Monday 7 December 2015

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 3 results and Campaign Update

Turn 3 of the Medusa IV map-based campaign has come to an end. Here is now the map now looks:

The Orks continued their rampage through the forests of the Kharysian sector, finally reaching the Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard lines. Now the real fight could begin.

The Dark Eldar also managed to capture new territory, bringing new prisoners for the delight of the denizens of Commorragh.

The Eldar also managed a victory, defeating the Imperial Guard recon forces to establish an outpost in the west.

The White Scars also continued their victory streak, moving in towards their ancient Chaos enemy.

In the north-west, the Imperial Commanders received strange new orders. They were to pull back and await a new wave of reinforcements......

In the south-east, the Mechanium captured no more ground. Their last captured territory yielded results. As they began to explore their new prize, little did they know the impact such a discovery would have on not just the planet, but the entire sector.......

The end of turn 3 signals the end of the campaign for this year. We will be taking a break over the holiday period and it will return in the new year with some new rules for the players and some changes to the campaign (as ominously alluded to above).

As the map stands now, the leaderboard looks like this:
Allan (White Scars)- 8
James (Dark Eldar)- 8
Sebastian (Orks)- 7
Shaun (Tau)- 7
Lee (Blood Angels)- 6
Armel (Eldar)- 5
Steve (Mechanium)- 5
Thomas (Chaos)- 5
Adam (Guard)- 4
Andrew (Guard)- 4
Colin (Dark Angels)- 3
Iain (Chaos)- 3

As for the alliances (average score):
The Great Waaagh- 7
The Emperor's Wrath- 6
The Swift Hammer- 6
The Coming Darkness- 5
The Defenders of the Light- 4

I hope you have been enjoying the progress of the campaign so far. It will return in the New Year with some new rules for the Stratagems that the players can purchase to aid their army in their games.

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