Sunday 17 July 2016

Hobby Sunday 17/07/16- White Scars Stormraven

This week's Hobby Sunday highlights my White Scars Stormraven flyer. This model has been sitting undercoated in a box for over a year now, so I finally decided to dust it off and get it finished in my recent run of White Scars painting.
The Stormraven was painted in my standard White Scars scheme.
Wash with Agrax Earthshade.

Drybrush with Ulthuan Grey.

A sneak peak of what else I have been working on.

A drybrush of White Scar.

Unfortunately, the Stormraven has been sitting around for so long that I misplaced the windows for it, so will have to use it without these. That's ok, the Marine and Servitor quite like the feel of the wind in their hair.

So, that is the completed flyer. I only have a few more units left to do and my White Scars army will be complete. 


  1. Mate you've been rocketing through this army recently, it's gonna look good all together on the tabletop! (In fact, having been pestering nafnaf for so long about doing an army shot and having finally got some this weekend you're next in my list, haha!

    1. Cheers Nick. I've actually been going through it even faster than you think! I've painted most of the recent stuff all in June, I've just been spreading out the content over a few weeks rather than dump it all at once.

      I fully intend to take a full army shot and work out how many points it is worth once I have finished the final 3 units.

  2. Great work on finishing it! I was actually just looking at my Stormraven the other day as it sits with a sad coat of primer and realized I'm missing the windshields too!

    The wash/dry brush works really well on your guys.