Sunday 3 July 2016

Hobby Sunday 03/07/16- White Scars Landspeeder and Landspeeder Storm

This week, I have been working on my White Scars Landspeeder and Landspeeder Storm to finish them off for my tournament list for the upcoming Caledonian Revolution. I decided to paint both models at the same time as they are very similar in their colour scheme and it would allow me to get them done quickly.
The Speeders were undercoated white. Heresy, I know, but when you are painting White Scars, it is much easier to start from a white surface. The hulls were then painted in the same way that I paint my armour; first a wash with Agrax Earthshade. I then drybrush with Ulthuan Grey, normally doing a couple of thin coats to get good coverage of the wash. I then do a couple of drybrushes of White Scar (what else?) to finish off the hulls of the vehicles. I find this creates a decent coverage of white on the model and adds a bit of depth to the white.

I then paint the metal areas with a basecoat of Abaddon Black. I find Abaddon Black to be quite thick straight from the pot, so water it down to get good coverage. I know you are advised to water down all your paints by the better painters out there, but I don't like to dilute them if I plan on drybrushing them. I then layer the metal areas with Leadbelcher, followed by a wash with Nuln Oil to dull them down a bit.
For the red areas, I do a basecoat of Mephiston Red. I normally follow up with a wash of Carroburg Crimson, but based on Nick's advice, I switched to a wash of Agrax Earthshade to give a deeper contrast. I then highlight the red areas with Evil Sunz Red.

With that done, I added the final details such as Blood Red for the eyes of the marine crew and highlighted the black of the guns with Mechanicus Standard Grey.
The crew were painted up at the same time as my Scout Bikers as they followed the same colour scheme.

With the painting done, I glued the crew onto the Landspeeder Storm and added transfers to the vehicles and crew to finish them off.

With the two speeders now finished, I have completed my army for Caledonian Revolution. As I have said before, I have actually been making good progress on the White Scars and plan to continue to try and get all my remaining White Scars units completed. 


  1. You've been smashing your way through the hobby recently Mike! I'd like to see a round up of what you got painted in June alone!

    1. Cheers Rob, I've actually got a ton done in July, more than I've posted so far. I'm just holding some stuff back to show it in its own hobby Sunday post (got to spread out that content!).

  2. Painting machine! What is putting me off doing my Storm is the crew.... It's a lot of work for a really cheap and disposable unit, kudos to you. I might get around to it, and perhaps magnetise the crew somewhat so once they disembark they can be represented on the table with the same models, does the kit lend itself to that idea at all? I haven't unboxed mine and you've done yours, any thoughts? Cheers

    1. Fortunately, I was able to paint up the crew at the same time as my Scout Bikers, so was using the same colour palette. It didn't seem like so much work as I was already doing the bikers.

      I don't think the weapons on the crew will be easily interchangeable. The weapons/arms are attached to each torso at weird points with specific joins. They are not the flat torso/arm joins that are in regular marines and scouts kits. I think you could convert them to hold different weapons, but it would take a bit more effort. It should be fine if you want bolter armed scouts (as the majority of the crew are armed with these), but a lot trickier for combat scouts.

      I think the crew could be magnetised for removal quite easily, or even just perched on the speeder without magnets in a lot of the cases.

    2. The Scouts can be magnetized to move from the Speeder to Bases, but it's hard. Most of them don't have particularly good places to magnetize to the Speeder, and the guy on the bench is really hard to make look good on a base.

      I just left mine off the Speeder entirely, and put them on bases, since I wanted more Bolter Scouts.

    3. I can't remember where but I saw a great conversion off the bench guy to make it look like is outstretched leg had been blown off and he was propping himself up in a corner with his stump resting on a wall. Look fucking brilliant.