Wednesday 23 December 2015

Battle Report 36- 1500 pts Orks vs Grey Knights

This week's battle report features my Ork army taking on Adam's Grey Knights. Adam was wanting to take on my Orks, so I thought they would saddle up once again to take on the Emperor's finest.

My Ork army consisted of:
Warboss- Power Claw, Shoota, Eavy Armour, Bosspole, Lucky Stick (with Meganobz)
Big Mek- Eavy Armour, Kustom Force Field (with Shoota Boyz)
20 Slugga Boyz- 2 Big Shootas, Nob with Power Claw and Bosspole (SB1)
20 Slugga Boyz- 2 Big Shootas, Nob with Power Claw and Bosspole (SB2)
30 Shoota Boyz- 3 Big Shootas, Nob with Power Claw and Bosspole (SH1)
15 Lootas (L)
12 Slugga Boyz- Nob with Power Claw and Bosspole (SH2)
Trukk- Big Shoota (T1)
4 Meganobz- Bosspole (M)
Trukk- Big Shoota (T2)
Dakkajet- 3 Supa Shootas (D)
I started with a Warboss and Big Mek. The Warboss is a hard hitter, able to plough through marines. The Big Mek took a Kustom Force Field to help protect the boyz from the Grey Knight's firepower. I then took three big mobs of boyz, enough to weather the firepower of the opposing army and still pack a punch in combat.
The Lootas were there to provide some serious firepower to the army. They can put out an incredible number of high strength shots when they eventually hit.
I took a unit of trukk boyz and a unit of Meganobz in a trukk to give my army some mobility and some hard-hitting power. The Meganobz were taken to provide a very tough unit for Adam's army, I was impressed with how tough Seb's Meganobz proved to be in a previous battle report, needing power claws to come close to denting them.
Finally, I finished the list with a Dakkajet. Apart from being an amazing model, this flyer can put out a lot of highly accurate firepower (at least for Orks).
My warlord trait was Might is Right, giving the Warboss +1S. Not too useful with a Power Claw armed Warboss.
Adam's army consisted of:
Librarian- Level 3, Terminator Armour (with Paladins)
5 Palladins- Apothecary, Terminator Armour (P)
10 Strike Squad- Justicar with Thunder Hammer, 4 Halberds, 2 Falcions, 2 Incinerators (S1A and S1B)
10 Strike Squad- Justicar with Thunder Hammer, 4 Halberds, 2 Falcions, 2 Incinerators (S2A and S2B)
Nemesis Dreadknight- Heavy Psycannon (D)
Purgation Squad- 4 Psycannnons, Justicar with Nemesis Force Sword (Purg)
Vindicare Assassin (A)
Adam's warlord trait was First to the Fray, giving him a unit that can deep strike in the first turn with a re-roll. The two Strike squads were in combat squads.
For the plethora of psychic powers, Adam got:
Librarian- Cleansing Flame, Sanctuary, Gate of Infinity
Paladins- Vortex of Doom
Strike Squad 1A- Cleansing Flame
Strike Squad 1B- Vortex of Doom
Strike Squad 2A- Vortex of Doom
Strike Squad 2B- Vortex of Doom
Dreadknight- Cleansing Flame
Purgation Squad- Vortex of Doom

A lot of psykers in this army and a lot of strong powers to be used.

We rolled for mission and got Purge the Alien with Hammer and Anvil deployment. I won the roll for deployment and chose to go first.

I deployed the Lootas to the ruins to the left. The shoota boyz were deployed in the centre with the Big Mek with the Kustom Force Field to protect them. The two units of slugga boyz were deployed on either side of the shoota boyz, ready to advance on the enemy army. The trukk boyz and meganobz (with the Warboss) went to the right of the army.

Adam deployed the Grey Knights. The Dreadknight went opposite the trukks. The strike squads split on opposite flanks. The Purgation squad deployed in the centre in cover, with the Paladins beside them. The Vindicare Assassin deployed at the back of the lines.

Adam failed to seize and I got the first turn.


The ork mobs advance and ran forward as far as possible towards the Grey Knights army. The trukks turbo-boosted to get as close to the enemy army as their ramshackle vehicles would allow.

The Lootas fired at the Purgation squad. Each loota got one shot each, three hit and three wounded. Adam then failed all three saves and much of the unit perished. They Grey Knights passed their morale check and my first turn ended.


The Paladins moved up to support the main line, while the Strike squads advanced on the trukks quickly approaching the lines. The other squads moved up around the ruins towards the Slugga Boyz.

In the psychic phase, the Librarian cast Sanctuary on the Dreadknight. A Strike Squad then cast Vortex of Doom on the Shoota Boyz. I failed to block it, but the blast scattered off the unit and caused no harm (but remained in play).

The Paladins fired at the trukk holding the trukk boyz. They blew up the trukk, killing three of the boyz within. The Purgation squad and a Strike squad fired at the trukk boyz, killing another 5. The trukk boyz passed their morale check. The Dreadknight fired its Heavy Psycannon at the shoota boyz, killing three.

The Vindicare Assassin targeted the Nob in the Shoota boyz squad. The shot hit the unit leader, but failed to wound the Nob (Adam missed on the first roll to hit, but passed on the re-roll thanks to BS8).

Another strike squad fired at the warboss' trukk, glancing it twice, but failing to destroy the vehicle.


With a belching of smoke, the Dakkajet arrived, moving up the right flank to engage the enemy. The Vortex of Doom moved to the right flank, killing three of the Shoota Boyz (Adam rolled a 6 on the table).
The Warboss called a Waaagh!, ready for the slaughter to come. The two slugga boyz units advanced and ran at the Strike squads. The Meganobz's trukk advanced and the squad jumped out beside the Dreadknight.

The Lootas fired at the Strike squad on the left flank, killing 4 of the squad. The survivor fell back from the Ork lines after failing his morale check. The Shoota boyz targeted the adjacent Strike squad, killing 4 of the squad with their shootas. The survivor also fell back, moving away from the enemy lines.

The Dakkajet targeted the Purgation squad with its supa-shootas, killing the two remaining members of the squad. The Meganobz fired at the Dreadknight, their shootas wounded the monstrous creature once.

The Slugga Boyz on the left attempted to assault the lone Strike squad survivor, but failed the charge distance.

On the right flank, the Slugga Boyz charged the Strike squad, four of the mob falling to the overwatch fire of the Grey Knights. The Stike squad struck down one of the boyz before they attacked. In return, the Orks caused twelve wounds on the Strike squad. Adam failed enough saves to wipe out the squad.

The Meganobz charged the Dreadknight. The Dreadknight struck at the Meganobz, hitting once but failing to wound. The Warboss and Nobz struck at the Dreadknight, easily destroying the enemy unit. They consolidated 3" towards the right flank.


The Vortex of Doom scattered and killed another two Orks from the Shoota Boyz squad.

On the left flank, the Strike squad moved back from the slugga boyz. The lone Strike Sergeant advanced on the Ork lines.

In the psychic phase, the Librarian attempted to cast Cleansing Flame on the trukk boyz, but failed to cast it. The Strike squad then attempted to cast Vortex of Doom on the slugga boyz, but failed to cast it.

In the shooting phase, the Paladins fired their Psycannon at the Meganobz, wounding them once. The Storm Bolters caused no damage on the squad. The lone champion fired at the trukk boyz, wounding the Nob once.
On the left flank, the Strike squad fired at the slugga boyz. The flamer killed 4 of the Orks, the storm bolters of the squad accounting for another three.

The Vindicare Assasssin fired at the Warboss, but somehow managed to miss (even with BS8).

The slugga boyz passed their morale check. The Strike squad attempted to charge the slugga boyz, but failed to reach the distance.


On the right flank, the Slugga Boyz and Meganobz advanced on the Strike squad. The Shoota boyz moved up to engage the Paladins, while the Dakkajet moved up towards the Assassin.

The Lootas fired at the Paladins, wounding them 7 times, but the shots failed to get through their armour. The Shoota boyz also targeted the Paladins, wounding them 8 times but also failing to penetrate the armour.

The trukk fired at the Assassin, but failed to hit. The Dakkajet fired at the Assassin, wounding the Vindicare twice and leaving him on one wound.

The Slugga boyz and Meganobz on the right flank fired at the Strike squad, each squad killing one.

In the assault phase, the Slugga boyz and Meganobz attempted to assault the Strike squad. The overwatch fire killed one of the slugga boyz and they failed their charge. The Meganobz crashed into the Strike squad. The squad failed to wound the Meganobz, but the Knight with the Thunder Hammer slew one of the Meganobz. The Orks then struck at the Strike Squad, wiping them all out.

The Shoota Boyz and Trukk boyz charged the Paladins. The Paladins struck at the Orks, killing the trukk boyz and one of the shoota boyz. The Shoota Boyz struck at the Paladins, but failed to penetrate the armour of the Paladins. The Nob struck at the Terminators, killing two of the squad. The Paladins with Thunder Hammers struck back, killing another Ork.
I lost combat by one, the Orks failed their morale check, but passed the mob rule check with no damage.

At this point, Adam decided to call the game there. He had lost a lot of his force and very little of the Ork army was destroyed, he didn't think there was much point in playing on.

That was quite a brutal game for the Grey Knights. Adam had some really poor rolls for both of his turn, failing a lot of armour saves that he should have passed and losing a lot of his army in the process. With a small, elite army such as the Grey Knights, every loss counts and this was some brutal body blows to Adam's force.

The Ork army performed very well. The Meganobz did great. They pack a real punch in combat and are tough enough to take a lot of damage form the enemy army. If only Marine Terminators were this good in combat, they might see a lot more action.
The Lootas did very well too. Their punishing firepower can cause a lot of casualties, especially when your opponent can't seem to make any saves.

Adam had some abysmal rolling during the game. He not only failed a lot of saves, but struggled to cast most psychic powers and to do any damage in combat. The only thing I remember going well was that he kept rolling a 6 on the Destroyer table for the Vortex of Doom every time it hit the shoota boyz.

I'm not sure what else he could have done in the game. Losing so much of the Purgation squad in the first turn really hindered his firepower against the Orks, as their Salvo weapons could have caused a lot of damage. Obviously, the Meganobz had to be dealt with quickly, but the Dreadknight seemed unable to do this in combat, failing to hit with most of its attacks and failing to wound with the ones that did.

Overall, a tough game and a win for the Orks. Thanks to Adam for a great game, it really makes me want to use my Orks more in the new year.


  1. Unfortunately, your opponent does not know how to use the Grey Knights. Here are some basic problems:

    - Strike Squads and Paladins can only have Hammer Hand and Banishment and the Dreadknight will always have Sancutary and Banishment (Force as well if they have nay Force Weapon). These are the powers they automatically have. They can NEVER have Vortex of Doom. I don't know how he gets so many Vortex of Doom like that. I mean it when I say a Dreadknight with Cleansing Flame will decimate entire army easily.

    - Librarian CANNOT cast Sanctuary on the Dreadknight because it affects the psyker and the unit he is attached to. Only the Dreadknight can do that on himself, which is a power he has.

    - No Personal Teleporter nor Heavy Incinerator on the Dreadknight? Looks like some random stuffs put together and strapped the name "a list" into it.

    1. He is just starting out with the Grey Knights, so a few mistakes here and there are to be expected. I'm not too familiar with the Grey Knights myself, so couldn't help with regards to what was right and wrong.

      I've played his Guard a few times and they are tough to beat, so I'm sure that in time he will get to see what works and does not work with his army.

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