Monday 21 December 2015

Hobby Costs- December 2015

Just a quick post today. This is the final month in my ongoing look at my purchases for the year. December's numbers are:
  • £79.90  (WS) Space Marine army bundle.
Total= £79.90
Running Total= £1116
As you can see, not a lot this month. My only purchase was a bulk army deal that I found on ebay. This contained a wide variety of units, including tactical marines, devastators, assault marines, terminators, grey knights, a terminator librarian, rhinos, razorback and a drop pod.
My plan is to keep some of the transports for my White Scars to use in some of the new formations. The rest I plan to re-sell on ebay in the new year, hopefully equalling or beating the price that I bought them for.
Next comes the fun part, where I get to break down all the spending over the last year and see what I spent all my money on. Look forward to some incoming charts!

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