Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 2, battle phase 1 results

The opening phase of Turn 2 on the Medusa IV map-based 40k campaign has just concluded. The campaign map now looks like this:

The Greenskins finally got their act together and launched a vicious attack on the nearby Imperial Guard outposts. The Orks swept all opposition before them, capturing up more territory for their Waaagh (Seb's Orks managed to defeat Andrew's Astra Militarum force and grab his first tile, while Euan also took on and defeated Adam's Guard army to claim their first tile).
Reeling from their defeat against the Orks, the Guard launched an assault into the White Scars, catching the marines by surprise and driving them off. The Sons of the Scar came back fighting though and succeeded in routing the Guard in victorious battle (Andrew and Allan faced off a couple of times this battle phase, the first victory going to Andrew's Guard, while the second went to Allan).
 The forces of the Ravenwing spotted a Tau force massing on their patrols of the area. The Unforgiven moved to incercept them and after a vicious battle, the Tau emerged victorious (Shaun took on my Ravenwing and managed to defeat them in the last battle report).
To the East, the old enemies of Chaos and Eldar clashed once more after encroaching on one another's territories. The battle was hard fought, but in the end, the Eldar emerged victorious and beat back the Chaos tide threatening to overwhelm them (Thomas and Armel clashed in the only set game of the campaign battle phase, with Armel's Eldar gaining the victory and stealing Thomas' tile).

The players are now making their moves for battle phase 2 and will have two weeks to complete the games. 


  1. I'm following this with interest - and if you don't mind I'd like to pinch the rules to offer to the guys at my club to see if they're interested.

    1. No problem at all, there are links in the campaign page to the rules. If you want to PM me, I can send you a PDF of the rules and some info on the secret objectives I used.