Friday, 10 January 2020

Hobby Update 10/01/20- White Scars Primaris Marines WIP

This week, I have been painting up a few units of Primaris Marines for my White Scars army. So far, I have got the base colours and washes on the two units of Infiltrators and Eliminators. 

I just have the final highlights and bases to do for these units and they will be ready for my tournament in February. 

In addition, I started work on building and magnetising the Impulsor for the army. I will be putting together a guide for those that are interested. 


  1. Smooth lookin Whites, they look like Imperial Stormtroopers (Star Wars) atthat all-White stage, the lack of 40k oversized Pauldrons helps too. I was wondering if the Impulsor is easily magnetised, I shall await your Tutorial

    1. Thanks, Siph! Yeah, they have a nice Storm Trooper aesthetic in the white.

      The Impulsor was actually pretty easy to magnetise. It has enough spare parts to get all the options pretty easily.

  2. They are coming along really nicely, great work fella!