Sunday, 13 November 2016

Hobby Sunday 13/11/16- Ravenwing Bikers and Deathwatch

This week for my hobby progress, I finished re-basing my Ravenwing army and assembled some more of my Deathwatch marines. 

Most of my Ravenwing army has now had their bases updated to match my White Scars. This army was the one that I took to Fluffageddon yesterday (this post was written in advance, so I have no idea how I did at the time of writing). 

I was also able to construct some of my Deathwatch marines. I assembled the Vanguard Veterans, two with Heavy Thunder Hammers and three with Lightning Claws. 

I also assembled the Watch Master to lead my forces. 

All I have left to assemble is the Corvus Blackstar and will need to start getting them painted.