Friday, 26 June 2015

The price of play

Inspired by the frugal gaming posts on Warhammer 39999, I decided at the start of the year to record my spending on wargames.
I primarily wanted to do this in order to determine how much I was spending on my (sometimes expensive) hobby. You can see the page above for Hobby costs 2015, where I will be keeping track of how much I am spending each month on things to do with wargaming.


  1. Good idea. I need to do this really as I can lose track of what I spend big time.

    1. It's scary what I have spent this year so far (though I have started a new army and there have been 2 codex releases).
      I dread to think what I have spent over 17 years :(

    2. Remember to also calculate what you've gained in enjoyment :)

    3. Oh, of course. I absolutely love this hobby (hence the dedication to the blog), I was just curious as to how much it actually cost me. I had a great game against Orks last night which I will be writing up as a battle report. There was one instance of insane luck that I will be pointing out (no spoilers, you'll need to read it to see).

      If you've any idea how to quantify my happiness, please let me know :) (+1 for each 6 rolled, -1 for each Imperial Knight faced.........)

    4. I laughed when I saw this Greg. With your photo next to it, it looks like the most sarcastic comment ever (I imagine it delivered in a straight-faced monotone).

    5. I actually was going to change my photo once, and the bloggers said I had to keep it the same because it's so funny :)