Wednesday 24 June 2015

Dark Angels Army- Deathwing

I now come to the final part of my Dark Angels army, having previously shown the Green wing and Ravenwing, now comes the turn of the elite 1st company, the Deathwing.
The small, elite force.
My Deathwing were inspired by the Captain that featured in the 3rd edition codex that featured a white armour colour scheme instead of the traditional bone colour that the Deathwing wear.
Dark Angels Terminator Captain.

I loved the Terminator Captain model and painted up my own to match it. I spent a lot of time and effort on the Captain and even got to display him in the window of the local Games Workshop Braehead (when it still existed), a moment of great pride for a young wargamer. Unfortunately, he doesn't see the battlefield much these days as he has suffered from the bulking up of regular terminators, so looks a bit puny to his counterparts.

Hey there, little buddy.
The army has steadily expanded with the inclusion of terminators in the 40k starter boxed sets and some purchases of Deathwing Knights and some lightning claw armed terminators.

I love the idea of the elite terminators advancing to slaughter the foes of the imperium, destroying all about them. Unfortunately, this image does not hold up in practice. Terminators are a powerful force, but can be easily brought down by massed firepower. An all Deathwing army looks good, but the small model count generally means it is severely outnumbered and the low mobility can mean it really struggles in a lot of objective-based missions (especially maelstrom missions).



  1. Uh, you are doing terrible things to my desire to buy more models!! Damn plastic crack addiction.... Don't suppose you want to buy A militarum tempestus force :P

    Really nice collection of Dark angels overall, is there anything in particular you are driven to buy based on the rumours so far? Or are you going to wait till the codex comes out proper?

  2. Sorry Rob, I had no intention ton facilitate anyone's addiction! Thanks for the comments on the models. I know I am not an amazing painter (I just don't have the patience or skill), but I like to think they are a decent tabletop standard and look good from a distance.

    I will definitely wait for the Codex. Most of the rumours seem pretty sound, but I won't believe them till I have the book in my hand. I don't think I need too much for the army, maybe a couple of drop pods. I like the flyers, so might pick one up depending on the rules. I have already spent way too much this year getting my White Scars finished off, so may try and get rid of a few things on ebay first.

    With regards to spending on gaming, I was inspired by warhammer 39,999 to keep track of my spending for the year. I was thinking of putting up a page on the blog about it. Would that be of interest to anyone or just depress me on how much I am spending?

  3. Haha don't worry about it, I do it to myself!

    I would be happy to play against your armies (and I hope to do so at blog wars 10!) They are a great tabletop force. I specifically have picked armies with low model counts after my Black Templars so I can paint them more detailed, if I was painting a lot of miniatures I wouldn't have the patience. I nearly lost the will to live with my Templars and am still psyching myself up for the neophytes to go with them :(

    The new codex does sound interesting. I think people can be very hyperbolic about 'nerfs' and 'OP' things though. Don't get me wrong some things are obvious but I think a lot is much of muchness. It has inspired me to write about Blood Angels on my blog though pointing out they are still good!

    I would definitely be interested, partly to see how much you spend but also to see what you prioritise and what bargains you can get!

    Keep on painting man

    1. I saw your blood angels article, haven't had time to look at it fully, but plan to do so later. Will be interesting to see what you have to say.
      One thing I think is ridiculous is the difference is scouts between the codices. This should be FAQ'd to get some consensus.

      The more I hear about the codex, the more I want to finally get it and play some games. I don't think it is going to be OP, but will be a decent force to take to the battlefield (though time will tell on that).

      I get occasional spurts of painting momentum, but sometimes it is hard. If I wanted low model count, I wouldn't have an Ork or Guard army (and I never would have got back into fantasy).

    2. Yeah the model count is what is putting me off expanding my militarum tempesus any further and they are a 'low' model count compared to orks and guard. I'd love to see some pictures of the rest of your armies when you have the time.

      I am considering a foray into fantasy if Age of Sigmar turns out to have any kick about it.

    3. I plan to put the rest of the armies up at some point. Fortunately for me, I have too much content at the moment to get the photos taken (I also have to try and get better quality photos, just a simple lighting improvement should help here). I'm sure that won't last too long and I'll be posting once a month at some point.

      I am a bit hesitant about Age of Sigmar. I'll wait and see what it is like. I bought the assassins game and space hulk on a whim this year and haven't had a single game with either of them yet.