Tuesday 30 August 2016

Hobby Season 2016/2017- Hobby Goals

With the recent hobby season coming to a close, I began to cast my mind's eye towards the future and what I want to achieve in the coming years. Here are some of my hobby goals for the 2016/2017 season. 

1. Find a new gaming club
This is the big one for me. I will be moving to Newcastle in a few of weeks to start a new job. As a result, I will be leaving the St Andrews area and the awesome Dundee Wargames Club. My main hobby priority will be finding a new club that I can continue to play at. For me, gaming is one of the great joys of 40k. I do enjoy painting and modelling, but gaming is why I really do this hobby. I will hopefully be able to find a club to continue to do so. 

2. Visit Warhammer World
One of the benefits of moving further south is that I will be closer to Nottingham. I have yet to make the great pilgrimage to Warhammer World, so would love to do this in the coming year. I may even be able to convince a fellow blogger to join me so that I could get an awesome battle report written.

3. Fight Some Bloggers!
I would love to start getting some battle reports against the various bloggers around the UK. There are some fantastic armies and players out there that I would love to face. If you are interested in this, let me know and we'll try and get something set up.

4. Finish another army
I want to get another army painted up this year. Ideally, I would love to get my Vampire Counts army finished. I make some progress towards this last hobby season, but it was sidelined by my White Scars to some extent. I will also hopefully be starting my Emperor's Children army this year too, as well as another new army that I have been tempted with.

5. Paint More Terrain
I love making and painting terrain in 40k. I've been a bit lax with doing this over the years, so would like to get some of my terrain projects finished off over the next hobby year. I won an Imperial Sector at a recent tournament, so would love to get this built and painted. Plus, I find terrain much easier and quicker to paint than stuff for my army.

6. Paint my Knight
I need to get my Imperial Knight painted up this year. I would obviously like to take some time with this and do a decent job with it.

A lot of generic goals here. I can't think of anything too specific at the moment, but may add to it as the year progresses. 


  1. I'm in for point 3! And maybe combining this with point 2 at the same time!

  2. It's nice to see generic goals though. The great thing about the Hobby Season is how everyone makes it their own. I was always fearful people would think there were some rigid rules, that they had to follow what I was doing. I mean it’s such a nebulous event that I’ve spun out of thin air – there were never any hard rules to follow [except the dates of when it begins/ends]. So it’s really quite nice to see the variety, with big lists, generic lists, lists that have nothing to do with 40k and lists like yours, that include the gaming aspect and meeting people.

    I hope number 1 works out OK. I may not visit my local gaming club anymore but that’s because I continue with friends I met there and my own gaming crew, fitting in a gaming night is a bit of a stretch [especially with how late we usually play to]. But being in a new place and meeting new people, hopefully that’s the goal that’s the most successful for you, good luck.

    1. Cheers Dave.

      I'm always amazed when I read your battle reports and come across a sentence like "it was 2 am and we decided to end the game there". You would have had no problem at Hero for a Day if that is your regular gaming hours!

  3. Good luck with the move Mike, pleased you are nearer to my neck of the woods now (nearer than Scotland anyways :D ). I would def be up for another rumble in the jungle against you :)

    PS I have a vampire counts army too, that I am using for KOW. Enjoying the game so far

  4. Alex at From the Fang used to run an event called Blog Wars, it started out as all bloggers and while it expanded beyond this core audience, I think the events he is involved in do still draw a large proportion of bloggers, so if you wanted to do number three, those events could be a good shout...

    I believe the next one that is kinda that crowd is Fluffageddon which I don't think is run by Alex but it's a friend of his and he's recruiting from the same well shall we say...

    1. I've been going to the last few of Alex's events. A lot of bloggers still go along, but I've only managed to play one or two of them the way the pairings have worked out.