Wednesday 22 June 2016

Taking Stock- Total painting to-do list

Last weekend, I was cleaning out the Batcave, the name affectionately given to my games room/spare room by my partner (also, that's where I keep my Batman costume. Not a joke), when I started to take stock of what I have left to paint for all my various armies and projects.
Part of this was that I wanted to see what I had left to paint for my White Scars. In getting my units finished for Caledonian Revolution, I have actually been making quite good progress on getting some of my other units finished off that had been started ages ago that had gone neglected for a long time.
I am hoping that my hobby mojo keeps going once I have finished the tournament army, as I would like to get a lot of my armies finished (a crazy dream, I know!). I thought this list might help me keep track of what needs to be done and be of some interest to readers of the blog. So here is a list of most of the models that I have to paint across my various forces.
White Scars
Landspeeder Storm
3 Scout Bikers
5 Vanguard Veterans
3 Bikers
Land Raider Crusader
5 Devastators (grav cannons)
2 Rhinos
3 Tactical Marines
Stormhawk Interceptor

Dark Angels
Dark Vengeance Chaplain
Dark Vengeance Captain
5 Deathwing Terminators
Terminator Librarian
8 Lootas
Ork Boy
3 Warbikers
Astra Militarum
Leman Russ Punisher
Master of the Fleet
Master of Ordnance
Dozen or so assorted Guardsmen

Vampire Counts
40 Zombies
20 Crypt Ghouls
3 Crypt Horrors
3 Spirit Hosts
10 Dire Wolves
20 Grave Guard
Mounted Wight King
Imperial Knight
Assassin's Board Game
Imperial Sector kit
Various terrain projects
It doesn't seem like a huge list when I look at it, but some of the projects may take a while to complete. As I said above, I hope to get the White Scars completely finished in my current run of painting and will get a photo of my complete collection if I do (as well as work out how many points I have).
After that, I really want to get my Knight built. There are some great magnetising and building guides online, so I will be utilising these to give me options when using my Imperial Knight.
After that, I may take a look at some of my terrain projects. I have a lot of projects half finished that need to be looked at. I also have the Imperial Sector kit that I won at Stronghold to get built and painted.
What about the rest of you bloggers out there (or readers)? Anyone else taken stock of what they have left to paint in their collections, or is the task too daunting for some of you with massive collections out there?


  1. I love posts like this! I would say I'm right up there with you but actually having sold off (or trying to sell off in the case of my DE) a lot of my collections in recent past I'm in the dubiously good position of not having a massive cupboard (of course if the DE do sell then I'll be embarking on a project to fill that cupboard with grey plastic!)

    1. It's a vicious cycle Nick! As soon as I sell a bunch of stuff on ebay, I find something there to buy (everyone knows Paypal money isn't real, you have to spend it before it disappears).

  2. Ohhhh you have an Interceptor now! Did you get a chance to test it yet? I'll hold off on grabbing it or a Talon until I hear your verdict!

    Anyway, it's a good idea to take stock of everything! Like Nick I've consolidated a lot of my plastic, finally managing to reach my personal goal of having 2 armies only! Feels very good! Plus, just like you it have me a bit of cash to spend on upgrades. Finally got around to buy things I wouldn't normally because new models are simply more exciting: sculpted bases for my marines, new colors, good brushes, brush cleaner, terrain...

    1. Unfortunately, I haven't even built it yet. I've been focusing on getting my White Scars tournament army finished at the moment. I may try and proxy it this week to see how it performs or have it built for the following week.

    2. I've only run the StormHawk once, but I really liked it. Even without the Dogfighting Rules and changes in DftS, it's a good Flyer. It also looks like it should be reasonably easy to magnetize to switch between the StormHawk and StormTalon, as long as you don't mind a few points of non-standard appearance on your Talon.

  3. Lol, I would put a post like this up but I've got so much Grey/undercoated plastic left it'd take several posts to list it all!

    I'd like to get at least one army painted as well and I'm getting there with my IG, but I always struggle to find the time.

    1. I certainly go through phases of painting. Sometimes I will rattle through several units in the space of a month or two and at other times I won't paint for 6 months or more.

  4. Lol that list seems pretty daunting to me dude :D lots to crack on with this year. I would like to be in a position where me Space wolves are completely finished and I can start adding new units like the Wulfen

    1. It didn't seem too daunting, but then I remembered I forgot to add my Vampire Counts to the list initially. Once I added it, it was a little more worrying!