Tuesday 27 June 2017

Hobby Update 27/06/17- Deathwatch Bikers and Teleport Homers

Today's Hobby Update features my Deathwatch Bikers and some Teleport Homers for the unit. I purchased these Bikers a few months ago and finally got round to painting them up. Deathwatch Bikers seem to be really great in 8th edition, getting four shots at short range with their special issue ammunition, as well as unit-wide access to cheap power weapons. 

Here are the five Bikers that I painted up. 

I also managed to round up three Teleport Homers from my bits box. The new rules for Teleport homers require you to have the models to set up. These can be very useful for Kill Team units containing Terminators and are free for units of Bikers. 

Tomorrow will see another Deathwatch update for my army. 


  1. Good stuff. I didn't know the homers had to be actual models now. Can they be targeted?

    1. Not directly, but they are removed if any enemy unit comes within 9" of them.