Saturday 6 June 2015

Blog Wars Bound!

Today is blog wars 9! My car is packed with a display board, dice, books and White Scars eager for battle.
Good luck to everyone for the event today, sorry in advance for my surly pouting as your army stomps across mine with as much resistance as polystyrene to spray paint.


  1. Nice to meet you there dude. I enjoyed our game. I think we were both cursing the dice gods by the end. Highlights of dice madness include me failing 4 charges with my TWC even with fleet re-rolls, and you failing to kill my rhino with melta guns to the rear armour on turn one :D

    1. Nice to meet you too! That was an epic game (just one of the many during the weekend). I'll be posting the photos and a (very brief) overview of the game. It'll include accounts of both our atrocious rolling.
      Let me know when you post your own photos so I can check them out.