Tuesday, 22 November 2016

40k Rulebook FAQ now up!

Hi everyone,
wanted to share this link with the blog readers. The rulebook FAQ is now up on the warhammer community page.

I've had a quick look through and two changes from the draft FAQ I spotted were:
- Scout moves occur before Seize the initiative. This makes sense, but it was nice to have an extra tool for countering seizing.
- Passengers in a jinking vehicle don't have to fire snap shots. I would have liked to have them fire snap shots as per the draft FAQ, but Dark Eldar players will be happy (for once!).

Any other changes that I may have missed?


  1. Yay, they have not nerfed my dark Eldar. I am happy with that ruling. I know thematically it does not make sense but it would have made them virtually unplayable (or very, very bad at the least)

  2. I don't like the grenades rule. It was ok to throw only one grenade. But only be allowed to use one! in close combat, makes no sense to me. Finally my Imperial Guard Vets with meltabombs or a huge unit of Guardsmen with grenades got uneffective against monstrouse Creatures, Vehicles etc. Damn it!
    In addition, the Leman Russ Battle Tank is still unplayable.


    1. Yeah, my Guard tanks are still mad they lost lumbering behemoth!