder pad to match their fighting style and Chapter. For example, several of the Flamer carrying Veterans come from the Salamanders Chapter, Jump Pack infantry have a number of Raven Guard members, the Imperial Fists wield the Heavy Weapons and the assault units feature Blood Angels and Space Wolves. I think this helps to add to the background of each model. 

The Deathwatch army is coming along very nicely. In just over a month, I have managed to paint around 1600 points worth of troops. The only thing I am missing is a HQ model to lead the force. I've wanted to save these till later, in order to try and improve my painting technique. 

As it stands, I only have a handful of models left to paint; the Corvus Blackstar, another Drop Pod, Captain Artemis and most of the models from Deathwatch Overkill (about 7 left). If I can keep up this rate and standard, I will have the Deathwatch army completed within 2 months! 


  1. I've really enjoyed reading you Deathwatch blog (actually, I've been reading you for about a year and loved your Ravenwing stuff - I'm collecting them myself) and the models look great. I really like your painting - you know when to turn it up and when to not do anything too complicated. My favourite in this batch is the heavy thunder hammer Blood Angel.

    1. Thanks Jon, always nice to hear that people are enjoying the work! I'm really pleased with how the Deathwatch are coming along, it's the most effort I have put in to painting any army that I have.

      Yeah, the Heavy Thunder Hammer is immense in combat. He doesn't need his Furious Charge when wielding that thing.

  2. Looking good pal, particularly that veteran unit!

    I really want to get a Blackstar and convert it to use as a Stormraven, it's such a good looking aircraft!

    1. Cheers Nick!

      I think I will leave the Blackstar till last. I found the GW "How to paint" video for it and am going to give it a go.