Wednesday 6 July 2016

Hobby (not quite) Sunday 06/07/16- White Scars Bikers

This week I have been concentrating on some of my White Scars bikers that I have had sitting around for a while in my painting pile.
After the release of the White Scars rules in the Kauyon supplement, I decided to build a biker with a banner to represent one of my Command Squad carrying the Banner of the Eagle. This piece of wargear gives your White Scars units in range Furious Charge and Fleet. This is great for ensuring that your bikers get to charge and giving them a bit of extra punch when they do. The banner was made using water transfers that I had lying around. It is a bit plain, but decent enough for me.

I also decided to build a biker with a power axe to give one of my units a bit more punch in combat. I got both of these painted up in my standard colours and added transfers to complete them.

I am continuing with progress on my White Scars, looking at finally getting my Land Raider Crusader and Stormraven painted. 


  1. Good stuff pal! Banner of the eagle is a massive plus for me - given my command squad is armed for combat the fleet part is huge in my games!

    1. I used it in this week's battle report, I was so impressed that it made it into my tournament army.
      Fleet and furious charge on all units in 12" is a huge boost. Add that to double hammer of wrath hits and White Scars bikers are a force to be reckoned with in combat!

    2. Huh, I guess I have to give it a try after all... It just seems so expensive for what it does? 12" isn't a lot, and with 12" base movement fleet doesn't seem such a huge boost to me. Furious charge is nice but.. yeah I never seem to find the points for the banner.

      But this is not the first time I hear good things about it.

    3. It is expensive, but I think it can be worthwhile. Fleet is not going to be handy in every game, but you will be thankful for it in that one game where you fail the 4" charge!

  2. Remember, Chris, only one Model from that other Squad needs to be within 12" of the Banner to pick up the benefits. With the way you can string out bikes on the 75mm long Bases, that lets you spread it around a surprising distance.