Sunday 14 August 2016

Hobby Sunday 14/08/16- Forests and Imperial Church

For hobby progress this week, I decided to make a start on my Imperial Knight and get some terrain done that has been sitting around for ages. 
I finally got round to magnetising my Imperial Knight that was purchased back in April. I posted about this earlier in the week, so check that out if you are interested. 

Ages ago, I also purchased some wooden bases for my trees that I had lying around. The last time I had looked at these was back in February, when I glued the bases together and added sand to them. A few weeks later, I was able to undercoat them black, and that is where they sat for several months awaiting completion. 

While I am on a bit of a hobby spree at the moment, I decided they would be a nice quick job to finish off. I glued some brown flock to patches of the base, the same brown flock I use for my White Scars bases. 

I then painted the rocks grey and the spaces for the trees were given a coat of green paint. 

I then added green flock to the rest of the bases, highlighted the rocks with white and added tufts of shrubs when the flock was dry. 

The same processes were used for the round bases for the trees. 

I then glued the trees on to the bases and the forest was complete. I now have two of these forests completed and ready for the table. 

I also got round to getting some more paint on my Imperial Church that I constructed back in July of last year!

The building was undercoated in black, then given a couple of drybrushes of grey, followed by a white drybrush.

I then gave the doors and bottom struts a first coat of bronze.

So that is this week's hobby progress. I hope to get the building finished in the next couple of weeks. 


  1. Very nice. Good terrain adds tons to a game. Keep up the good work.

    1. Cheers Padman! I completely agree with you, good terrain really elevates a game (especially if you have two painted armies).