Thursday 4 May 2017

Second Birthday Giveaway- Winners

Last month, I was running a giveaway to celebrate St Andrews Wargaming turning 2 years old. I got a fantastic 57 entrants for the competition and a bunch of new followers (who will hopefully be sticking around). 

Last night, I did the draw for the prizes. First place went to Tom Byrne. Tom snuck in at the last minute to win the grand prize (he was the last to enter the competition 31 minutes before closing and somehow managed to get the win). The start of a Genestealer Cults army will be on its way to you soon. Hopefully they continue to be a fun and flavourful army in 8th edition. Incidentally, Tom's favourite special rule was Atonement Through Honour, a recent addition for the Deathwatch. 

Second place went to Chris Rhode. Chris is a regular commenter on the blog and has even written a guest post. He gets the choice of either the 2nd edition card terrain Power Plant or Imperial Firebase. If you could let me know which one you fancy, I can get it shipped to you. Chris' favourite rule was Rampage. Great for helping you chew through a bunch of enemy models holding up your unit. 

Third place went to Iapedus Maximus. He will be receiving whichever terrain kit Chris does not choose. His favourite special rule was Flaming Projectiles, helping the Legion of the Damned punish the enemies of mankind since M.39.

Thanks to all who took part and those that continue to follow and support the blog. 


  1. Fingers crossed folks stick around, tis a good blog.

  2. *Insert standard platitude here congratulating winners to make it sound like I'm not disappointed I didn't win.

    Seriously though, congrats to those who did win, and many thanks to Mike, whose generosity continues to prove that Scotsman aren't all tight, penny-pinching types who'd sooner let you fondle their sporran than lend you a fiver! ;)

    1. I thought we'd agreed to never speak of that Sporran fondling incident, Nick?

  3. Congratulations *as tear of jealously rolls down face

  4. Congrats to all - the winners and Mike on the anniversary.