Friday 23 June 2017

Burning Eye Commission- Terminator Librarian

Today I have photos of a painting commission carried out by Nick at the Burning Eye. This model was completed ages ago, but I've only just gotten round to taking photos and getting it up on the blog. 

Last year when Nick was first looking to foray into the world of commission painting, he was looking for volunteers to send him models and give feedback on the process. Being the utterly selfless soul that I am, I decided to take advantage of his offer of free painting to get a nice character model completed for my various Marine armies. I had seen the work that Nick had done on his own Librarian models and was very impressed, so this made it a natural choice to send. 

So, here is the model that Nick sent me. I asked him to leave the base so that I could base it to match my existing force. 

The level of detail Nick was able to pull off was great and he did a fantastic job with the Librarian. Be sure to check out his Commissions page and keep him in mind for your next commission job. 

I recently decided to finish off the base for the model, so here is the completed Librarian in all his glory. 

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