Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Hobby Update 22/01/20- White Scars Primaris Impulsor

Today's hobby update is the Impulsor transport for my White Scars army. I took this to give my Primaris units a bit more mobility on the tabletop, as they were quite a static army.

I also magnetised the upgrade options to allow me to change the role of the tank on the battlefield. My first game with the Impulsor didn't really showcase its abilities much, as I outflanked it and the game finished early. However, I'm looking forward to trialing it out in my coming games. 


  1. I like the magnetized interchangeable turret options, they look good, is the base plate on the wonk in these pics though for Shield Dome and ML? I like your 'dirty white' colour, looks great on table. (A few lens optics on the hatches to do ;) sry but its my mini-OCD haha) Lovely addition, does 'she' have a name yet?

    1. Yeah, the shield dome is a little wonky on this one, but it doesn't bother me so much!

  2. Don't know why I dislike the repulsor so much but like the impulsor. Great job!