Friday, 10 June 2016

Double Trouble Bound!

I've got my sunglasses on, got the power ballads blasting and the Orks are kicking up a storm in the backseat. That's right, I'm heading off for Double Trouble down in Stockport!
Are we there yet??????
I will be spending the night at the North West Gaming Centre to play in Luke's X-wing special event and hopefully get a few games of 40k in too. If you are heading over on the Friday, join us for a drink and a game, and be sure to come and say hello if you are a fellow blogger or reader of the blog. I have provided a picture of my ugly mug below so that you can recognise me!
Looking forward to seeing you all there and getting some great games in! 


  1. Did you pack your raincoat too? You might need it...

    Good luck buddy, may the blue waaagh sweep all before them (except for maybe a valiant and hard fought draw against either Rob, Dave or Nafnaf of course, wouldn't want to show favouritism)

    1. I'm Scottish Nick, I always pack my raincoat!

      Shame you can't make it over, would be good to catch up again. Don't worry thouh, they all know that I'm your favourite really ;)

  2. The gang of Germans is there already. Currently getting some Fish and Chips. :-)
    Where are you staying? We're at the Premier Inn, just across the road from the NWGC.


    1. We're at the Britannia. We'll be along to the NWGC later.