Tuesday 2 June 2015

White Scars blog wars army- updated

After a flurry of painting in the past few weeks, I finally managed to get my army for blog wars finished. The army has seen some modification from my previous post, thanks to some playtesting and advice from some fellow gamers (many thanks to the fine folks on 40k Addicts facebook group for their tips).

Blog wars army arrayed for battle.

The first major change in the army was the dropping of the Sternguard Veterans. In my practice games they generally perform well when they arrive, wiping out the unit I sent them against (most of the time), but then get annihilated. Perhaps I use them too aggressively, but they never tend to survive long and never make their points back.
I replaced them with three devastator centurions armed with grav-cannons and grav-amps. These will provide valuable anti-tank and anti-monstrous creature firepower (the primary purpose of the Sternguard in the list). You don't need me to tell you how powerful grav centurions are. They make pretty much make every competitive marine list. In my practice games since, they have generally performed really well. They can eliminate most things that they target and their toughness and 2+ save make them quite survivable.
Bringing the pain.
With the Sternguard freeing up their drop pod, I decided to replace a tactical squad's rhino with it. The tactical unit features a meltagun and combi-melta on the sergeant. This will provide the anti-tank alpha strike that would have been one of the Sternguard's roles. In addition, by moving the drop pod to the troops section, it will gain objective secured. This may come in useful if I land it on an objective in one of the games.
Melta firepower.
A problem with the last list was the lack of long ranged firepower (aside from the Stromtalon). To help with this, I replaced the second tactical squad with a Devastator squad with four missile lauchers. This should still provide some anti-tank/anti-armour firepower, while also giving me some anti-horde firepower through the application of frag missiles, something the army may lack. They have kept their Rhino (because they are White Scars), which gives them a bit of mobility if they get out of position, or as an additional mobile, scoring unit.
The rest of the army is staying the same. The force will be led by a Chapter Master on bike and Khan on bike, two mobile, hard-hitting characters. Backing them up are three 5-man bike squads, two armed with grav guns and one with meltaguns. Two attack bikes armed with multimeltas provide some mobile anti-tank busting units. The scouts with landspeeder storm transport will provide a mobile scoring unit that may help prevent any drop pod units wanting to land near my army on deployment. 
Chapter Master and Khan lead the army.

Mobile firepower

Attack bikes with Multimeltas.
Small, scoring scout unit.

 The stormtalon will be staying. I really like the model and it provides some great firepower to the army, as well as some anti-flyer ability.

The mighty stormtalon.
Overall, I am quite happy with the way the army plays. It has lots of mobility and plenty of anti-armour firepower (when it works). I may have a problem with horde armies, but with the frag missile devastators and masses of twin-linked bolter fire, I should hopefully be ok.
I think that I'll take a well deserved rest from painting for a while (certainly anything white). I've got a list of terrain projects that I want to get to, might be time to unearth one of them.
On Thursday, I will be posting my objective markers that I will be taking along to blog wars and pontificating on the use of objectives in 40k.
I'll let you know how I get on with the army at blog wars, once it is done and dusted. 


  1. Looking good! Always nice to hear how people put things together.

    Good luck at Blog Wars, I wish I could make it but will have to settle with getting to Blog wars 10!

    1. Cheers Rob. I felt bad about including the Centurions. I don't think they really fit in with the White Scars, but they are too powerful to not include in a tournament list.