Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Dundee Bloggers

Hi everyone, another quick post here today. I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a couple of blogs from some people at the Dundee Wargames Club that I attend. Two of my fellow players have recently started their own blogs and I just wanted to let you good people know.
Miniatures. Paint. Tutorials.
First up we have Project K from Kev. In his own words, this will be "a blog detailing model projects with full explanation and technique". Kev plans to write highly detailed tutorials on all his projects that will include both 28 mm and larger scales, as well as models from a range of kits, not just wargames. So far, he has been posting about his first project (quite an unusual resin sci-fi kit) and gives detailed instructions on what materials to use and how to accomplish easy tasks such as filling and sanding. Great for beginners or for anyone wanting to pick up a few additional tips.
A few of the gamers from the Dundee club have started their own blog, detailing their adventures into Bushido, a Samurai based skirmish game.
They plan to show off their miniatures, battle reports and a bunch of other cool stuff. I also believe they are planning to do some introduction articles on the game for those that know nothing about it (that includes me!).
Having never played it before, I am keen to find out about the game and look forward to reading their thoughts on the mechanics and different factions that are in it.
You can find them at: http://dwcbushido.blogspot.co.uk/
So there you have it, please check them out; read, like, comment and have fun!

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