Monday, 9 January 2017

40k Bloggers Wanted! Better Know a Blogger- The Revenge

Yes, it's back. It's pretty much a repeat of the first one, but with more CGI! 

When I posted my blogging plans for 2017, I asked what kind of articles people would be interested in seeing. One of the biggest requests was for more Better Know a Blogger articles. I loved doing this series, it gave me a great chance to get to know a little bit about the various different 40k bloggers out there and find out a bit about their background. 

In the first run of the series, I managed to get an awesome 23 participants before the replies started to dry up. 

I am going to make an effort to get the series going again, trying to find some new blood to add to the ranks as well as contacting previous entrants for a second round of questions. 

So, what am I looking for?
  • Do you have a 40k blog or other gaming blog and would like to take part? If so, contact me at and we can arrange your entry for the series. The questions are not invasive and you don't need to answer everything if you don't want to. It's a great way to introduce yourself to the blogging community and to pick up a few more regular readers for your posts. 
  • Better Know a Reader- Don't have your own blog, but wish to take part? If you are a regular reader and/or commenter on the blog and wish to take the survey, email me at to take part. 
  • Questions! I plan to contact previous participants for a second round of Better Know a Blogger questions. What are some of the burning questions that you want to know about your fellow bloggers? Comment below with your suggestions. 
I have followed a bunch of new blogs recently and will try and contact the writers to see if they want to take part. However, a lot of blogs I follow don't have any contact information on the blog page, so this makes it difficult. If you are one of the blogs on my reading list and haven't taken part yet, please get in touch if you want to contribute!

As for the rest of you, please spread the word. Feel free to link to this post in your own blogs or pester some of your fellow writers about taking part. 


  1. Right, here goes!

    Steak: Well done, medium or rare
    Armies: Which army would you like to do next?
    What do you regret most about your gaming life (don't say not enough money/time)
    What's your hobby claim to fame?
    What part of 40k would you most like to see in a video game (or which existing 40k video game is your favourite)
    Which of the Primarchs do you think is the closest to your own personality
    If you had to create your own space marine chapter, what would it be called?
    What style of army do you like to play (elite/msu, static/mobile etc)
    How big is your cupboard of shame?

    Of course, I'm more than happy to take part again.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Nick! I've got a few new participants in touch, so will be getting round to the regulars eventually.

  2. I already left you some ideas, but favourite mini and also least favourite mini. Favourite Space Marine Legion/Chapter - I can't believe that one didn't make it in there already!

    How about the origins of people's online ID if they don't use their real name; ever wanted to know what a "Blazmo" actually is?

    If you could be any character in 40k who would you be and why?

    Most guilty purchase (we all know we buy things sometimes that we blatantly don't have enough time to work on, probably won't finish and blatantly don't need, but can't resist)

    1. Cheers Blazmo, I took note of your suggestions in the last post, some great ideas there. Thought I'd throw open the suggestions, so what else people were interested in.

  3. Recommendations for other games that are enjoyed by the blogger would be interesting to see if think

    1. Thanks Dean. Many people dabble in a number of systems, so this would be a good shout to ask. Of course, you are always welcome to take part yourself in the series.

  4. This looks like a bit of fun! Let me see...
    Which edition would you bring back, if you could?
    Favorite artists; 1st fav, 2nd fav etc...
    Sony or Microsoft?
    Should GW kill abaddon, of buff him up?
    If you wrote and directed a 40K movie, what would it entail?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions D Power, will add them to the list!

  5. A good question could be "what is your favourite painting or modelling hack/trick". I really enjoy reading the series, I'm glad you are continuing it :-)

    1. Cheers Marc, I've already been in contact with 6 new bloggers to have a go at the series. I will not doubt be contacting you with the second batch of questions at some point in the near future!

  6. glad this is making a comeback!
    Other questions: do you lick your brush, drink of choice while painting, what vehicle in 40k do you wish existed in the real world

    1. Thanks Joe. I already have 4 new Bloggers lined up for the coming weeks. First one is up on Monday!