Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Hobby Costs- September 2015

As part of my ongoing look at my Hobby Costs for the year, here are September's totals:

  • £1.70 (H)      Plastic Tweezers
  • £3.79 (H)      How to make wargames terrain book
  • -£3.00           Sold Ravenwing Banner
  • £10.00 (H)    Doubles Tournament costs
  • £30.00 (AM) Guard Models
  • £28.99 (T)     2nd Edition card terrain
  • £25.00 (H)    Rapid Fire tournament costs
  • £25.00 (WS) Space Marine Bikers
  • £20.00 (T)    Imperial Firebase Card Terrain
  • -£18.00        Sold Gaunt's ghosts and sniper models
  • -£8.00          Sold Commissar

  • Total for September: £115.48
    Running Total: £913.00

    A few hobby purchases this month. I picked up some more bikers for my White Scars that I want to get painted for an upcoming tournament. I also paid for a couple of tournaments for this year, one of which is still to come.
    I was able to sell a few pieces on ebay this month too and managed to pick up some more 2nd edition card buildings that I have yet to build.


    1. Ouch! That's a lot of money this year when you keep a track of it. The classic "I hope my wife doesn't sell it all for what I told her it cost" line comes to mind. I don't want to imagine what I've spent on X-wing this year!

      1. It really does add up over the course of a year. I suppose I could console myself with the fact that I started a brand new army and have been more active this year (attending clubs, tournaments, etc.).
        My only regret is getting back into fantasy during the End times for Age of Sigmar to come along. I have thought about selling off my vampire counts, but I don't I would get a lot for them at this point.

        I dread to think what I have spent in a lifetime.