Sunday 31 July 2016

Hobby Sunday 31/07/16- White Scars Vanguard Veterans

A while back, I picked up some Vanguard Veterans for cheap on ebay. I really liked the models and the new Raven Guard rules gave them some great formation bonuses in the game. I finally got round to painting them up as part of my effort to complete my White Scars army. 

When painting these, I used Agrax Earthshade as the wash for the red colour, rather than my usual Carroburg Crimson. This gives a much better contrast between the base red and highlight. Thanks to Nick (the Burning Eye) for the tip, it works way better!

I also went for some blue on the power claws this time, rather than just plain metal. 

I also took the opportunity while I was doing the Veterans' bases to rebase some of my older models with my new basing scheme. 

With the Veterans complete, that leaves me with only a Rhino and Razorback left to completely finish my current White Scars army. 


  1. Great additions, I've got some Vanguard languishing in the to-do pile for years.... Are they worth it?

    As a point aside, I reckon your lamps on the bikes could benefit tons from a quick wash of yellow ink or wash, or even blue (Xeon bulbs) and then a quick edging of metal over the raised crossed wire guards? They look a tiny bit unfinished if you don't mind me saying mate? Not a bad crit, just think they'd look even better? Hope I don't offend.

    1. I haven't actually used the Vanguard in a game yet, so have no idea if they are worth it or not.

      I don't mind you saying about the bikes. When I was originally painting up my White Scars bikers, I was on a deadline for a tournament, so never got round to finishing up the headlights. Over time, I just haven't got back to doing them. Now that my White Scars are pretty much finished, it might be worth going back and doing them!