Friday, 11 December 2015

Hobby Costs- November 2015

As part of my ongoing look at my hobby costs for the year, here are November's numbers:
  • -£10.00          Sold Citadel wood leaves
  • £3.00 (OT)    Postage Costs
  • £5.16 (OT)    Ebay charges
  • £11.50 (WS) Landspeeder (ebay)
  • £17.00 (WS) Scout Bikers
  • £60.00 (OT)  Blog Wars X costs
  • £17.78 (WS) Bikers and Landspeeder (ebay)
Total for November = £105.44
Running Total = £1036

The biggest expense this month was the trip down to Stockport for blog wars X. While I was there, I also treated myself to a box of Scout Bikers to use with the new White Scars formations I recently reviewed. For this reason, I also picked up some more bikers and landspeeders from ebay.

I only sold one item this month. Someone on twitter was looking for spare leaves from the citadel wood kit. I had a couple of sets lying around and got rid of them.

Only one month left in the year to tally up. In the new year, I will be doing a review of my hobby costs for 2015, looking at what I spent and where it went.

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