Tuesday 9 August 2016

White Scars Army- Complete

After a very prolific painting spree over the past two months, I was finally able to complete my White Scars army. The first models for this army were purchased in December 2014 and I have added many, many more to my collection over the past two years.

My White Scars army consists of:

Kor'sarro Khan on Moondrakkan
Chaplain- Bike
Librarian- Bike
Captain- Bolter and Power Sword
Captain- Bike, Storm Shield, Power Fist

5 Command Squad- Bikes, Apothecary, 4 Grav Guns, 4 Storm Shields, Banner of the Eagle
10 Sternguard Veterans- 3 Combi-meltas
5 Vanguard Veterans- 2 Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, 3 Pairs Lightning Claws
5 Terminators- Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields
Dreadnought- Multi-melta and Heavy Flamer

30 Tactical Marines- 3 Plasma guns, Plasma Cannon, 3 Meltaguns, 2 grav guns, Power Swords, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol
5 Scouts- Bolters
5 Scouts- Bolt Pistols and combat weapons
5 Scouts- Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks

Fast Attack
10 Assault Marines- Power Fist, Flamer
6 Scout Bikers- 2 Grenade Launchers
18 Bikers- Power Fist, Power Axe, 2 Meltaguns, 5 Grav guns
2 Attack Bikes- Multi-melta
Attack Bike- Heavy Bolter
2 Landspeeder Storms
3 Rhinos
Razorback- TL assault cannons
Stormhawk Interceptor
Landspeeder- Multi-melta, Typhoon Missile Launcher
2 Drop Pods

Heavy Support
5 Devastators- 4 Missile Launchers
5 Devastators- 4 Heavy Bolters
5 Devastators- 4 Grav Cannons and combi-grav
3 Devastator Centurions- Grav cannons and grav amps
Stormraven- Hurricane bolters
Land Raider Crusader

In total with all modelled upgrades, the army comes in just short of 5000 pts (4958 pts actually).

So with my White Scars army complete at the moment (for a given value of complete). I will need to have a think about what my next project will be.

Looking at the force, I may add some more tactical marines to bring me up to 3 full strength squads for fielding the Stormlance Battle Demi-Company and some Librarians to field a Conclave.


  1. Pal, that looks absolutely immense! I love it!

    1. Cheers Nick, you get to see most of it in person at Hero for a Day (I wonder if I could feature every model over the course of my 8 games?).

  2. Fair play dude, that is a cracking achievement! Fab job :)

    1. Cheers NafNaf. How about we do 5000 pts White Scars vs Danse Macabre? What'll it take to get you up to 5000? A couple of weeks? ;)

      Seriously though, nowhere near the standard of your own armies. I tend to paint quickly and in volume!

  3. Well done matey. White is never an easy colour to work with. Great job!

    1. Yeah, it's even worse to photograph as the shine on them blocks out most of the detail.

  4. Wow that is rather insane, fair play to getting it to that level.

    1. Cheers Rory. And congratulations on being the 2000th comment posted on the blog!

  5. Kudos, Armies on Parade this year? So next project a bespoke terrain board?

    1. Might work on a display board. To be honest, they look all right from a distance, but once you get in close they are nowhere near Armies on Parade standard.

  6. Bravo. I don't think I'll ever have an army fully painted, but it's nice to see someone else manage it. I thought a completely painted army was a myth ;)

    1. Me too. I just had to resist the urge to buy new stuff until it was complete!

  7. Love looking army and huge to boot!

  8. Damn that's a lot of marines! Very nice sir, very nice.

  9. Lovely job! I love it when people show their armies all together. Awesome stuff.

  10. Congratulations! That is a very impressive accomplishment, and a very impressive sight all arrayed together like that!

  11. wow that looks great. i am always a fan of large army shots.

  12. Very nice. White may be hard to paint but damn it really pops on the battlefield! Good job!

  13. Fantastic! You've done a great job getting this force done and they look so impressive. Bravo!

  14. I smell a fife apocalypse game coming on ;)

    1. That would be awesome, not had an apocalypse game in a long time.

  15. Just the idea of painting that many bikes - I think I'm getting a headache!

    Well done though, it's a rare hobby achievement to actually "finish" a project this big and all encompassing.