Sunday 12 June 2016

Hobby Sunday 12/06/16- White Scars Scouts with Sniper Rifles

This week, I have been working on getting a unit of Scouts painted up for my White Scars army. I need the Scouts for my list for an upcoming tournament, so wanted to get a start on them before July. I painted the Scouts up to match my existing White Scars scouts, with the exception that these ones have camo cloaks.

For the camo cloaks, I decided to match the basing colour for my army, rather than go for a camo green look. This made sense as obviously the camo pattern would match the ground where they were fighting. I was also inspired by Rob's Scout squad to try and add some static grass to the cloaks in order to break up the colour and add a visual splash to the model.

Anyway, here are some photos of my work in progress and the finished models.
The armour has been painted. Even though it doesn't look like it, there is a difference between the armour and the white undercoat.

The cloaks were given a basecoat of Mournfang Brown.

I think this was Dave's hobby tip that I remembered to stop me losing all my Agrax Earthshade from the new big pots.

Adding the details. The cloaks were given a Nuln Oil wash and drybrush with Steel Legion Drab to match the bases.

I got these models from ebay, so they were already fully assembled when I got them. If I was to do them again, I would paint the cloaks separately from the model (if possible) as it was really tough to get them painted once they were attached (you can see some gaps in the photos, which the white undercoat really does not help with!).

With the sniper scouts and Librarian out of the way, my to do list for Caledonian Revolution now looks like:
  • 5 Scouts with bolters
  • 3 Scout Bikers
  • Landspeeder Storm
  • Landspeeder
  • Transfers and unit numbering
I will keep working on getting them finished as I playtest my army and see if changes need to be made. 


  1. The original metal scout snipers were some of the first 40K models I ever owned; I love them to bits. Nice ghillie suits, by the way :-)

    1. I picked up the old metal combat scouts for my Dark Angels many, many years ago. These still look fantastic to this day (the models, the paint job, not so much ;) ).

    2. I've just recently been scouring eBay for metal Bolter Scouts. Like them so much better than the new plastics.

  2. Nice job :) the static grass looks really good! I tried it once and it didn't work at all, but that looks really good :)

    1. Cheers Luke! It was great seeing you guys over the weekend again, I had a brilliant time. Got back this afternoon, currently typing up my battle reports with the football on in the background. Glorious!

  3. Looking nice! I need to go back and add some grey to my old camo cloaks, now that I've changed up my basing. Should probably add some static grass and/or grass powder, too, that really does make a great look.