Thursday 19 January 2017

Hobby Update 19/01/17- Watch Captain Artemis

For the past few weeks, I have been working on one of the leaders of my Deathwatch army, Watch Captain Artemis. 
Artemis comes from the Death Masque boxed game, but I managed to pick him up from ebay for a reasonable cost (annoyingly, this was before the recent release of the awesome Deathwatch boxed set). I decided that as he was likely to be my Warlord model in games, that I would take special care when painting him up, even more so that my regular Deathwatch Marines. 

I found a great painting video on Youtube from The War Gamer on "How to Paint Watch Captain Artemis" and used this to guide my painting, following each step as faithfully as possible. 

I can say without a doubt that this is the longest it has ever taken me to paint a single miniature and the most effort that I have put in. I am actually quite pleased with how it has turned out in the end and am happy to have him leading my force. 

When taking the photos of the miniature, there were a few errors that I noticed when examining them. I was able to go back and touch up those areas that I had missed the first time to try and make it better. I plan to use the same devotion when painting up my Watch Master in the coming weeks. 

There are a lot of WIP shots for Artemis, so if you want to see more of the completed model, skip to the bottom of the post. 

So my Deathwatch army is nearing completion. I did pick up a couple of more models for it though, so will need to work on them too. The big purchase was a Dreadnought, to allow me to field the Black Spear Strike force without having to take a Corvus Blackstar. 


  1. Excellent work pal! The shading on the cloak and face in particular.

    What colour did you use on the power sword, I must admit I like it and may steal it for a squad in my Dusk Knights list.

    1. Cheers Nick. I was worried about the face, as that is normally the part that I suck at.

      The power sword was a base of Leadbelcher, followed by a 1:1 mix of Temple Guard Blue and Lahmian Medium. Then a wash of 1:1 mix of Baharroth Blue and Lahmian Medium, then a final highlight of Baharroth Blue. Check out the video in the link above (about 16:45) for a better description of how to get the effect.

  2. Nice work, I like the yellow and black hazard stripe on the cables and the other details came out really nice too. I remember commenting on something a while back that you should enter competitons as a way to push your ability - it looks like you've given it your all on this one anyway!

    Hard to believe you only just started learning to highlight a few weeks ago!

    1. Thanks Blazmo. I certainly pushed myself for this one and I think it shows.

  3. Great work Michael. The work you put in shows!