Tuesday 17 January 2017

Fall of Cadia Review: Part 3- Inquisitor Greyfax

Part 3 of my Fall of Cadia review sees me taking a look at the final character from the book, Inquisitor Greyfax, eye of the Emperor.

Inquisitor Greyfax
Greyfax is a pretty decent addition to any Army of the Imperium looking for some measure of psychic defence and for taking on enemy psykers. While she is expensive, I can see some use for her when playing against psychic-heavy forces. However, I still think a Cullexus is the better option for taking on enemy psykers. If you have the points and wish to take both, they could prove to be a powerful team on the battlefield.

She has a fairly modest statline. With 3 wounds and a 3+ armour save with no Invulnerable save, she will not take a lot to kill with most competitive lists (or many casual lists, to he honest). As such, she will need to join a unit to stop her being wiped out too easily.
She has a Master-crafted Power Sword, but with 3 attacks at S3 and WS4, you probably don't want her in combat all that much, as she will fall easily to many enemy characters or even just enemy units with enough attacks.

She is a level 2 psyker that generates her powers from the Telepathy discipline. This is one of the best disciplines to use, so its not really a disadvantage. In addition, she knows a special Aura of Oppression psychic power. This is a malediction targeting a single non-vehicle unit within 12". On warp charge 1, if successful, the target unit take a Pinning test. Even if the test is passed, the target unit cannot run, turbo-boost, perform sweeping advances or fire overwatch. You can boost the power to warp charge 3, in which case it affects all enemy units within 12".
This is a pretty good power, with the potential to be great if you can get the warp charge 3 power off, though this is less likely with no bonus to manifesting powers and increases the chances of her killing herself with a Perils. Preventing enemy units from turbo-boosting will be great for stopping them moving off to claim objectives (like those pesky Eldar Scatbikes). Stopping overwatch fire is also a great bonus against a number of enemy units, making them more vulnerable to your own assault units. However, many of the units you might wish to slow down are already too fast for you to catch with this power. Plus, having only a 12" range means the unit she is in will most likely be able to be assaulted next turn.

Saying that, I do like this power. In a game where movement is key, limiting the ability of your opponent's units to move is a great bonus. The only issue is getting close enough to use the power with Inquisitor Greyfax.

Greyfax also provides some nice psychic defence for the unit she joins. She always counts as having the higher Mastery Level for Deny the Witch, meaning she will be denying powers targeting her and her unit on a 4+. This is great for protecting them against psychic attacks.

She comes armed with a Condemnor Boltgun. This is a S5 weapon that has the Psi-shock rule, meaning that one randomly determined Psyker in the enemy unit suffers a Perils of the Warp when the unit is hit. This can potentially damage or take out an enemy psyker depending on how they roll on the table. On top of this, she has a piece of wargear that allows Greyfax and her unit to fire at BS10 when targeting an enemy unit containing a Psyker. This is a pretty great bonus, giving you a 2+ to hit with a re-roll when targeting enemy psykers or their unit. She also has Psyk-out grenades that can be used to fire a Psi-shock shot or deny charging psykers their bonus attacks.

What I really like about Greyfax is that any unit she joins is rolling to hit on a 2+ re-rollable when firing at psykers. Put her in a blob squad of Guardsmen, and suddenly those mere Lasguns are looking pretty good with 60-100 shots hitting over 97% of the time. This could be incredibly potent against armies with a large number of psyker units such as Daemons and Grey Knights.

Her warlord trait is also pretty decent, preventing enemy Infiltrators from deploying within 24" of her. Not as good as Servo-skulls, but a nice bonus if they are going to be removed from the game (which I think they should, they are way too powerful!). However, you probably don't want her to be your warlord as she is not that difficult to kill.

Overall, I think Inquisitor Greyfax is decent. Her special psychic power has the potential to be very powerful if you are able to cast it. Overwise, I think she is a bit too expensive (at 150 points), with Celestine being a better choice for your army or a Cullexus Assassin if you are going for pure anti-psyker stopping power. The benefit she does have over the Cullexus is that she can join a unit, giving her a bit more protection.

So that is my review for the final character in the new Fall of Cadia book. Tomorrow, I will be taking a look at some of the new Relics available in the book, you will not want to miss these out!

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  1. I missed that she has a Psyocculum. That makes her a pretty nice force multiplier against a lot of the DeathStars out there, since they tend to have at least one Psyker in.

    I just wish her power also shut down Hit&Run.

    1. Unfortunately, the Psyocculum does not ignore Invisibility. If she could do this, she would be amazing and a Deathstar killer.

      Shutting down hit and run would be an interesting ability for anyone to have!

  2. She does not seem as good as the other two from the box. A little expansive IMO, but the model is gorgeous

    1. Yeah, a really nice model. I was thinking of just selling it one, but might paint it up just in case.